Quinceanera Celebration

During the Quinceañera

Yesterday I attended my niece’s Quinceañera. A Quinceañera is sort of like a Sweet Sixteen Party, but celebrates the fifteenth birthday of a girl in the Mexican Culture. It is essentially a celebration of a girl reaching womanhood, and the party would remind one of a Wedding Reception more than of a Birthday Party. It is a festive event, and the one I attended yesterday was not much unlike any other Quinceañera I have attended. It was loaded with good food, loud Music, hearty conversation, and a lot of the Spanish Language.

I don’t speak Spanish, and to be honest, I was the only White person at the event. It was pretty cool though that they asked me to make the salsa (my salsa is legendary). More often than not, when I begin to feel left out of conversation, I gather some of the cousins and we go outside to throw around a football, or kick around a soccer ball.

My wife is Mexican. She was born in Mexico, but grew up here after her parents immigrated to America when she was a young child. She grew up around the La Raza rhetoric, and rejected becoming an American Citizen because those around her had convinced her that if she were to naturalize she would “Lose her Heritage.” Of course that is hardly the truth, and finally a few years ago (2005) she decided to begin the process of naturalization and took the oath of citizenship in 2006.

With her new citizenship came a new appreciation for the United States. This new-found “Americanism” is special to her, and she proudly calls herself an American (not a Mexican-American). She recognizes the importance of being an American first, but at the same time still (as she should) embraces her Mexican culture as well. Calling herself and American-first does not sit well with many members of her family, and sometimes I am blamed for this “Americanization” of her. It seems silly to me, but I try not to get into that part of the argument.
More often than not, since everyone knows that I am big on politics, political discussions crop up at these gatherings – or at least in the past they did. This time, however, something strange happened. Rather than arguing politics with me at the Quinceañera, the opposite happened.

One of my wife’s sisters says, “For the first time I think I am going to vote Republican.”


This is the same woman that argued with me a few months ago about the problems of Republican Politics, and how they (The Republicans) are against “her people” (meaning the illegals).

Another of her sisters echoed the thought about voting Republican because she was tired of the entitlement programs being pushed by the Democrats. This other sister is the one that at one time was actually a registered member of the Communist Party USA.

After a lengthy discussion, what I discovered was that rather than just voting “party” like most Democrats do, these young women have decided to look at the candidates, and after looking at Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, they decided the “Old White Guy” was the better person for the job.

Muy Bien. I like the way they think. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a big fan of John McCain, but he is definitely better than the alternative.

And of course during these unexpected conversations I munched on chips and salsa as I listened, with an unused football sitting between my feet.

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Liberal Liars

The Liberal Liars Club

Last December, while being accused by Barack Obama that Hillary Clinton’s eight years as first lady was a glorified tea party, not a part of her so-called mass of experience that she claims to be so full of, her Royal Pantsuit fired back with a harrowing tale of a trip to Bosnia. She said that she risked her life on various White House missions, one of which was a vexing flight into Bosnia that ended in a “corkscrew” landing and a high speed, head ducking sprint off the tarmac to dodge snipers. She commented after telling the tale, “I don’t remember anyone offering me tea.” Problem is, the whole thing was a great big lie. Of course the left-wing media says that she simply “misspoke.” Hillary Clinton is a liar.

That was hardly a case of simply misspeaking. Sorry.

Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, an official member of Obama’s campaign, and a member of Obama’s African American Religious Leadership Committee, is a racist. He has made a number of racist comments in the past during his sermons at the church of which Barack Obama has been attending for twenty years. The Obama Campaign has realized that Rev. Wright, and his comments, may pose as a problem for the Obama Campaign. So how did Obama deal with it? Obama says he’s never witnessed or heard these statement before. Obama knew what his pastor was saying. That makes Barack Obama a liar. In fact, like Hillary, Obama lies quite a bit. Of course, let us not forget this is the man that says, “My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join me as we try to change it.”

