Adam Brickley of Sarah Palin for V.P.

Adam Brickley was one of the forces behind Sarah Palin being chosen by McCain for V.P.

Adam Brickley received a phone call from Todd and Sarah Palin thanking him for being an integral part of Sarah Palin being chosen as McCain’s VP.

And Adam did not do it all alone. My good friend and daily e-mail bud Steve Maloney (the longest standing supporter of the Palin for VP campaign), Kristopher Lorelli of (who put in TONS of leg work),, Students of America on MySpace, the original “Ted” (easily the most vocal advocate according to Adam Brickley), Eric Dondero, Trish Houser of, all of the media who were willing to interview Adam Brickley before interviewing him was cool, and everyone in the comments section who kept the faith was thanked by Adam Brickley on his site when Sarah Palin was announced as the V.P. choice of McCain.

Adam Brickley of Palin For VP has had a busy schedule of late, since Sarah Palin was John McCain’s Vice Presidential Pick. In fact, he has been on the radio (Larry Elder Show, KABC Los Angeles. 7:20 PM Eastern/4:20 Pacific), and television: FoxNews: 5 PM Eastern/2 PM Pacific yesterday, Fox & Friends: 8:00 AM Eastern this morning on FoxNews, NBC 4 (Washington) Interviewed for last night’s evening news (, and today will also be on NBC 5/30 (Colorado Springs –

Adam was first on Political Pistachio Radio to discuss Palin as a viable V.P. candidate last year, and tonight he returns to talk about the excitement of success.

Join us tonight after Founding Truth at 10 pm Eastern on Political Pistachio Radio as we welcome Adam Brickley of Palin For VP triumphantly back to the program.

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Want To Leave California? Pay Your Exit Tax As You Leave. . .

Exit – Stage Left: California’s Proposed Departure Tax

Ronald Reagan knew that government was (and still is) the problem, not the solution, to the problem. He once said, “Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And, if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

In California the economic and social environment has become so hostile to many, that a mass exodus has begun. People are leaving California in droves, as the illegal aliens gladly move in to set up their squatter villages.

The left has taken control of California, and the state has become a battleground in America’s war over values. Californians have been pushed with their kindness, their willingness, their openness, their leniency toward aberrant behavior, government control, and out of control taxation. When is enough enough?

The Liberals in California act upon all of their urges in all situations, letting it all hang out, following their guiding principle: If it feels good, do it. Anyone who disagrees is labeled a bigot, and then is run out of town, or at least pressured to do so if they don’t wish to participate in the antics of Hollywood and San Francisco, California’s own Sodom and Gomorrah.

Those that have self-respect and want better for their families, neighbors, and the sake of the country, are leaving. Those of the Right have values that keep them from taking a drink, lighting up a joint, or hopping in the sack with anyone that wants them to. Conservatives, more often than not, are the kind of people that drop to their knees and pray for strength, rather than give in to the worldly debauchery.

And as these people of values do what they can to escape California, as well as owners of successful businesses who have found it more and more difficult to conduct business in California because of all of the regulations and fees and taxes, the Liberal Left is doing what it can to take what it can from them as they leave.

A ballot proposal is underway in California that would amend the State Constitution with a Wealth Tax. Specifically, this is an additional tax to be levied against high valued property, and high income (between 36.5% – 54.3% one-time tax) should a resident die, or decide to leave the State of California.

The writer of the proposal is a CPA and liberal activist by the name of Paul McCauley. In addition to taxing folks for trying to get out of California (or simply dying, for that matter), the proposal imposes an additional 17.5% tax on total incomes of taxpayers with income exceeding $150,000 (which, considering the cost of living here in California, that is not really that high of an income) if single, or $250,000 if married; imposes an additional 35% tax if income exceeds $350,000 for a single person or $500,000 for a married couple, and requires the State to acquire shares of specified corporations to influence environmental policies and practices.

No wonder right-minded people are trying to get out of this idiotic State.

Why would anyone want to live in California with the rules we have, especially if this proposal were to pass?

The Liberal Democrats are basically saying that the American dream is a bad thing, and they will make it impossible to achieve such. And, if by some remote chance you do reach that dream, and become highly successful and prosperous, the government is going to step in and make sure you pay for it heavily so that you will never really truly get there.

