Why Obama is bad for America

Obama-Rama ::: Reasons Why A Barack Obama Presidency is Bad For This Country

Thanks to Gawfer for the following video that will shock and amaze you about Barack Obama. . .


Barack Obama’s rise to fame is a mystery. He is an unknown, inexperienced junior senator with no accomplishments. There is no content to his speeches. He preaches change for the sake of change, but fails to explain in full how that change will be brought about.

Here is what we do know about Barack Obama.

He claims to be against going to war in Iraq from the beginning. Perhaps he would have voted against it in 2002, had he been there to make a vote. But, in reality, his history of being against the war is hardly a staunch opposition as he claims; and is rather a more nuanced and cautious position on the war than the full-bore opposition.

He has repeatedly told America that as president he will end the war, leaving us to believe he will conduct an immediate withdrawal of all troops, leaving Iraq bare and unprotected, an action that even Joe Lieberman claims would create a more dangerous world, and create a safe haven for terrorists. Question: Mr. Obama, if we pull out of Iraq, what do you think will happen after that? Utopia?

Recently, Barack Obama has been urging us to negotiate with the terrorists, to sit down and have a heart to heart talk with the Islamic Jihad and the nations that sponsor such terrorism.

In a rational world with a rational enemy, Mr. Obama’s recommendation would be a solid one. Of course it is better to try to talk things out with someone before committing to a bloody battle or war. We tell our kids to talk before fighting. We talked to the Soviets. We talked to China. Of course, when the left uses those examples, they fail to recognize that it wasn’t presidential visits with the Soviet Union that brought down the Berlin Wall. The Soviet Union collapsed because President Ronald Reagan bankrupted the Soviet Union with a military buildup. And we didn’t decide to talk to the Chinese because we feared them. We talked with the Chinese because we wanted to drive a wedge between them and the Soviet Union.

Besides, Islam is not an ideology of rationality. They have committed to eradicating Israel, and destroying The West.

In his inexperience, Barack Obama has not thought through this issue. By his statements on foreign policy he is showing America how new to this he really is. And folks, inexperience like this is the last thing we need in the White House when it comes to foreign policy during a time of war with an enemy like none we have ever faced before.

A premature pull-out of Iraq would essentially be handing over Iraq to the Islamic Jihad so that the region could be a base of operations for terrorist activity, as well as providing additional funding for their ambitions of world domination by way of Iraq’s oil riches. A withdrawal from Iraq would also send the message that America is unwilling to complete its commitments, and that when faced with the adversity of a ruthless enemy, we are weak and are willing to turn-tail and run.

But the reasons for not withdrawing from the region prematurely goes deeper than that. One must enter the mind of the Islamic Jihadists to understand the mentality of who we are dealing with, and why withdrawal, or negotiations with an enemy that brings nothing to the table except the will to defeat us, would be disastrous.

I believe that Islam is an inherently violent religion, but that there is a large number of Muslims who are unaware of Muhammad’s evil actions and his call to violence. Islamic clerics are loath to teach their people about their faith’s dark deeds. Islam has made itself an enemy to all that does not adhere to its rules, and only understands violence as a means of dealing with its enemy. Only strength will be successful against the Islamic threat, and concessions, negotiations, and the withdrawal of forces is seen as a weakness by the Jihadists. And signs of weakness are answered with aggressive action.

Answer me this. After Israel pulled out of Gaza, how long did it take before Hamas proclaimed victory, and then began lobbing rockets over the border at Israel?

Barack Obama has also indicated that he plans to cut investments in “unproven missile defense systems.”

That’s brilliant. The missile defense system, for one, is not unproven – in fact, our technology along those lines was crucial in bringing down a crippled satellite recently. Besides, if you are so determined to rid the world of nuclear weapons, why would you discontinue a program that would essentially make long-range missiles obsolete?

He also wishes to slow the development of future combat systems.

Uh, Mr. Obama, how do you wish this nation to defend itself? With sticks and stones? Believe it or not, talking doesn’t work with irrational tyrants. Just ask Neville Chamberlain.

Unilateral disarmament does not work, either, Barack. If we disarm, the enemy must do the same as well. If they don’t, and we do, they will perceive themselves as stronger, and attack. That, Mr. Obama, is how tyrants in the real world play the game.

Obama supports the gruesome partial-birth abortion. Partial Birth Abortion is killing a child in the womb that is far enough along in pregnancy to survive outside the womb. Any abortion, in my opinion, is murder, but “late term abortion” is especially horrid.

I am taking Obama’s word that he is not Muslim. However, Barack Obama was raised around the Muslim culture, and one’s life experiences shape who you are. Therefore, though Barack Hussein Obama may not be Muslim, because of his upbringing, he will undoubtedly be sympathetic to Islam. And as I stated earlier, Islam is a religion rooted in violence and hate dreamed up by a murderous pedophile named Muhammed. The jihadists have a very real goal of converting us to their false religion, or destroying us in the process, and any sympathy to this murderous enemy is foolish, and irresponsible. I wonder, though, considering all of the Muslims in Obama’s life, how the Islamic Jihadists view Obama. Do they see him as a fellow Muslim? Or an apostate?

Understand, I realize that not all of the citizens of these Islamic Dictatorships are the problem. In fact, the population of Iran is very pro-American (residual from the popularity of the Shah, and his pro-American attitude), and Christianity is the fastest growing religion in that country.