Al Gore, the leader of the Worldwide Church of Global Warming, told us that global sea levels would be rising by more than 20 feet with the loss of shelf ice in Greenland and Antarctica, devastating coastal areas worldwide. He told us that heat waves will be more frequent and more intense. He claimed that droughts and wildfires would occur more often. He declared the Arctic Ocean could be ice free in summer by 2050. He proclaimed more than a million species worldwide could be driven to extinction by 2050. And he said it was our fault because of all of that carbon (you know, less than one percent of the total that winds up in the atmosphere) we spew into the sky. All along I have been saying that any warming tendency of this planet is a natural phenomenon caused by solar activity, specifically in relation to sunspots. I have had a couple of experts, Holly Fretwell, a natural resources policy expert, adjunct professor of economics at Montana State University and research fellow at PERC–The Property and Environment Research Center, and Analyst John Berlau of the Competitive Enterprise Institute on my radio show to discuss this, the second of which indicated that not only is there not a consensus of scientists claiming man-made global warming is true, but that recently 19,000 analysts and scientists proclaimed that all of this global warming hysteria is false. So what’s the truth? Well, it turns out that Al Gore, with his tampered models and thirst for whatever he is getting out of this, is a big fat liar. In fact, pretty soon I am expecting him to jump on the man-made global cooling hysteria trend. Maybe they will begin encouraging us to put more carbon into the air to combat this sudden cooling trend! Fact is, temperature monitors are reporting widescale global cooling. And why is the warming trend over? What could have possibly caused this turn around? Wait for it. . . wait for it. . . because according to the article linked in this sentence, sunspots have all but vanished, and activity is suspiciously quiet. Notice the harrowing tone of the article. Al, give back the awards (that would be Nobel Peace Prize, Oscar, and I am sure there are more of your ill-gotten awards on your mantle), sit down, and shut up. You are a liar.

Shall we move on to Pelosi? Teddy Kennedy and his lies about his murderous ways? Or what about Kennedy’s Soviet connections in order to undermine Ronald Reagan? Well, in the People’s Socialist Party (Democrats), there are many lies, and these lies are by elitists whose hubris is so extreme that they believe they are above all of us, the law, and the truth. But to be honest, in my humble opinion, the Democratic Party needs to change its name to The Liberal Liars Club.

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Good Friday

Good Friday

As Easter approaches, Good Friday signifies the event that defines Christianity. Around the globe Christians are observing a remembrance of the last supper, Christ’s prayer in the Garden, His crucifixion, and Jesus Christ’s resurrection. On Good Friday Christians recognize the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, a death on a Roman Cross that concludes in the complete joy of Christ’s Easter morning resurrection.

This is a time to recall and reflect upon the enormity of Jesus’ passion and death, and to celebrate the believer’s redemption from sin and victory over death.

The empty tomb, then and now, has been a constant scandal, as well as a lightning rod of controversy. Many have attempted to disprove it, for the implications of that empty tomb are massive.

Feel free to learn more about the gift Jesus Christ has given us through his death by joining the celebration at a local church this weekend. Worship Services will be held around the nation to celebrate Christ’s triumph over death, and to celebrate His enormous gift to humanity.

“He is Risen, He is Risen.”

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William Russell vs. John Murtha

How to Help William Russell Defeat John Murtha!

Many times I have stated that the Congressional races are very important, and they are not just local efforts in the districts or states, but national efforts. We all need to be involved to ensure Conservatives are elected into office – it is time for a new Contract With America.

William Russell is one such candidate that needs our help. He is running for office in the 12th district in Pennsylvania, and he is one of the Iraq War Veterans running for Congress.

William Russell is running for Congress in John Murtha’s district, and has already been attacked by Murtha. John Murtha has no Democrat challengers, and William Russell is Murtha’s only Republican challenger. In a low move even for Murtha, Russell’s signatures were challenged in court and it resulted in Murtha’s only GOP challenger being thrown off the ballot. Now, Murtha has no challengers, with the Primary in Pennsylvania coming up fast on April 22, 2008. But all hope is not lost. If a minimum of 1,000 people write William Russell in on the ballot on April 22nd, he will be back on the November ballot to challenge John Murtha. But William needs your help. Spread the word, and write the local papers in Pennsylvania demanding that they publish our letters, or at least do an article over Bill Russell’s dilemma. Word needs to be spread. A Conservative going against the Number One Porker in Congress needs to be placed back on the ballot.

Be involved, stop the liberal left from destroying our country, and heading us into the direction of bondage through government dependency.

Here are links to some of those newspapers in William Russell’s area.

The Herald.

Post Gazette.

The Leader-Herald.

The Tribune Democrat.

And as an added note, on Monday night, March 17, 2008 William Russell was my guest on Political Pistachio Radio. Give the show a listen, and learn why he is the man we need in Congress over Murtha. Listen Here.

After all, this nation needs a Red November in 2008! And join the Red November Initiative, spread the word, be involved!