This proposal is California’s way of saying, “Hey, welcome to success, cough it up before you enjoy it, please. How dare you succeed!”

Give me a break. A 55% wealth tax? Hollywood folks won’t mind that too much because they have so much frickin’ money they use it as kindling in the fireplace. As for the rest of us, under this rule, that is a lot of money to have to cough up – and if your business is barely operating in the black because of all of the regulations and fees already imposed, the soup line is right around the corner.

An exit/death tax? Are you kidding me? Since we want to get the heck out of Dodge, they are going to try to fence us in with this? And then if you couple this with the Federal Estate tax, in the end, no one can financially afford to die. So much for me being able to leave anything to my kids. Also, if Business “A” moves from San Francisco to New York the CEO has to cough up at least a 36.8 additional percent of both income and the unrealized appreciation he may have in asset that are valued in excess of $5 million. Remember, he is already paying 90% plus (With a producer’s existing Federal Income taxes, existing State Income taxes, payroll taxes and the many other taxes imposed, high producers will be lucky to net much of anything on their earnings. A self-employed individual could have a marginal tax rate in excess of 90%. Could you live on 10% of what you make?). This part of the ballot proposal was added to prevent a mass exodus that is already happening. A lot of money is leaving California because of the unfriendly environment to business and success, and they are simply trying to stop the bleeding.

And keep in mind that the businesses being targeted by this, those horribly successful corporations that are somehow ruining America in eyes of the idiot Left, are the individuals that are producing growth and jobs. These targeted businesses that are now finding it hard to do business in California are the major driving forces behind the State economy. A tax like this removes all of the incentive to do any of these things, and is simply another reason to get out of California. In the end, these entities with either move to another state, or they will stop producing.

Why work extra hours to make a measly 10% of your earnings when you could spend it with your friends and family elsewhere?

The goal of this proposition is to gain revenue from the rich, give it to the poor, and keep anyone from leaving the State of California. Idiotic taxes like this ballot proposal actually do the opposite of what they desire. Instead of gaining revenue, they scare away more of the businesses that keeps this economy moving, which in the end takes away more jobs, and leaves more people in the poor-house. The left doesn’t seem to understand that a profit driven economy needs profit to survive. The American Dream is all about that profit. Removing any and all rewards for producing and making more money will only do one thing – turn the high producers into takers, and make more people poor.

Democrats believe there is a class war going on, and wishes to eliminate the classes so that we can all be the same. At the rate they are going, they will be a rousing success soon, because the class war will soon come to an end because there won’t be any rich left. In the end, there will no longer be any disparity between the classes because we will all be poor – except for those elitist politicians who will rule from the top with the absolute power of regulations, fees, and taxation.

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Palin is McCain’s Pick for Vice President

Sarah Palin, John McCain’s pick for Vice President, a Masterful Stroke That Is No Surprise To This Blog

The choice of Sarah Palin by John McCain to be his running mate shocked and stunned the mainstream media. They are calling her a relative unknown, and have been saying she may not be the best pick because of her inexperience.

Barack Obama, in response to the McCain VP pick, said, “Inexperience is now off the table.”

Thanks, Obama, for finally admitting that you are too inexperienced. Second, she has much more experience than you, is in an executive governmental position of the likes you have never held, and you can’t compare her experience to yours anyway because unlike you she is not the leader of the ticket.

What Palin brings to the race, however, is more than shock and awe. She is strong on energy, understanding the issue better than any of the four candidates. Palin is the most popular of all of the nation’s state governors, maintaining the highest approval rating throughout her term of office. She understands the military mission we have engaged in as a nation, and her oldest son is currently enlisted in the Army and will soon be in Iraq to serve his nation. There are some questions regarding her position on abortion. Many have her listed as pro-choice, but I ask you this: If she is so staunchly pro-choice, then why didn’t she abort her newest child well knowing while she was pregnant that he has down-syndrome?

The most important part of this choice, however, is that she is one of us. She came to politics after serving on the PTA for her children. She slowly moved up doing the things that you and I do – maintaining the household, and taking care of our families. Her husband is a working man. He is a commercial fisherman and oil pipeline worker. She isn’t a career politician with lobbyists in her pocket, and corruption in her head from a life-long commitment to Washington. She does, however, have a lot of experience as a leader. She has been the mayor of her small town, and the governor of the great state of Alaska. That is executive leadership that both Biden and Obama lacks.