When we entered World War II we did not go to war against the German People, but against Nazism and Fascism. Now, we are at war with Islamism, a fascist tyranny spreading across the globe, and Barack Obama’s weakness regarding Foreign Policy (lack of experience, talking to the irrational) would place us in great jeopardy.

That’s not even counting his liberal viewpoints of Government Control over the citizens, a Health Care program similar to Europe and Canada’s Universal Health Programs (think about it: do you really want the same government that runs DMV to run your health insurance programs?). If the current health insurance system is so bad, then why would government wish to keep the same model, but change the payer of that system over to the same government who didn’t get the postal service running in New Orleans until 3 months after Hurricane Katrina, while Federal Express was delivering to the area in a week, and UPS in three weeks? (source: Winning the Future by Newt Gingrich)

Of course this is a man that is a member of the Democrat Party, the same party that has decided Income Taxes Are Voluntary, even though you are forced to pay them (Reid idiocy):


The Government Should Seize Control of our Oil Companies as Hugo Chavez has:


Our Troops are Cold Blooded Killers:


and is content with emboldening the enemy:


Barack Obama is not even willing to take McCain up on his offer of the two of them going to Iraq to see what’s going on first hand. Amazing, isn’t it? Obama wants to talk to the enemy before he’s willing to talk to any Republican, or go and see for himself how Iraq is going.

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  1. If you’re interested in the issue of Obama, Islam and whether he might be a Muslim apostate, you might want to check out “Muslim scholar responds to ‘Sharia smear’ against Obama” — http://blogs.reuters.com/faithworld/2008/05/30/muslim-scholar-responds-to-sharia-smear-against-obama/ — on the Reuters FaithWorld blog.

  2. I fear for this country if Obama becomes president. I don’t believe he has any real desire to serve or help the people of this country, nor the ability to see beyond his own “rising” and quest for “power”. Obama feels dirty too me, and he’ll say whatever he can to win. He might deliver on some of his plans, but if he does, I believe he’ll do MUCH MUCH more detriment than anyone of us could even project.

  3. Thank you for your blog. Why has Obama written two books about himself when he has done nothing?

    • THANK YOU.

  4. Obama is a liar – 155 documented, so far. He is also being sued by Philip Berg, a lifelong democrat, because Obama is not a citizen, will not produce a birth certificate, and therefore not qualified to become president. Obama is full of fluff, theatrics, and, any substance you find is bad: communists, racists, radicals, terrorists are all the people and influence around Obama. Obama WAS a muslim and lies about it – his brother said so, and produced a picture proving it. Obama’s economy plan will hurt, not help America – he wants to destroy our national defense. Do any of the idiots who support him have any real idea what he is about: CHANGE WE CANNOT AFFORD TO HAVE!

    • Spoken like a true republican. I support him until he can prove he doesn’t belong there. I don’t care where he was born… or what his religion is… he could worship satan all i care… As long as he follows through on his promises… look what that jackass did for 8 years… screwed this country up… no way would I put another republican in office that supported him.. Here, here is a link for you dimwits to read: http://www.sianews.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=3371

      So happy Mr. Obama is President!

    • Ya, true


      • Oh he most certainly has followed up on his promises. A year in and what’s this? Oh wait, he hasn’t done jack squat.

    • Obama is a citizen of the United States of America he was born in Hawaii and of course he is a legal citizen other wise we would not be president at this very moment. OBAMA ROCKS!!!!!

  5. Whoever wrote this is CLEARLY extremely uneducated. Almost every religion is “inherently violent”. Have you heard of the Crusades? What about the Christians and their violence? Or does that not matter because white people did it?

    Do you think everyone who is Muslim is violent? The definition of Islam is “peaceful submission to the word of God”. That does not necessarily imply that the religion was always peaceful, there was a LOT of violence for conversion. However, that existed with Christianity as well.

    You obviously don’t understand the concept of terrorism. Terrorists are not just a bunch of Muslims, and being Muslim does NOT imply that you are a terrorist. The terrorists that attacked us at 9/11 were EXTREMISTS, of the Muslim faith. That says NOTHING about regular Muslims.

    If you have a problem with the way Obama was raised, because he was raised around the Muslim faith, you are idiotic. I was raised a Muslim as well. But I am as American as anyone. AND Obama is Christian despite this.

    It sounds like you are extremely racist, ignorant, and very, very uninformed. You clearly have a very limited understand of the current goings-on in the United States.

    Even if you don’t support Obama, your reasoning for why you don’t is hideous. It is people like you who elect candidates like Bush, who get us into the financial, foreign, and social trouble we are currently in.

    • In response to your comment,Scherezad Yusef, why would you even be on this page? This is what some believe in, and has nothing to do with you whatsoever. You’re talking about the past with the Crusades. We’re talking about now, with Musliamic suicide bombers and killers.
      We don’t want Obama as president due to miserating liberal democratic ways. You’re problem is that the fact most news stations are biased towards democatic views, has brainwashed you. Why not try researching about your cocaine addicted, baby killing idol?
      I’m so fed up with people thinking that he is the greatest president ever, when hes the biggest mistake of america

      • Your argument is fallacious. You have attacked a point that was not even made. While I agree that the author groups all terrorists as Muslims, which is wrong, it is never stated that all Muslims are terrorists.

