Pro-Troop Rally in Berkeley, California!

From Patriot Event Network Calendar:

Ok folks, this is the call to arms. It doesn’t matter where you live, Northern California, the Western States, east coast, where ever – tell everyone you know, forward this email, call them, whatever – get the word out. It doesn’t matter if you ride a bike or drive a cage. This is a call to arms for all veterans, all patriots, and all that truly respect the military. Please forward this email to every veteran you know, every organization you know, every post you know. Assume you are the only one that has received this email and spread the word. Also, if you have the time, please make up small signs showing date, time, location, and try to get them put up in motorcycle stores, AL Posts, MCL Posts, etc. And forward to whomever has an email list. This Mission will only work if we have a LARGE turnout.

Due to the garbage in Bezerkeley, we’ve made a decision to have a massive show of support for the Marine Recruiters, and Veterans everywhere. Bezerkeley, the City Council, the Mayor, Code Pink and the other moonbats want to step all over veterans, past, present and future. We need to show them we’re not going to allow that in Berkeley or anywhere else. I’m not using the term “demonstration” for two simple reasons – “demonstration” is tied together with “counter demonstration”. Neither of those terms come in to play in this instance. I want a true “Support the Troops” event. Come by motorcycle, car, truck, whatever means you have. Bring an American Flag, and if you have them, Flags of the Armed Forces. If you want to make signs, please limit them to support ie: So and so, or family of, or organization so and so supports the troops. And one other – VNSZ (Veteran’s No Spend Zone) Lots of those.

On March 22, 9:00AM, we will all meet and/or stage at the Watergate Market, 2390 Powell St, Emeryville.

Click Here for map of meeting point

The rally point was picked in that it has food and fuel readily available. When getting off the freeway, there is a Chevron Station on one side of the freeway, and a Shell on the other (the direction you’ll be heading). There is a Denny’s where you get off and the Watergate Market has sandwiches (I believe). Across from the Market is the Emeryville Police Dept. There is parking along the street to the left of the EPD. You will directed to parking when you arrive. Currently, there will not be a “formal” check in, but see me when you get there. I’m not hard to find. When you eat or fuel in this location or any location outside of Berkeley, please keep the receipts – if we have a big enough group, I will collect those receipts and deliver them to the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce on Monday the 24th. Hopefully with the assistance of the news media.

We will depart at 10 for Berkeley. The Emeryville police will assist us in getting on the freeway. ( If you are driving directly to the city – not driving in with the “convoy”, please meet at the recruiting office.) There will be 3 approach routes to Berkeley that will be announced at that morning. All approach routes will lead to the US Marine Officer Selection Office at 64 Shattuck Square – it’s a one way street and therefore will be on your left side. After driving past the recruiting office, please park your vehicles carefully as I’m quite sure the parking police will be around. I would park one vehicle (includes motorcycles) per parking place as long as you don’t mind the paring fees – also – I’ve been warned about feeding the meters. Move your wheels periodically so as not to get cited or towed. Coordinate with each other on shifting vehicles. If you park in lot that is restricted to customers, then buy a cup of coffee or a coke, or whatever. I can make a drink last a LONG time. While wandering around like any other tourist, if you talk to shop owners, please remember, we’re not there to get in THEIR faces, but to make a point to the City Council. If our presence, our taking parking places, our not spending money has a negative impact on the individual business owners, they will need to go to make a decision on who to recall and who to vote for. If the individuals don’t like the war, don’t like the administration, don’t like the military, GTG, but what the City Council has done is baloney! Besides, if they don’t like the military, then why would they want our money.

I’m asking Melanie Morgan and MAF to start speaking at 12 in front of the Recruiting Office. Other speakers are welcome. I’m asking Capt Lund and some of his staff to be there, in uniform of course.

Purpose of this Mission is to show support for the troops in general, all veterans, and for the Marine Recruiting Office. It is not for physical confrontation – that needs to be avoided. We need to set the example – Code Pink, ANSWER and the other moonbats would love to see us get slammed in the media and they will try to do that. On Feb 12 there were a couple of people attending who apparently were there just to cause trouble. Please be careful. I am by no means saying “turn the other cheek”. I’m just asking that you are careful with any response – let them take the fall.

If you need places to camp or stay – please remember to get a place outside of Berkeley.

I need some volunteers – one or two to handle billeting for those that need it arriving Friday nite and/or staying Saturday nite. I need a couple of riders – 4 to 8 – to help get people to Shattuck Square and then to help with getting people pointed to parking areas. I’m also asking a local CB/HAM/motorcycle club to help with any communications necessary. If your scoot is equipped with comm gear, please ID yourself at check in (IF you want to be put to work). And I need couple of people to help coordinate at the staging area.

Currently we know that Trader Vic’s is offering us a banquet room that evening for a buffet dinner. They are also giving us 15% off coupons. We will work on some more like minded stuff.

Response – if you are coming, please respond with just numbers – I only need names if you are available to help (you pick the category). And I need to know numbers for Trader Vic’s – they have 2 different room sizes and need to put one aside for us. Normally I respond to every email. HOWEVER, because of the anticipated volume of response, I will only respond on offers to help or to questions.

Doug Lyvere
PGR Regional Ride Captain
SgtMaj, Marine ret

Date: Saturday, March 22, 2008
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm
Duration: 480 minutes
Priority: High
Access: Public
Created by: Eagles UP! West
Updated: Monday, March 3, 2008 12:10am
Participants: Patriot Accessible

Note: I co-host on Monday nights with Andrea Shea King of WDBO AM 580 in Florida on her BlogTalkRadio show and tonight’s guest was Doug Lyvere, organizer of the event. Click these sentences to listen to the show.

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