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National Heroes Tour

National Heroes Tour

Many of America’s most decorated war heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan have packed their bags and are hitting the road on a national bus tour to take their non-partisan message of progress and freedom from coast-to-coast.

The Vets for Freedom National Heroes Tour is about supporting our troops, honoring their commitment, and rallying the country to complete the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

At this critical juncture in our country, we need Americans, lawmakers and the media, to fully recognize—and appreciate—the sacrifice of our brave military and the dramatic success they have achieved, especially in Iraq with the new counterinsurgency strategy.

Visit their site for information on all of their stops.

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The Liberal Plan

What Secular Humanism/Liberalism/Socialism has Wrought

Liberalism is socialism is communism. This is a popular belief among the inhabitants of the right side of the political spectrum. Those that reside on the left side of the political spectrum immediately argue that calling liberalism a form of socialism is arrogant of the right, and an irresponsible tactic. From a hair-splitting perspective, of course liberalism is not socialism, and socialism is not communism. There are a few differences. But, as a general overview, each of these political philosophies share a great number of similarities, and each of these political ideas require that the subject (oops, I mean citizen) place government at the top of their list of importance (hence, the need to eliminate any vestige of God, because an all-powerful body of government must be like a god to the people, and will not tolerate any allegiance to any other god).

The theory behind socialism is simple. Socialism is a system of collective ownership by all the people of the factories, mills, mines, railroads, land and all other instruments of production. Socialism means production to satisfy minimum human needs as opposed to “for sale and profit” like under the system of capitalism. Socialism places direct control and management of the industries and social services with the workers through a democratic process based on their nationwide economic organization. Under a socialistic ideal all authority originates from the workers, integrally united in Socialist Industrial Unions. In each work environment the labor elects whatever committees or representatives are needed to facilitate production. Within each smaller unit, be it a shop or office division of a plant, the people who perform the labor participate directly in formulating and implementing all plans necessary for efficient operations.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Everyone works together in harmony to ensure the products are produced in the most efficient manner possible, placing those that know the most, and can lead the best, into positions of power (oops, I mean supervision).

After all, if looked at on the surface, socialism is truly a democratic way of running things. The workers elect their shop officers, elect representatives to a local and national council of their industry or service and to a central congress representing all the industries and services, and the all-industrial congress plans and coordinates production in all areas of the economy. All persons elected to any post in the socialist government, from the lowest to the highest level, will be directly accountable to the rank and file. They will be subject to removal at any time that a majority of those who elected them decide it is necessary.

Those that support such a system, and teach such a wonderful utopia in our American Universities, state that “Such a system would make possible the fullest democracy and freedom. It would be a society based on the most primary freedom: economic freedom.”

For some individuals, on paper, socialism seems like it would mean an end to economic insecurity and exploitation. Laborers would cease to be commodities bought and sold on the labor market. It would mean a chance to develop all individual capacities and potentials within a free community of free individuals.

Such a wonderful dream. Sounds like the perfect system. Now, all you have to do to implement such a system is make everyone work together in harmony, make people give up the dream of becoming wealthy, make people be willing to be controlled by a centralized democratic government, make people accept that if they don’t get elected to a supervisory position they will never have the opportunity to rise up unless a supervisor either dies or is unseated (and since people tend to form alliances of power in such a system, being voted out seems unlikely), and make people place the importance of such a system above all other things including their desire to improve themselves, above any desire to become more successful (often characterized by wealth and possessions), and above their faith in anything other than the system )such as an all-powerful God). Wow, that’s an aweful lot of things that they have to make people do.

Liberalism is a political philosophy that advocates greater public support, and greater regulation over the private sector. Liberals would like to enable a centralized democratic government to manage everything so that the average citizen can worry about their labor as a worker rather than petty little things like healthcare, housing, etc. In a liberal society as envisioned by the current leaders of the Democratic Party, people have evolved to the point that they understand that the wealthy must be taxed heavily so that those monies can be redistributed to the poor, hopefully eventually eliminating the classes, eventually allowing the “village” to work as a whole, and enabling the community to provide for its citizens everything they need be it housing (like government housing paid for by taxation), health care (government paid health care taken from taxation), food (like food stamps paid for by taxation), and eventually it would mean an end to economic insecurity and exploitation. Laborers would cease to be commodities bought and sold on the labor market. It would mean a chance to develop all individual capacities and potentials within a free community of free individuals. Hmmm, for some reason those last parts sound familiar.