        I find the author to be well informed, as they are correct on the matter of Obama’s policies. If anything, their knowledge of current event’s trumps your own.

        If you want to speak of financial trouble, research your beloved president. He has nearly tripled the national deficit, raising it from $1.2 trillion during the Bush administration, to almost $3 trillion.

        As for foreign relations, the war in Iraq, as costly as it has been, has helped the country immensely. In addition, Russian relations have also been improved. Obama, having no experience in foreign affairs, is already faltering.

        It seems to me, that the uninformed one is you.

      • AGREED.
        O.B.A.M.A. = One. Big. Ass. Mistake. America.

        sure, he’s a gifted speaker and that’s all very nice and inspiring but he has VERY little experience and any Harvard graduate could get up on a podium and spit out some inspirational b.s. on the issue of race in America.
        Time will only tell what kind of a President Obama will be but I think people will realize that he is a mistake and from the looks of it Obama will probably do more HARM to our country rather than good.

        we shall see…

      • If people truely think that Obama is a horrible president why did they vote for him? And yea this has everything to so with the Crusades they did the same things that terrorists, Islamic extremists that follow the muslim ways but follow them too literally when theybare supposed to be taken gently.

      • i love that all obama supporters have no defense against all the facts that prove he is unqualified and terrible. The only response is that we are racist. news flash idiots he is half white. get over yourselves and pay attention. eventually you will gave to when you are broke with no health care and the rest of the world hates us. get him out!!!

      • You are so ignorant towards other peoples cultural backgrounds. If you seriously believe that Obama is a cocaine addicted baby killer, then I feel so sorry for you and everyone else who believes it. Instead critizing Obama, how about you get educated first and then grace the world with you opinion.

    • What the hell is your problem?

      The person who wrote this did state his reasons for not liking Obama, and I believe one of them was the fact that Obama supports late-term abortion. I’m pro-choice, but killing a fetus when it can survive outside the womb is just sick.

      Go YELL at someone else and get a brain while you’re at it.

    • I LOVE how EVERYONE pulls the race card. You must be black to ignorantly publish your “view” on why you think the person who wrote this article is “EXTREMELY Uneducated” then say that the article writer is “Racist”
      Make up your mind… is he racist or uneducated… or is being one or the other prove that he is the latter? You are an idiot.

      • wow. the guy islike 8 percent black. get over it! the guy wasnt born in Honolulu. he was a Muslim and lies about it!


      • Reply to Ally: Obama is more than 8% black his father is black and his mother is white so more like he is 50% black. And yes he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and yes he is actually a Muslim but that means nothing to his presidency in the U.S. If I decided to become president and I was for say, Atheist then of course people wouldn’t like me because the majority of America is Christian. Maybe people are just afraid of him because he is an African American Muslim.

      • He’s uneducated and racist. Racism is a sign of one who is ignorant of another’s culture. Therefore making him/her uneducated about that particular subject. Look it up.

      • well, a racist and being uneducated cross paths i believe, because when youre a RACIST youre UNEDUCATED of that persons race, relgion, etc. meaning you dont know anything about them, then forming the conclusion theyre beneath you.

    • Yes very true, but Obama Is weakening are country.

    • All Bush did was stand up to terrorists who kill innocent cilvilians.Sorry next time we’ll just bend over and take it like you obviously think we should do. Crusades=hundreds of years ago. 9/11=9 years ago. I’m not saying Islam is a viloent religion, but their definetly the most violent religion. Don’t say Christians are uneducated because you don’t see Christians strapping bombs to their chest so they can get 72 virgins in heaven.

  6. Scherezad Yusef is aparently as biased as the author of this piece if not more so, just in the oposite direction. There is a basis of truth in this blog as well as a basis in logic. There is a reason behind this thinking and that is simply the physical protection of the USA. I don’t care about ancient religeous history as much as the current political state abroad but it does lend a slight bearing to the big picture nevertheless. I do understand that the ideal Islamic state is ione of peace but the majority of Islam believe that there is nothing wrong with the means to an end, i.e. jihad. You must recognize that there are no Christian or Bhuddist or Hare Krishna or any other whacky religeons engaged in jihadist style military wars with ‘infidels’ or those that are not of their belief system who are willing to kill every last one of themselves as long as they take the other guys with them. So lets not play exclusively religeon here.

    We haven’t even breached the shortcomings of Obama’s economic delusion. I don’t want to spend an hour typing on that subject but lets just say that it isn’t the answer and yes, McCain’s policies are better.

    That holds true for the energy policies as well.

    One of the biggest attacks or arguements on the Democrats plate is that of Palin as the VP. My god, she’s more experienced than Obama and he wants to be the top dog. Maybe Obama should shoot for VP and swap seats with Biden. Oh that’s right, Obama’s black, ish. Sorry. That is certainly more progressive than a woman VP. Next he’ll have been gay for a month or so in college so that base will be covered as well.