Some argue that Biden will tear her up in a debate because he is this rabid bulldog, and she is a quiet woman. Will he tear her up? Does she have a chance in a debate with Biden? Those that question her ability to stand tough on the issues and handle the Bidens of the world don’t know Palin like I do. The fireworks will be fascinating indeed, and she will handle herself just fine in such a debate.

And the fact that she is a woman adds a lot to the ticket as well. Hillary supporters that are dissatisfied with Obama will now have another reason to consider a McCain Presidency.

When Sarah Palin stood before the American people in Ohio accepting the opportunity to join McCain, her speech was about America. It was about our men and women serving in the military, the importance of drilling for oil domestically (basic economics of supply and demand that the left seems not to understand), about ending corruption and excess spending in Washington, and about pride in the great nation of the United States of America.

When Obama spoke last night, standing there on his Greek palace in Denver, he talked about himself and about how terrible the United States is. He made no mention of the dangerous world we are facing (terrorism, Russia, China. . .). He preferred to continue the “Everything is Bush’s Fault” tactic of the Democratic Party (even though Bush is not running for office and most of what they claim is wrong is a straight out lie). One thing he used was saying that all of the jobs are being shipped off to China. Most people forget that NAFTA and other programs that began long before “W” took office was the result of the Democrats ruling Washington for over 40 years, and it wasn’t until 1994 when that changed – for a little while – It was the Democrats that created the failed policies, free trade agreements, and entitlement programs that are now falling apart before our eyes.

As an added note, I am not surprised that Sarah Palin was the choice. I indicated a year ago (September 20, 2007) that she would be a fine Vice President of the United States. My first mention of Palin on Political Pistachio was on July 28, 2007.

July 28, 2007 one of the supporters of Sarah Palin, Steve Maloney, came on Political Pistachio Radio to discuss his hopes Palin would become the next President of the United States, or at least Vice President. On October 17th of last year, Adam Brickley of the Palin For V.P. movement joined me to discuss why Sarah Palin should be the Vice President of the United States of America. Both of these gentlemen have been on my show a number of times since to discuss the possibility of Sarah Palin becoming the running mate of the Repubican Presidential Candidate (November 24 of last year, and in 2008 on February 25.

After these interviews I enthusiastically embraced the possibility of Sarah Palin as Vice President.

After a wonderful interview on Fox News today, Adam Brickley of Palin For VP will join me tomorrow on Political Pistachio Radio.

Tonight: I am guest on the John Barnhart show at from 5-7 pm Pacific. Political Pistachio Radio will follow later in the evening at 9 pm Pacific.


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Obamassiah prepares to take the stage in Denver

As Obama Prepares to Take The Stage built by Britney Spear’s Set Designer . . .

Thousands eagerly await his lord, the great liberal messiah Barack Obama (with all 143 days of his massive pool of experience), to take the stage built by Britney Spear’s set designer.

Oooops. Didn’t McCain’s team call that one? Wasn’t the celebrity status the media is trying to whip up about Barack Obama compared to that of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears by the McCain campaign, and was quickly countered by the Obama campaign as a silly connection for McCain’s camp to make? Looks like McCain had it right all along.

And, as expected, the greek columned set is designed to make Barack Obama look larger than life. The Denver camera angles last night had him looking larger than everyone else on stage. This is because they have to make him look like that, because when it comes to his position on the issues and his character, he looks very small.

Obama’s speech better be something like the one that captured everyone’s imagination at the last DNC convention. More than likely it will fall short – because Obama’s speech will be an attempt, I think, to recapture the magic his campaign had before people began realizing how he is simply an empty suit. There will be no specifics on the issues, except perhaps “I was against the war before it was cool to be against the war.” Believe you me, Obama’s speech writers crafted his speech carefully, and are making sure Obama can see the words clearly on the teleprompter so that he doesn’t launch into a stuttering blast of “uh, uh, uh, hold on, I’m trying to think, uh, uh, uh.”

And just remember, as you begin to think about his speech, and wonder about Obama’s character, don’t forget the rules according to Team Obama…

5. WE CAN’T TALK ABOUT HIS (typical white person) GRANDMOTHER.

But you can, however, talk about hope and change – and a change for hope – and Hope the change is a change from the hope that the old hope and change never seemed to change. Or something like that.