Marxism is the philosophies and teachings of 19th century economist Karl Marx. Marx is credited with the idea of socialism and communism, and the vast majority of his writings were critiques of capitalism. However, he viewed the struggle of workers as a continuation of historical forces that would one day lead to communism. He believed that this “evolution” of humanity would occur in three stages. The first stage was capitalism, in which the workers are exploited by business owners (those capitalist pigs!). The second stage would be socialism, or a “dictatorship of the proletariat (workers).” Power to the people! Marx believed that the second stage would be brief. The third and final stage, communism, would produce a society that would become so classless and collectivist that the formal state would wither away, and society could spontaneously operate as a collective whole without government. A social and economic system would result in where all (or nearly all) property would be public, not private. That is, resources are shared by everyone. In the Marxist ideology, a true utopia would be achieved in the third and final stage of the worker’s struggles. Such a Utopian society would mean an end to economic insecurity and exploitation. Laborers would cease to be commodities bought and sold on the labor market. It would mean a chance to develop all individual capacities and potentials within a free community of free individuals.

Conservatism is in stark contrast to those three philosophies that, though not exactly the same, have many similarities, and the same goal in the end. Conservatism is much simpler. Conservatives desire to preserve the tradition of liberty and freedom that has worked so well thus far (we did not become the greatest nation on earth on accident), resist the change to a centralized system that masquerades as freedom for the workers and will end in bondage for all that are not a part of the elite in government, and Conservatism is a political philosophy that calls for reduced government and greater individual freedom in the private sector.

Conservatives do not believe that government is the ultimate solution. Conservatives do not believe that the worker should be dependent upon a centralized system, and that success should be punished and taken away “for the greater good.” Conservatives do not believe it takes a village. Conservatism has faith in the individual, and believes the individual should have the right to have faith in God, rather than a government that sets itself up in a manner to replace God and control the worker through lies and deceit. Conservatism does not support government or state ownership. Conservatism stands for freedom of the individual from an imposing and oppressive government system that taxes to pay for its entitlement programs, and “makes” the citizen follow mandates that curtails freedom, and stifles an individual’s growth as such individual pursues the American Dream of liberty, happiness, freedom, and wealth.

Obama and Clinton are both advancing economic ideas that are essentially Marxist in their nature. They both have proposed radical new levels of taxation for Americans whom they believe possess “too much” wealth, and unprecedented new levels of governmental intervention and regulation with American enterprise so as to “fix” our nation’s problems with healthcare, energy, and the environment.

It is human nature to desire success, wealth and power. A system envisioned by the “progressives” of the liberal Democratic Party in which the classes are eliminated, and wealth is re-distributed, makes about as much sense as my daughter giving up her A’s in school so that her points may be re-distributed to the kids getting F’s. This does not place them all on the same playing field again. It penalizes success, and rewards failure. But the liberal left is so busy reaching for a utopia that cannot be reached, and feeling apologetic to those that have not reached prosperity, that they are willing to mandate Marxism in America.

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Strife in Tibet as Chinese Forces Move In

Chinese security forces swarm Tibet – – – Soldiers on foot and in armored carriers swarmed Tibet’s capital Saturday, enforcing a strict curfew a day after protesters burned shops and cars to vent their anger against Chinese rule. In another western city, police clashed with hundreds of Buddhist monks leading a sympathy demonstration. The violence erupted just two weeks before China’s Summer Olympic celebrations kick off with the start of the torch relay, which passes through Tibet. China is gambling that its crackdown will not draw an international outcry over human rights violations that could lead to boycotts of the Olympics.
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Eagles Up

Upcoming Pro-Troop Rallies in Washington D.C.

Winter Soldier II is a replay of a Vietnam War event in which a minority of soldiers speak about the atrocities of war. Eagles Winter Soldier II Testimony Challenge is a group of Patriotic Citizens Standing Up For Our Troops on March 14, 2008 demanind truth in any atrocity testimony (times, dates, places, witnesses, leadership, all under oath). The event will be at the National Labor College, 10000 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20903. Be there, if you are able, to support our nation’s troops, and challenge the liars that have only anti-Americanism in their speech. Winter Soldier False Testimony of 1971 betrayed Vietnam Warriors – – – it cannot happen to our current generation of warriors – – – SF-180 will be required for witness testimony validation.