    • Actually there are Christians currently engages in a holy war. One group is a terrorist organization known as the Real Irish Republican Army (they want to purge the protestants from their lands) and another group is the Army of Christ in Lebanon, who have committed many atrocities.
      Also, the media in the US is very republican biased, it is just hard to notice because most of us agree with their statements. A recent survey of reporters found that 40% were economically conservative 50% moderate and 10% liberal, while on social issues 20% were conservative 40% moderate and 40% liberal.
      The GOP is Godless, despite individuals within being Christian
      The Objectivists and other money mongering groups act as puppet masters claiming that they are the moral party but they really dont care about abortion or gay rights they just want their money
      The Dems are the opposite while there are some Godless heathens most are good Christian Methodist, evangical, or Episcopal patriots

    • Thank you sir! Bryan, you are one of the few people i have met that realizes Palin is more experienced than obama, and is very smart at that.

    • mccain has no back bone. he didnt want to pick sarah palin as his running mate, but his party told him to, so he did. we need someone strog in the white house. mccain would also let people yell out the n word, terroist, all referring to obama. he finally spoke of it, and try to stop it, a few months before campaigning was over because he knew it made him look bad. palin was the govenor of a state with more animals than people, obama was right for the job. palin was always crass, rude, ignorant, and arrogant to obama…what goes around comes around. while hes sitting in the white house, enjoying his family. letterman is making obsecne comments about palins daughter…karmas wicked….

  7. Whoever this John Locke fellow is who wrote that earlier comment…… is officially my hero…. everything he said is so true…. Obama has nothing on McCain how is he even in this situation…. i promise all of you that if Obama is elected we will lose all our freedoms and will become France in 4 years….I mean come on he is preaching the basis of socialism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • more like communism

      • The founders of the U.S. government made it IMPOSSIBLE for America to become communist.

        And the people of France have almost the same amounts of rights as we do, but the people believe in peace. That belief is based on the fact that they have fought on their soil a lot more than we have.

        Maybe when people start dying here, people would listen.

        I am not for or against Obama. Just look at all sides before you judge.

    • play in traffic

  8. Nice article and well put. That last guy that left you a comment (Yusef) is a complete moron and clearly biased since he is a Muslim as well. Everyone knows that Muslim is NOT a religion of peace. Afterall, Muhammed (the leader) was a militant. The Crusades was a completely different event and hundreds of years ago during different times. It’s over and Christians have not sought for war and the Bible doesn’t call out for it either as the Muslim faith does. The Muslims have always been at war.

    Before you call someone that has actual facts an idiot, maybe you should look at yourself. Yes, I know, the truth hurts, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Bush has NOT caused all of these problems you are saying singlehandedly. You are a victim of the media on that one and can’t believe you aren’t smart enough to go figure it out on your own. Our Congress and past Presidents (such as Clinton who passed the law in 1999 that got us into this foreclosure and credit fiasco we are in) are to blame as well. Bush is unfortunately reaping the effects of such terrible actions…like 9/11. So, maybe you should check yourself Yusef!

  9. I read this article and am very alarmed of what Obama plans to do. I am not old enough to vote, but I would deferentially not vote for Obama. He plans to set a tax on guns and make them illegal to own. My father owns a rifle to go to the shooting range and just have fun. We live in a small town in Oregon and almost everyone here owns a gun of some sort.

    I think it is stupid to have no birth document evident. If you had one, you would show it! I really will be angry if he wins the election. People who voted for him will learn he only talks and never does anything.

    People talk about Sarah P. horribly. I don’t even know who this Biden is?!!

    Vote Mcain older means wiser doesn’t it?

    • well he won


  11. I Dont think hes gonna be as bad as bush.

    • I think he already is

      • he surpasses bush by a landslide. he may be a better speaker but he’s a bad choice for leading our country

  12. Very well put, interesting on aol I placed a comment similar to this regarding Obama – I posted it but it was removed, instantly, in fact only pro Obama items can be found on the site – see dirty tricks on aol,

    This is so scary, history oes repeat, here we go – if Obama wins, we can be sure that our freedoms will loose, one by one, we may as wel replace the Washington monument with a statue of Stalin!

    I cannot believe how the media has gained such control… so scary, so scary for our future.

    • the comment about stalin was completely uncalled for. lets keep it classy and respectful to everyone

  13. amen brotha

  14. very nicely put! VERY TRUE!! but these times are biblical and these things are suppossed to happen… when i hear people say ” not all muslims are violent” are you kidding me think about it, be real …just one example from the many signs that are being shown right to our faces is that obama is trying to make abortion legal even at the point of birth if this is the case then my uncle who killed my aunt should released from prison because in my eyes isnt killing an infant; born or not born murder? i may be wrong i dont know. what i do know is that we will have to sit back and see what happens because as of yesterday at 11:00 P.m “Senator” Barack HUSSAIN Obama, a muslim is the leader of the “free” country that we all live in. GOD HAVE MERCY ON THIS COUNTRY!!!

  15. It won’t last long. It will be another MLK scenario.

    • play in traffic. if its going to be another “MLK” scenario, then its giong to be a black man fighting for peace, equality, freedom for all, but its killed by some crazy white man

  16. Well…. Obaa won…. unfortunatley.

    If he pulls the American troops out of Iraq, you can still count on Gordon Brown keeping our troops in.

    John McCain for President 😛

  17. Obama scares me! I hate how we never see anything bad about him only about how good he is. He hasn’t told us how this “change” is going to happen. He says he is going to change things but he doesn’t say what. How come everyone hates McCain when he has less of a down side than Obama and less “weird” things he has done when you actually do research on him. I can just hope that he doesn’t ruin our country, defense, and our lives.