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Obamassiah Makes An Appearance At the Dem’s Convention

Bubba, Biden, and Barack – Democratic National Convention’s Killer B’s

On Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention, as Hillary Clinton took the stage hoping to convince her supporters (and probably the PUMA/Just Say No Deal – Hillary Supporters movement too) to support Barack Obama, Bill Clinton mouthed the words “I Love You” over and over and over. The CNN cameras were sure to capture Bill Clinton mouthing the words. At first thought I figured he’d caught the eye of a young intern somewhere. . . maybe not. Interesting how the most notorious cheating husband suddenly loves his wife during the Democratic National Convention – at a time when the party is trying to proclaim they are unified, and everyone is just one big, happy, loving liberal family.

Day three at the convention was much more interesting.

Unlike Obama, Joe Biden does well without a teleprompter. The bulldog was quick to say he was friends with McCain, but ripped at the GOP Presidential Nominee nonetheless. As expected, Biden essentially called McCain’s possible term as simply a third Bush term. Last I checked, Bush was not on the ballot, and McCain is known as “The Maverick” for bucking the GOP leadership. Sounds like more of the same old “Everything is Bush’s fault, and any Republican is simply a Bush-bot” rhetoric. Jeez, Joe, can’t you come up with something original, and of substance?

After Biden told the crowd about his mom telling him to bloody bully’s noses when he was a kid, it made me wonder why he, and his Democratic colleagues, wish to do the opposite in the face of Islamic Terror.

Bill Clinton was able to keep his eyes to himself long enough to deliver a speech that some folks are calling “redemption.” However, the speech was more like Bill taking the opportunity to get his “digs” in, and talk about himself. Bill, being the self-serving person he has always been, used most of his speech to talk about Bill, his administration, his wife’s campaign. . . and somewhere in there he was able to fit in “unity” and “vote for Obama” and “Obama’s ready.” In fact, Obama’s lack of experience was one of the things that Clinton keyed in on. He reminded the frothing Democrats that he also was considered to be inexperienced when he ran for president. Bill said it like his presidency was something wonderful, rather than the train-wreck it truly was. To try to combat such a statement, Clinton supporters often run to welfare reform as one of Clinton’s greatest accomplishments during his presidency. Problem is, the welfare reform bill was a Republican creation, and Bill Clinton vetoed it the first time.

Then Obama surprised everyone by showing up in person at the convention. “The Celebrity/Light Worker/Great One is here” stunt had the crowd in tears as they applauded endlessly. I was half expecting Obama’s surprise appearance to become a Democratic Spritual revival — “Oh, my goodness, His Lord the Obamassiah has graced us with his surprise presence” (faint, cry, kneel, throw your hands in the air).

And as expected, Obama sucked up the moment to act the part, arrogance and all, without ever saying anything of substance.

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tonight on Political Pistachio Radio!

The William Russell Campaign versus John Murtha

William Russell is an Iraq veteran running for the United States House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District. The Russell Campaign has outraised Murtha almost 6 to 1 in the second quarter reporting period, and has raised another $600,000 since early July. This money has come from over 20,000 donors, 75% of whom gave $50 or less. Among the most notable donors are Fred Thompson and Donald Rumsfeld.

Join Political Pistachio Radio as we welcome William Russell back to the program (for his fifth visit).

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America’s Moral Compass – Speech Transcript

Heading Right Convention – Transcript of my speech on America’s Moral Compass

The Heading Right Convention aired tonight and I was one of the speakers on the floor. The convention aired in two parts. Visit The Heading Right Convention for the proper links. And while you are on that site, visit the voting area on the right side bar and vote for Political Pistachio and me, Douglas V. Gibbs. There is about two days of voting left for the Heading Right Awards. At last look I was 13 votes out of first place for best show, and a few more votes back for best host.

Now, the following is the transcript of my speech at the Heading Right Convention:

I am sitting here with a United States Navy hat upon my head, and a God Bless America shirt on my body. I served this nation with pride, and a patriotic love in my heart. I created Political Pistachio to spread the good news of Conservative values – To share with the world what America’s moral compass is really all about.

While the Democratic Party is whipping up into a near-frenzy about dividing America in Denver with more hatred and anti-Bush rage, we are here on Blog Talk Radio at this Heading Right Convention celebrating the greatness of America.

