William Russell vs. John Murtha

How to Help William Russell Defeat John Murtha!

Many times I have stated that the Congressional races are very important, and they are not just local efforts in the districts or states, but national efforts. We all need to be involved to ensure Conservatives are elected into office – it is time for a new Contract With America.

William Russell is one such candidate that needs our help. He is running for office in the 12th district in Pennsylvania, and he is one of the Iraq War Veterans running for Congress.

William Russell is running for Congress in John Murtha’s district, and has already been attacked by Murtha. John Murtha has no Democrat challengers, and William Russell is Murtha’s only Republican challenger. In a low move even for Murtha, Russell’s signatures were challenged in court and it resulted in Murtha’s only GOP challenger being thrown off the ballot. Now, Murtha has no challengers, with the Primary in Pennsylvania coming up fast on April 22, 2008. But all hope is not lost. If a minimum of 1,000 people write William Russell in on the ballot on April 22nd, he will be back on the November ballot to challenge John Murtha. But William needs your help. Spread the word, and write the local papers in Pennsylvania demanding that they publish our letters, or at least do an article over Bill Russell’s dilemma. Word needs to be spread. A Conservative going against the Number One Porker in Congress needs to be placed back on the ballot.

Be involved, stop the liberal left from destroying our country, and heading us into the direction of bondage through government dependency.

Here are links to some of those newspapers in William Russell’s area.

The Herald.

Post Gazette.

The Leader-Herald.

The Tribune Democrat.

And as an added note, on Monday night, March 17, 2008 William Russell was my guest on Political Pistachio Radio. Give the show a listen, and learn why he is the man we need in Congress over Murtha. Listen Here.

After all, this nation needs a Red November in 2008! And join the Red November Initiative, spread the word, be involved!

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