    • actually we only hear about the bad. ppl are so quick to put him dwn because hes black..its the truth no matter how much we want to deny it

  18. We are so SCREWED!

  19. its pretty sad when i read what the americans say about their new president. for a country that is developed and the ‘beacon’ of democracy there is still so much racism and ignorance. how the hell can you say islam is a religion that preaches killing all the infidels. how many americans actually have a muslim friend and how many of you know what the term jihad means. i am confident to believe that many of you out there would immediately think “bakalaka daka jihad” if you met a real person who said they were muslim. do none of you americans know that the rest of the world has been very pissed off with america because of your foreign policies which showed how much of a bully your leaders were? obama is logical. talk to people instead of trying to threaten them. i honestly believe that obama is going to improve your country’s image and reverse all the crap bush did for your sake and the rest of the world’s sake. to be honest, if you americans don’t open up your minds and read a book or something, or at least try to think in the mindsets of the people “out there”, you will never be able to understand why the rest of the world is happy for obama.

    • You bring up a good point but i do not like the way Obama intend to do things

    • Racist eh? There ya go, throwin that ol’ race card into the picture.

    • Just because we don’t like a black person it’s automatically racism… Your kind of racism is the worst kind. You can’t reason with people who plain out hate us. You need open your mind to the idea people don’t like him because he’s going to ruin our country. We never had a mission planning to kill thousands of innocent civilians like 9/11. Sorry for invading them for that next time we’ll sit down and let them kill our people for no almost no reason.

  20. what was the whole thing about he wont swear on the bible or have an american flag in his office? i was confused on all that

    • that wsnt true, ppl like to start nasty, vicious rumors

  21. first of all you guys are jus racist against african americans and muslims. how are you going to say muhammad (pbuh) had a “evil” side wen yew probably dont evn kno n e thing about him. why dont you get your facts straight first and then talk. and havnt you evr thought about what would happen if we made peace with muslims? i am muslim, and i KNOW that you guys dont kno what you are talking about because in our religion violence is one of the worst things. if you guys hadn’t come into our muslim country and started this problem in the first place, none of this would have happened. if we tried to settle w/ muslims than all the war would stop bcuz they’d agree to stop fighting

    • no one said a thing about not liking obama because of his race, thats becoming a very big prejudice. I say one thing about obama and almost immediately someone says, oh your just plain racist. I most certainly am not racist. i just dont like obama plain and simple

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E3oIbO0AWE if you agree spread the word and get america informed!!!!!!
        please watch and be informed, 9/11 is a lie that was plotted by the US not by alquida or however you spell it, or Osama. WATCH!!!!!

    • If its one of the worst things… What’s with suicide bombing innocent people.. and the whole 9/11 thing is what started it not us. You guys started it and we’ll end it. They never agreed to stop fighting. Osama has made it clear he plain out hates America.

  22. Nice article! I’m gonna be reading your blog more often.

    • this article was terrible

  23. Change………..yes we can??? I believe it’s human nature to want change. It’s natural to want to better your own life and the people around you. We are all Americans who want to make our country a more unified and stronger nation both domestically and internationally. The fear that I have with Obama is the fanatically following he has earned. Obama emerged in a difficult time for the U.S. and many Americans were emotionally vulnerable. Almost like a snake charmer, Obama captivated and in tranced many Americans with hopes and dreams not realistic in today’s world. Yes, things can change………but not always for the good. Was America such a bad place before Obama? I don’t believe so. Will America be better now that Obama is the President elect? Again, I don’t believe so. I was always told when I was younger to be careful what you wish for because someday you might just get it. Well the majority of the people in America have made their wish and it has come true. I am concerned for our safety and of letting our guard down as a nation. This is just my opinion and I could be way off base and I hope I am, but I just keep thinking about another old saying…. “if it sounds to good to be true it probably is”.

    • i agree one hundred percent, remember what happened in Germany in the 1930s? Hitler promised change, he made it sound good, and look what he did, he most certainly changed Germany, but in a terrible way. i am not saying Obama is a Nazi, i am just saying that its a little ironic how Obama promised change, and hes turning America, the land of the free and the home of the brave into a god-awful place

      • rubbish, that’s exactly what you’re saying. You idiots are so full of shit!! How has America changed so much for the worst, please enlighten me buffoon.

  24. Dear outside observer,

    You really don’t know what you are talking about.

    I have lived in the middle east for nine years working as a journalist.

    I have travelled all over the region and completed two stints in Afghanistan just after the fall of the Taliban.

    My parents have also spent many years in the region and lived in Saudi Arabia for several years. AND, my husband, an Englishman, has been in this region for 15 years.

    Unfortunately, Islam IS an extremely violent religion and it DOES call all non Muslims ‘infidels’.

    The very basic elements of that religion state that killing an infidel is not a sin – in fact, it’s seen by many as a DUTY.

    Islam is most definitely NOT a religion of tolerance. If a Muslim converts from Islam to Christianity, it would be perfectly lawful for that person to be put to DEATH. That does not even begin to cover all the other aspects of the religion that cause terrible damage to women – such as honor killings – penalties for adultery etc.

    The people who voted for Barak Obama were very, VERY ill informed and short sighted.