The leftist Democrats constantly try to overcompensate their claimed beliefs in heartland American values, portraying themselves as a party of the people, proclaiming their humble origins, blue-collar beginnings, and religious convictions. Such hypocrisy.

Their positions continuously oppose American values, despite how much they try to convince us otherwise.

It is the conservatives that stand for the traditional family and the defense of marriage, less cultural pollution, educational choice, freedom of religion, fiscal restraint, pro-life, the right to bear arms, lower taxes, an end to junk lawsuits, and a general patriotic support of our fine men and women of the United States Military.

It is Conservatives fighting for a strong American Moral Compass while the liberal left is putting condoms on cucumbers, telling 8th graders that they’re really gay and they need their own high school, shutting down the Boy Scouts because they support a straight and patriotic life, suing businesses on false pretenses, and jack hammering the Ten Commandments from all public displays while trying to remove God from the public square and our lives.

America’s greatness is a direct result of America’s strong moral compass. Our moral values as a people demands high standards of right and good conduct. The direction of societal behavior is in direct relation to our moral belief system. Our moral beliefs, in turn, directly affects our overall culture, and political system.

In the Old Testament it says that you reap what you sow. An old secular saying supports that, saying what comes around goes around. The United States has prospered for that very reason. Right is right and wrong is wrong, and this nation has always tried to do what’s right. But we must remember it was the people of this nation, not the politicians in government, that made this nation prosper.

A strong central government is not capable of doing what is right because a strong moral compass is not its reason for existing. Big government exists to protect itself, and to spawn more big government. Its enslavement of the people then becomes an addiction to power, a never ending need for more and more.

The party of change desires to convince you that big government is what you need. The Democrats wish to reprogram our moral compass. The liberals support the genocidal murder of innocent, unborn lives, calling it “choice” to justify the horrific murderous practice. They support the destruction of the traditional family and the silencing of those of faith that would speak out against the radical homosexual agenda – and they call it a civil rights movement, rather than an attempt to justify a behavior that has long been considered an abnormality. The liberals have used the courts to override the moral compass of the American people. They have used the schools to indoctrinate our children to teach them to reject America’s moral compass. They have assaulted us with a pop-culture of sex that is plagued with promiscuity, disease, and is pushed by the biased media and entertainment industry. And they do this in the name of change and hope. . . but what they are really doing is destroying morality in America.

Abortion on demand, a radical homosexual agenda, attacks on religion, and disarming America is not the kind of change I desire.

I believe Americans are smarter than that. This great nation is prosperous because the people refuse to succumb to such bondage. We are patriots that love our country and realize that our political tendencies rely on our moral convictions as a people. We reject the cheapening of life, and destroying the traditional family. We refuse to allow the state to take our children from us and indoctrinate them. And we reject laying down our arms so that an enemy can incrementally invade and alter our society.
This nation was founded on strong moral values, and America prospered because we always used our moral compass as our guide. And tonight, here at the Heading Right Convention, we have joined together to tell the nation that we will fight to protect it, and we will defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

And the trueness of the direction of our moral compass is most apparent in the actions of our heroes, those soldiers and sailors that serve to protect us.

Greater love than this hath no man than that he lay down his life for his friends.

Our fine members of the U.S. Military faces evil daily, and they fight that evil to defend our liberty.

But the battle rages here as well. You and I are the warriors on the homefront. The enemies of America have realized that to bring down our civilization all they must do is confuse the standards of moral behavior.

The moral compass of America is crucial to defend, for if it falls, so does America.

My Friends, defend her, fight for her. United We Stand, Combined We Kick Butt.

God Bless America, and God Bless You.

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Day 1, DNC Convention

Under the Big Circus Tent: The Democratic National Convention Kicks Off/DNC Convention Day 1

When I first received word of the Day One lineup at the Democratic National Convention at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, I smiled. I suppose it seemed fitting. What was planned was not nearly as circus-like as what really happened, however.

I reviewed the list of speakers before the convention began, and found it to be consistent with Democrat leanings.

Teddy Kennedy, who would be considered inspirational because of his medical condition, is a longtime far left liberal with a poisonous message of increase government control over the people.

Michelle Obama would be the first potential first lady to headline a convention. What a way to kick it off. Like her fellow Democrats, she has never been proud of her country – or at least not until her husband got a political promotion.