Then, on March 14, 2008, Stand Up For America, Our Troops, and Our Fallen at the Eagles Patriot Muster and March. Muster at 10:00 AM South of Constitution Avenue (Washington Monument Vicinity). March begins 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Be there to lift up America, our troops, the fallen, their families, and to honor those that have gone before us. The March Route is from Constitution Avenue near the Washington Monument proceeding East, Finishing West of the U.S. Capitol. All Patriots are welcome to participate; Boots on the ground, Wheel Chairs, Carts, or however else you can. Anti-America elements like those that participate in Anti-American Rallies in Washington D.C., Berkeley California, and the like only tear down our nation. The Eagles Patriot Muster and March is designed to honor America, support our troops, and respect our fallen, Missing In Action (MIA), families, and sacred ground.

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew strength; they shall mount up with the wings of eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint (Isaiah 40:31).

And for more information, listen to the archive of Political Pistachio Radio on March 11, 2008 where I interview one of the organizers, COL Harry Riley, USA, Ret of Eagles Up.

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Pro-Troop Rally in Berkeley, California!

From Patriot Event Network Calendar:

Ok folks, this is the call to arms. It doesn’t matter where you live, Northern California, the Western States, east coast, where ever – tell everyone you know, forward this email, call them, whatever – get the word out. It doesn’t matter if you ride a bike or drive a cage. This is a call to arms for all veterans, all patriots, and all that truly respect the military. Please forward this email to every veteran you know, every organization you know, every post you know. Assume you are the only one that has received this email and spread the word. Also, if you have the time, please make up small signs showing date, time, location, and try to get them put up in motorcycle stores, AL Posts, MCL Posts, etc. And forward to whomever has an email list. This Mission will only work if we have a LARGE turnout.

Due to the garbage in Bezerkeley, we’ve made a decision to have a massive show of support for the Marine Recruiters, and Veterans everywhere. Bezerkeley, the City Council, the Mayor, Code Pink and the other moonbats want to step all over veterans, past, present and future. We need to show them we’re not going to allow that in Berkeley or anywhere else. I’m not using the term “demonstration” for two simple reasons – “demonstration” is tied together with “counter demonstration”. Neither of those terms come in to play in this instance. I want a true “Support the Troops” event. Come by motorcycle, car, truck, whatever means you have. Bring an American Flag, and if you have them, Flags of the Armed Forces. If you want to make signs, please limit them to support ie: So and so, or family of, or organization so and so supports the troops. And one other – VNSZ (Veteran’s No Spend Zone) Lots of those.

On March 22, 9:00AM, we will all meet and/or stage at the Watergate Market, 2390 Powell St, Emeryville.

Click Here for map of meeting point

The rally point was picked in that it has food and fuel readily available. When getting off the freeway, there is a Chevron Station on one side of the freeway, and a Shell on the other (the direction you’ll be heading). There is a Denny’s where you get off and the Watergate Market has sandwiches (I believe). Across from the Market is the Emeryville Police Dept. There is parking along the street to the left of the EPD. You will directed to parking when you arrive. Currently, there will not be a “formal” check in, but see me when you get there. I’m not hard to find. When you eat or fuel in this location or any location outside of Berkeley, please keep the receipts – if we have a big enough group, I will collect those receipts and deliver them to the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce on Monday the 24th. Hopefully with the assistance of the news media.

We will depart at 10 for Berkeley. The Emeryville police will assist us in getting on the freeway. ( If you are driving directly to the city – not driving in with the “convoy”, please meet at the recruiting office.) There will be 3 approach routes to Berkeley that will be announced at that morning. All approach routes will lead to the US Marine Officer Selection Office at 64 Shattuck Square – it’s a one way street and therefore will be on your left side. After driving past the recruiting office, please park your vehicles carefully as I’m quite sure the parking police will be around. I would park one vehicle (includes motorcycles) per parking place as long as you don’t mind the paring fees – also – I’ve been warned about feeding the meters. Move your wheels periodically so as not to get cited or towed. Coordinate with each other on shifting vehicles. If you park in lot that is restricted to customers, then buy a cup of coffee or a coke, or whatever. I can make a drink last a LONG time. While wandering around like any other tourist, if you talk to shop owners, please remember, we’re not there to get in THEIR faces, but to make a point to the City Council. If our presence, our taking parking places, our not spending money has a negative impact on the individual business owners, they will need to go to make a decision on who to recall and who to vote for. If the individuals don’t like the war, don’t like the administration, don’t like the military, GTG, but what the City Council has done is baloney! Besides, if they don’t like the military, then why would they want our money.

I’m asking Melanie Morgan and MAF to start speaking at 12 in front of the Recruiting Office. Other speakers are welcome. I’m asking Capt Lund and some of his staff to be there, in uniform of course.