    His brutal stance on abortion is truly sickening, he has ZERO understanding of the Islamic psyche (either that or he’s a secret fundamentalist sympathizer).

    And, he’s a socialist through and through. The great US of A will unfortunately be flushed down the toilet by this President – just like my own nation – the UK was – when the sheep-like public voted in Tony Blair.

    The greatest superpower on earth will fall and will leave space for another to move into that position. The options for that are as follows: RUSSIA, CHINA or INDIA.

    Personally, I think the USA was the far lesser of those evils.

    We all need to pray for strength in the Republican party and their victory in the 2012 elections.

    • THANK YOU!!!

  25. I’ll start off by saying the obvious – this country is big. Differing viewpoints abound everywhere one travels. Some places are very conservative, others very liberal, others somewhat moderate, but at least we can agree that there’s a range.

    I take some offense to the comments made by the outside observer, even though I agree with him/her on some points. One can’t lump the US into one political mindset. We have 300 million people in this country. Hell, it’s hard enough to lump 10 people together into one group. Do NOT assume that the author of this article represents every American, because he doesn’t – not even close. Many are well-traveled and educated people (on both sides of the bicameral line).

    This article has its points against Obama. He’s RELATIVELY inexperienced, yes. Only time will tell what happens with troop withdrawal from Iraq, and to me, what would happen if/when US troops leave Iraq is a crapshoot.

    This article also has its misconceptions. Islam is NOT a war-mongering religion. If one reads the Bible, Koran, Talmud, etc., he/she will find that each preaches peace through tolerance. Each of these religions, however, has its dark points – including (but NOT exclusive to) the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition, the rise of terrorism through Jihad, and, arguably, the creation of the Israeli state (not arguing for OR against it). It isn’t the institution of religion that causes these events and occurrences, but extremism. To believe that every Muslim is violent and ill-tempered is the most fearsome form of bigotry, especially coming from the deeply religious.

    Because this country is very regional (ie, different regions are quite often politically, economically, and socially isolated from one another), it may not be apparent to some how Obama’s rise to the presidency has inspired ordinary Americans. I’m a Vermonter currently living in Boston and was raised with a liberal mindset. I guarantee, however, that if I was a conservative Texan, even I would notice how the streets of Boston were alive after 11 PM on November 4th. Even that morning, while standing in the polling line, people were upbeat, cheerful, and just generally in a good mood. You can call it disillusioned if you will, you can call it an empty feeling, but whatever you DO call it, IT is SOMETHING. Obama represents a beacon of hope for many (at least half) voting Americans. To me, it’s a renewed faith in the federal government and its executive branch. For others, it’s the fact that a black man will, in just over 2 months, be the President of the United States. For others still, it’s the fact that they can be proud to be an American again.

    I try to tell people to look at things with an open mind, and now is one of those times. Please don’t be distracted by rumors of Obama’s religion or past transgressions. Instead, try to focus on the happenings of the upcoming months and years. Don’t hate.

  26. u people that are for obama are stupid france and all these other countries are bein bombed by jihad and and they tried to talk things out and sat back so u want us to do the same stupid. further more the only reason half u blacks even voted for him is because ur black ur the racists instead of voting for the best president u voted on color. watch and learn how stupid u people are for voting for obama

    • youre an idiot. dont hide behind your computer. go up to a black person and say “you blacks” and see what happens..all i have to say is good riddens to you

  27. Given that Bush was elected with huge support from evangelical Christians and then invaded a sovereign nation on a flimsy WMD pretext I find the “Islam is violent” statement a bit “pot kettle black”. I believe if you could read Iraqi blogs they might be insightful. Maybe “infidels” translates to “Americans who freed me from tyranny but killed my entire family in the process”
    By the way you already have socialism in the US, unfortunately its only for rich people.

      u actually WANT socialism? I will fight till my last breath before that line of shit happens in this country, we already have enough stupid pointless laws for the dumb. And handicaps for the majority.

    • I believe sir, you have no idea what you are talking about…. Our bombs hit where they should. Our soldiers fire accurately. We dont take hostages. We dont use human sheilds. MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST of the civilian casualties in iraq are from the terrorist themselves, detonating roadside bombs NOT CARING WHO THE HELL IS IN THE WAY. If you really think that our soldiers are over there slaughtering people, you need to see a doctor immediately. That just would not stand in todays world. Everyone has a phone and a camera…. it wont work.
      Of course there will be some accidents in war, especially in an urban setting.


  28. barack obama is very good at telling people what they want to hear. he describes a picture of america as paradise… america does not have the money to bring about this “paradise” …infact they are in ALOT of debt. every president would like to see this paradise…but it hasnt happened…because it just isnt possible. with all these promises made and obamas desire to please people, America is going to be in even more debt. unfortunately there are alot of small minded people out there who vote even though they are uneducated about the candidates, and vote purely on what the media tells them to do.

  29. 1)dont judge obama before he even has power to make decisions
    2)proove your claims/or at least state your sources
    3)a coin has 2 sides
    4)im not saying obama is a saint but as if the whole system wasent created by the nwo
    5)religion is corrupt.its all about death, money and power created through brainwashing.

    i urge u to wake up.

    • I urge you to shutup. Religion isn’t all about death, money and power created through brainwashing… State your proof for that shit you faggot.

