Palin is McCain’s Pick for Vice President

Sarah Palin, John McCain’s pick for Vice President, a Masterful Stroke That Is No Surprise To This Blog

The choice of Sarah Palin by John McCain to be his running mate shocked and stunned the mainstream media. They are calling her a relative unknown, and have been saying she may not be the best pick because of her inexperience.

Barack Obama, in response to the McCain VP pick, said, “Inexperience is now off the table.”

Thanks, Obama, for finally admitting that you are too inexperienced. Second, she has much more experience than you, is in an executive governmental position of the likes you have never held, and you can’t compare her experience to yours anyway because unlike you she is not the leader of the ticket.

What Palin brings to the race, however, is more than shock and awe. She is strong on energy, understanding the issue better than any of the four candidates. Palin is the most popular of all of the nation’s state governors, maintaining the highest approval rating throughout her term of office. She understands the military mission we have engaged in as a nation, and her oldest son is currently enlisted in the Army and will soon be in Iraq to serve his nation. There are some questions regarding her position on abortion. Many have her listed as pro-choice, but I ask you this: If she is so staunchly pro-choice, then why didn’t she abort her newest child well knowing while she was pregnant that he has down-syndrome?

The most important part of this choice, however, is that she is one of us. She came to politics after serving on the PTA for her children. She slowly moved up doing the things that you and I do – maintaining the household, and taking care of our families. Her husband is a working man. He is a commercial fisherman and oil pipeline worker. She isn’t a career politician with lobbyists in her pocket, and corruption in her head from a life-long commitment to Washington. She does, however, have a lot of experience as a leader. She has been the mayor of her small town, and the governor of the great state of Alaska. That is executive leadership that both Biden and Obama lacks.

Some argue that Biden will tear her up in a debate because he is this rabid bulldog, and she is a quiet woman. Will he tear her up? Does she have a chance in a debate with Biden? Those that question her ability to stand tough on the issues and handle the Bidens of the world don’t know Palin like I do. The fireworks will be fascinating indeed, and she will handle herself just fine in such a debate.

And the fact that she is a woman adds a lot to the ticket as well. Hillary supporters that are dissatisfied with Obama will now have another reason to consider a McCain Presidency.

When Sarah Palin stood before the American people in Ohio accepting the opportunity to join McCain, her speech was about America. It was about our men and women serving in the military, the importance of drilling for oil domestically (basic economics of supply and demand that the left seems not to understand), about ending corruption and excess spending in Washington, and about pride in the great nation of the United States of America.

When Obama spoke last night, standing there on his Greek palace in Denver, he talked about himself and about how terrible the United States is. He made no mention of the dangerous world we are facing (terrorism, Russia, China. . .). He preferred to continue the “Everything is Bush’s Fault” tactic of the Democratic Party (even though Bush is not running for office and most of what they claim is wrong is a straight out lie). One thing he used was saying that all of the jobs are being shipped off to China. Most people forget that NAFTA and other programs that began long before “W” took office was the result of the Democrats ruling Washington for over 40 years, and it wasn’t until 1994 when that changed – for a little while – It was the Democrats that created the failed policies, free trade agreements, and entitlement programs that are now falling apart before our eyes.

As an added note, I am not surprised that Sarah Palin was the choice. I indicated a year ago (September 20, 2007) that she would be a fine Vice President of the United States. My first mention of Palin on Political Pistachio was on July 28, 2007.

July 28, 2007 one of the supporters of Sarah Palin, Steve Maloney, came on Political Pistachio Radio to discuss his hopes Palin would become the next President of the United States, or at least Vice President. On October 17th of last year, Adam Brickley of the Palin For V.P. movement joined me to discuss why Sarah Palin should be the Vice President of the United States of America. Both of these gentlemen have been on my show a number of times since to discuss the possibility of Sarah Palin becoming the running mate of the Repubican Presidential Candidate (November 24 of last year, and in 2008 on February 25.

After these interviews I enthusiastically embraced the possibility of Sarah Palin as Vice President.

After a wonderful interview on Fox News today, Adam Brickley of Palin For VP will join me tomorrow on Political Pistachio Radio.

Tonight: I am guest on the John Barnhart show at from 5-7 pm Pacific. Political Pistachio Radio will follow later in the evening at 9 pm Pacific.


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  1. Hmm…this is the ‘qualified’ candidate that Republicans and female voters have been waiting for???

    She’s been governor of one the biggest PORK BARREL, kickback state in the country. A state that pays off its citizens to live there with money from BIG OIL even though it also has some of the most expensive gas prices in the country – an issue that is hurting many Alaskans, but that this woman has never addressed.

    Yet, after just 2 years, she’s also embroiled in the cronyism and corruption that seems to be the defining characteristic of Republicans from Alaska.

    If she were a man she WOULD NEVER have been considered ‘qualified’ for this position.

    At least we now know that Republicans DO believe in Affirmative Action. But they only believe in it for unqualified low level beauty queens with more in common women of the SS than with citizens of a modern democracy.
    this is such a blatant insult to women that only someone from McCain’s generation (or a misogynist) could think of this as an equal replacement for an intelligent running mate.

    Not only does is Palin just another BIG OIL crony in a party plagued by such accusations, but she hasn’t even displayed the same level of intellectualism or drive that we expect from men. She’s not pushed herself to achieve so that she could go to the best schools. She could have at least earned the grades to go to a Harvard, Yale, or Columbia even if she declined later on.

    And her exposure to the world is limited to a town of 9,000 people, and a state with one of the lowest population levels in the country?!?

    Once again, it must be asked, “If this were a male candidate would he stand a chance of becoming President?” ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! And Huckabee’s loss during this Presidential season helped prove that.

    Worse yet, apparently, her supporters expect that Biden will have a difficult time debating her because he may be overly forceful with her. LOL!!! There’s a very realistic chance that she may become President and she will have to deal with world leaders who will most certainly treat her roughly. If she wants to play the weakling woman then she has NO PLACE in politics and certainly no PLACE IN WORLD politics.

    What a pathetic choice!!!

    Her only real drive has been to have 5 kids and to tell other people what they can and cannot do with their bodies even though this is a democracy.

    Welcome to the Republican version of the Nazi Female leader Gertrud Scholtz-Klink. Another ‘cute’ woman who happened to be a good speaker and the epitome of backwards thinking for both women and democracy.

    “As for how voters will receive the new running mate, Bounds thinks that, with her strong background and grounded lifestyle, “Americans will come to respect her.”


    The only ones impressed are the Press that continues to trumpet this woman as if she’s the 2nd coming of Christ.

    Oh…wait that’s right most of the television commentators focusing on this woman ad nauseum are in that top 5% of income earners that would be affected by having to pay the same percentage in taxes that the 95% below them do.

    No conflict of interest there 😉

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