Purpose of this Mission is to show support for the troops in general, all veterans, and for the Marine Recruiting Office. It is not for physical confrontation – that needs to be avoided. We need to set the example – Code Pink, ANSWER and the other moonbats would love to see us get slammed in the media and they will try to do that. On Feb 12 there were a couple of people attending who apparently were there just to cause trouble. Please be careful. I am by no means saying “turn the other cheek”. I’m just asking that you are careful with any response – let them take the fall.

If you need places to camp or stay – please remember to get a place outside of Berkeley.

I need some volunteers – one or two to handle billeting for those that need it arriving Friday nite and/or staying Saturday nite. I need a couple of riders – 4 to 8 – to help get people to Shattuck Square and then to help with getting people pointed to parking areas. I’m also asking a local CB/HAM/motorcycle club to help with any communications necessary. If your scoot is equipped with comm gear, please ID yourself at check in (IF you want to be put to work). And I need couple of people to help coordinate at the staging area.

Currently we know that Trader Vic’s is offering us a banquet room that evening for a buffet dinner. They are also giving us 15% off coupons. We will work on some more like minded stuff.

Response – if you are coming, please respond with just numbers – I only need names if you are available to help (you pick the category). And I need to know numbers for Trader Vic’s – they have 2 different room sizes and need to put one aside for us. Normally I respond to every email. HOWEVER, because of the anticipated volume of response, I will only respond on offers to help or to questions.

Doug Lyvere
PGR Regional Ride Captain
SgtMaj, Marine ret


Date: Saturday, March 22, 2008
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm
Duration: 480 minutes
Priority: High
Access: Public
Created by: Eagles UP! West
Updated: Monday, March 3, 2008 12:10am
Participants: Patriot Accessible

Note: I co-host on Monday nights with Andrea Shea King of WDBO AM 580 in Florida on her BlogTalkRadio show and tonight’s guest was Doug Lyvere, organizer of the event. Click these sentences to listen to the show.

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Hypenated Culturalism

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hyphenated Culturalism

I am a member of a few internet political groups, and one discussion today brought up was about the hyphenation of nationalities (i.e. African-American, Mexican-American), and how there is an allowance for Latino Television, Black Entertainment Television and so forth, yet if White America was to create their own under the name of “White” that would be racist. Well, considering the societal landscape, Whites in America would be irresponsible for doing such. However, I have often proclaimed that the most oppressed group of late in the United States seems to be the White, Christian male. But, the danger of what we see is deeper than that.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The motive behind multi-culturalism is good. The idea seems sound on the surface. But I see it as in opposition of what the Civil Rights Movement was all about. The attempt to gain rights for minority groups was designed to not only do the right thing from a moral standard, but make America stronger as we all joined together as one nation. Not Black, White, Asian, Brown, and so forth. One nation. America. We The People are Americans, not a bunch of hyphenations.

My wife was born in Mexico, immigrated here as a child legally, and grew up in the United States. She Naturalized April 26, 2007. We have been married 23 years.

I am as about as white as they get, with Welsh, English, Dutch, Irish, Scottish, and French ancestry in addition to quite a bit of Black Foot and Cherokee.

We don’t call ourselves a mixed racial couple, and my wife does not call herself a Mexican-American. She is American. Our kids are not mixed. They are American. My son’s wife is a Mexican-Filipino mix, so my grandson is truly a mixed-up stew of nationalities, but he too, is an American. I understand society’s need for labels. We are Conservative-Republicans, Moderates, RINOs, Neo-Cons, Liberals, Democrats, etc. I understand the need to hang on to one’s heritage as well. Hyphenated ethnicities like Mexican-American, African-American, and the such, are an attempt to be considerate of one’s heritage. But as my wife says, her culture and heritage is inside her, and she will never stop being Mexican. The culture in her has been passed down to our children, and when we get together as a family with her parents and sisters, the culture is evident, and our children are proud of that. But after the day is over, though inside the heritage and culture remains, she and the children are Americans first, Americans always. The hyphenations are not just an attempt to be considerate, but from the left it is also an attempt to apologize. “Sorry we are forcing Americanism upon you,” it seems to say. How dare they. I thought the American Dream was all about assimilation, and being a productive puzzle piece in the American Experiment. Bring your culture, bring your heritage, and stir it into the stew of America. That is how we are better Americans. By contributing to the melting pot, not segregating ourselves from it with multi-culturalism and hyphenated labels.

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