Adam Brickley of Sarah Palin for V.P.

Adam Brickley was one of the forces behind Sarah Palin being chosen by McCain for V.P.

Adam Brickley received a phone call from Todd and Sarah Palin thanking him for being an integral part of Sarah Palin being chosen as McCain’s VP.

And Adam did not do it all alone. My good friend and daily e-mail bud Steve Maloney (the longest standing supporter of the Palin for VP campaign), Kristopher Lorelli of (who put in TONS of leg work),, Students of America on MySpace, the original “Ted” (easily the most vocal advocate according to Adam Brickley), Eric Dondero, Trish Houser of, all of the media who were willing to interview Adam Brickley before interviewing him was cool, and everyone in the comments section who kept the faith was thanked by Adam Brickley on his site when Sarah Palin was announced as the V.P. choice of McCain.

Adam Brickley of Palin For VP has had a busy schedule of late, since Sarah Palin was John McCain’s Vice Presidential Pick. In fact, he has been on the radio (Larry Elder Show, KABC Los Angeles. 7:20 PM Eastern/4:20 Pacific), and television: FoxNews: 5 PM Eastern/2 PM Pacific yesterday, Fox & Friends: 8:00 AM Eastern this morning on FoxNews, NBC 4 (Washington) Interviewed for last night’s evening news (, and today will also be on NBC 5/30 (Colorado Springs –

Adam was first on Political Pistachio Radio to discuss Palin as a viable V.P. candidate last year, and tonight he returns to talk about the excitement of success.

Join us tonight after Founding Truth at 10 pm Eastern on Political Pistachio Radio as we welcome Adam Brickley of Palin For VP triumphantly back to the program.

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