Nancy Pelosi, the queen herself, with her Congress’s blistering 9% approval rating, would surely echo Kennedy’s cry for more governmental control and restrictions over your life, while recommending the government take more money away from you with increased taxation to pay for their bigger government.

And Jimmy Carter, America’s worse president ever, and Islamic Radical hand-holder and grave visitor.

What a line-up!

Michelle Obama and Teddy Kennedy were the bookends of the evening.

Obama’s wife said it was time to “stop doubting and start dreaming.” She discussed family, growing up, meeting Obama for the first time when they began dating. The hope was that Obama’s wife would begin the work of casting Barack Obama as a leader with classic American values, something he has been lacking when people notice his views on traditional marriage and the abortion of millions of unborn children.

Nancy Pelosi called the 2008 Election a historic race, one presenting a choice of two separate paths for America. She said, “One is a path of renewing opportunity and promoting innovation here at home and of greater security and respect throughout the world. It is that path that renews our democracy by bringing us together as one nation under God.” It fascinates me how the Democrats hammer Republicans for any mention of God, yet they throw the name of the Creator around with reckless abandon. As for her “greater security” comment, I wonder how the Democrats plan to achieve such while handcuffing and disarming our nation’s military.

Pelosi said the Democrats plan to put America on the path of the founders. She fails to realize the founding fathers created this nation with the express intent of limiting the power of the federal government over the people, a belief that is in complete opposition to the intention of the Democratic Party.

Jimmy Carter’s presidency was a failure. He has again and again committed treasonous activity overseas, rallying “supine” Europeans to undermine US policy in the Middle East, and complaining about Israel’s nuclear arsenal and their battle to protect their right to exist. Of course he is a speaker at the convention. His is the same as the Marxist liberalism at the party’s ideological core.

But the shock of the night for me was when the leader of a Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization spoke, and received a standing ovation. She was there as a part of their “inter-faith” gathering. Many groups, like the Americans Against Hate, asked the DNC to disinvite Ingrid Mattson, the National President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), from speaking at its Denver convention.

Mattson, who has a history of highly questionable remarks, spoke on the 24th before the interfaith gathering and immediately declared the Democrats to be the party of faith. She received, by the time she was finished numerous standing ovations, and feels that Muslims in the U.S. need to be protected under a victim status and by “hate crimes” legislation. This coming from the same woman who has called for the murder of all Jews and Christians.

Hillary Clinton takes the stage on Day 2. This may be interesting.


Also read my article about Russia declaring Georgia’s runaway provinces to be independent states (against international will) on American Pundit.

Vote for me as your favorite Heading Right Radio Host at the Heading Right Awards! Also, tune in to the Heading Right Convention tonight and hear me deliver a speech on America’s Moral Compass!

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Communication Problem With Airlines

American Flights Suffer Communication Glitch – Massive Communication Problems

An FAA Communication Failure has arisen in the Eastern U.S., originating in Atlanta, Georgia. Flights across the country will be affected by the failure.

With 5,700 flights in the air, flights are being brought down because of this sudden glitch that has affected all of the flight plans. Air traffic controllers are battling to keep an eye on all flights, but are successful so far.

Major delays should be expected.

The FAA does not know what is the cause of this system-wide glitch. There are no concerns of planes crashing into each other.

Delays are becoming widespread, and should be expected until the problem passes, the system comes back online, or the problem is figured out.

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Olympic Persecution

Political Pistachio Guest to discuss the Americans Arrested in China for Being Christian

Jim Jacobson served as a policy analyst in the Reagan White House, served as a political appointee in the George Herbert Walker Bush administration, and was a senior legislative assistant in the U.S. Senate. He has testified before Congress, conducted briefings at the White House, State Department, and the United Nations, and he has personally brought aid, Bibles, and provided advocacy to Christians in many countries in the last ten years. He frequently travels into restricted countries where Christians are severely persecuted for their faith, including war zones. Now, he is speaking out about three American Christians arrested in China after they held a press conference in Tiananmen Square condemning China’s widespread oppression and human rights violations.

Tonight, Jim Jacobson will be live on Political Pistachio Radio to discuss China’s persecution against those that daily risk their lives for the crime of the Christian faith.

Join us live at 10:00 pm Eastern, or catch the archive, HERE.

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