  30. dont tell people to proove their claims or state resources when you did not do it yourself Edge. where are u getting your oh so wise info from? thats right… u didnt tell us. i urge YOU to wake up

  31. This is an interesting page. Obama may not be the greatest candidate we have ever had but McCain isn’t too much better. They both have flaws but Obama has been elected so let’s not judge him before he even has a chance to prove himself.

  32. That is exactly what the Pope, or whoever writes the news in Vatican City, wrote the other day

    here it is a translation

    Who voted for Obama did not do it because of his politics on ethical issues.

    I do not agree with Alice, you should wake up and find the information for yourself, as I did!

  33. I think time will only tell thet those who voted for obama did somthing stupid. Where’s his experince? NOWHERE!!!!

    • Reply to Meriah: I would love to see proof of your experience of whether or not you know what experience obama has. Whee is it? NOWHERE!!!! Why because you are an ignorant uneducated person on the world of people

  34. Read more on Obama at http://www.polititrade.com. He’s satan, really. Scary. I’m absolutely terrified of what’s going to happen. Please sign the petition after reading the article on the fairness doctrine and our second amendment rights located under the american flag on the home page. Thanks!

    • if you dont like obama so much why are you reading somethig about him. youre so lost and misguided no one can put you on the right path

  35. When I started reading this article it was very coherent but then the author arrived to a point where he said Muslims are bad and all those stupid things that ignorants use to say. First of all, I’m not american, I was making an investigation about Obama when I found this. After reading all this comments you all seem so ignorants. None of you give an intelligent point of view. Obama looked like a good speaker who knows how to handle the crowd and that’s why he won. Some of his ideas are new and probably lots of people don’t agree with him, however around the world most people don’t want more war. United States looks like an agressive country just because all those invations to the middle East. It looks like if Bush just invaded because he wanted to get oil for his country. Obviously because of this, lots of terrorist groups were created with the intention to defeat America. Other kind of groups are the extreme Muslims who believe in following the Jihad in a literal way which gives them an excuse to practice terrorism however it’s verified that most Muslims are peaceful people who spent their time praying and thanking Alá. Before anybody points out that I am Muslim, I’ll say that I’m not. I do not believe in God and I have arrived to this decision by studying different religions and the people that practice those religions. I’ve realized that a religion guides the way you act and your moral but it stops you from accepting scienctific laws and rational thinking. I think McCain was the best option for American people because he had a strog economy plan and more experience but Obama was the best for the world because he will look for pacifism, better international relationships and a new reform to immigrant issues (the people that support a big part of American economy).

    • I agree with you and pacifism should be the first option but these terrorists do NOT want to negotiate. It’s sad but fighting is the only way to deal with bullies. If the people of the world just kept giving in to the demands of bad people, I’d rather not think about the state the world would be in.

  36. Thanks…I really needed a laugh today and you, moron, have made me laugh heartily. You are a culturally ignorant idiot and Obama will drag your ass kicking and screaming into the 21st century whether you like it or not. And if you don’t like it, feel free to move to some other country.

  37. were all dead.

  38. well before we all start pointing the finger and talking all types of B.S about Preisdent Obama think about what you say. Most of you don’t even have proof behind your “opinions”. John Maccian or however you spell his name has been in the office for 50+ years!!! If he was going to do something or try and do something, he would of already made that kind impact. Some of the comments you leave are so uneduacted. I just don’t know how you can live with yourselves…..

    • You just made 4 grammatical errors in that paragraph. you’re calling US uneducated? dumbass.

    • You didn’t even tell your opinion besides that you think their stupid, which is ignorant. How can you live with yourself… And it’s an opinion not a fact you don’t need proof dipshit. Your so stupid…

  39. I VOTED FOR OBAMA!!! Yall are just afraid of black people. So sad. But we won HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Well when the county falls apart, the terrerists nuke us and we twiddle our thumbs, WHAT THEN? Not so proud then eh?

    • dude, what the heck is your problem? by voting for Obama you have just helped him put our country into unimaginable debt. he has increased government spending tenfold. and, he approves late term abortion. fr all you people with an IQ below 100, that means stabbing babies in the back of the head when its born. seriously, what the hell?! he wants to slow are defence network as to make us look more peacful. what does he want us to defend ourselves with? rocks? slingshots, maybe? come on people!

    • Lol. You only voted for him because he’s black. He increased our debt isn’t that a great win for you.

  40. well, if you would know why he is so bad, then you would not have voted for him. I am not racist at all.

  41. Obama is a piece of shit politician. He can’t keep half the promises he made. He promised his own kids on National Television they would get a dog. It hasn’t happened 3 months later. He is a Black Muslim extremist who was also not even born in the US!
    Remember you crazy young and uneducated voters and you crazy demacrats, WWJD (What Would John mcCain have Done.

  42. debernard is actually the dumbest person here. I understand people with an IQ of under 75 have a hard time understand the world as it is today. What a moron though really.

    • Actually seems like I pissed a lot of you ignorant morons off with my posts, which i truly relish. I’ll play the who has the higher IQ game with you all day sweetheart but from your post I can already tell you are ill-equipped.

  43. This country is going to hell.

  44. Hi all you Americans I am a Canadian and there is no way Obama is going to be any good for your country as president as you can see he is already a murderer by letting your government fund abortions so by my account you Americans are in for a tough ride with this guy sorry he got voted in but he is bad news.

    • Abortion isn’t murder, moron, it’s a medical procedure. You’re probably the only Canadian on earth who thinks this. Which means you must be from Sask. or some other god-awful uneducated place.

    • worry about your own country

      • im sorry did i just hear you say abortion IS NOT MURDER!?! WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!

  45. Stan your a fuckin idiot. Nobody is afraid of black people, your seriously just plain dumb if you honestly think that a white man is afraid of a black man.

  46. Obama is an enemy of the US.

    • agreed.

  47. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!! OBAMA WON!!! IN YOUR FACE!!! if you cant handle it then move the Canada (b/c you’re too dumb to learn another language!!)

    • thank you!

    • shoal, i know you prolly have a hard time spelling cat(long word, huh?). I have seen videos of children chanting obama’s name, just like the hitler youth core. You are most likely a neo-marxist, this is a capitalist country. Why don’t you go look at some history and look what happened when russia tried socialism.

      • there chanting it for change. and relief. im glad tgere is a black prez, black ppl have come a long way, change is coming, slowly but surely

    • wooooow thanks! same here

  48. as alot of people say, only time will tell. btw he did attack pakistan because of “terrorists”. i think obama is bad. god help america and the world

  49. Monkies never do their homework, so I would not be surprise if all the people who voted for Obama only voted for him because his black. You all are idiots because your culture is too stupid to know that POLICIES ARE MORE IMPORTANT.

    To all those racial voters out there (& you know who you are):
    You all should be ashame of yourselves. You have brought the nation in even more boiling water because skin color was more important than policies. Obama is going to screw us (he’s already doing it)!

    God have mercy on us all.

    • How can you use GOD and Politics together. Kinda like oil and water. Huh???

      • he didnt use god and politics and all….
        thats like saying God bless America, does that mean we all pray to one God and whatever, my god you are such an idiot it amazes me

    • our culture??? you wernt raised right. your culture is tooooooooooooooo stupid!

  50. if its alright with you i am making mi own website some like ures its agreeing with u can i use some of ure things

  51. I hate obama he is a terrorist P.O.S. He is trying to close Guantanamo Bay. How else are we supposed to get information from anybody, Milk and cookies? Because that is what Obama is giving them!

    • I’m against the water-boarding but we can’t set them free that was a total idiot move. We need to reopen Guantanamo Bay and find a happy medium between holding them and torturing them.

      • I say as long as they’re for destroying America any torture should go. If we believe that they have the slighest information that could save even one soldiers life we should do what it takes to get it. I’m against killing them, but they have trained physicians in the room at all times.

    • idiot

  52. This article brings up many inportant issues with Obama’s polocies and political views. However, I do not think that it is right to stereotype all Muslims as being extremists. It is only the extremists who cause the real issues.

    Obama has no experience and it is showing very much. He has not adressed any of the issues just south of us in Mexico with all the drug trafficing. He says he want to keep marijuana laws the same but doesn’t want inforce them.

    Also, Obama has TRIPPLED government spending and will continue to put us into a further deficit.

    Obama is ruining the country i call home…

  53. Interesting reading all comments. I did not cast my vote for Obama. I did not realize Michelle Obama was so awesome until brian Williams told me how too think!!

  54. If you thoroughly investigate Obama’s past, you will find the company he kept, those who influenced him, were decidedly left of center. It’s not that hard to put two and two together. Bush was ripped for his questionable associations with the Saudis, as well he should be. But the press has not vetted Obama. They did not do their homework and inform the American public of what Obama’s connections were to some very questionable individuals. He politics are left of center. To call it anything other than that is not seeing things AS THEY ARE. He follows the Saul Alinsky model of socialism. Just Google it. It’s all there. The left got bitched up about Bush ruining this country. Wait ’till they see it in 4 years – they won’t recognize it.

    • You’re like the only person still backing bush. Its amazing how unintelligent you are! The majority of the population has agreed that BUSH got us into this mess in the first place and you’re sticking to your guns. I’m surprised you are even literate enough to type.

      • Lol. You are so stupid.. After the first year with Obama. The population has agreed Obama is much worse than Bush. All Bush did was stand up for our country when they killed innocent civilians instead of bending over and taking it like you would have us do.

  55. obama sucks

    • you suck

      • no you! heh heh

  56. Finally someone with common sense. I agree with this article all the way. Obama is bad for America. Thank you to whoever made this great article.

  57. Islam is not a religion based on violence, it is infact just the opposite. You sir, are a dumbass for thinking you know all there is to know about islam by watching the acts of osama bin laden.
    Every society has its rogue and extremist members, or simply a village idiot. Stereotyping a culture, because of one person is down right stupid.

  58. Bad to say that.

  59. True. Obama will not improve our county, but will help destroy it. I have a freind that is fighting obama though lawsuits. you can find him at http://peoplespassions.org/index.html

    We need to take a stand. The people deserve the power, not the goverment, and yet the goverment has become more powerful than ever. The founding fathers never ment to have the goverment rule. I personally will not allow thier blood to that they sacrificed for our freedom to go unremembered.

    I wonder what they would say if they could see us now. I doubt that they would be proud.

  60. Very good, but the Jihad was not originally part of Islam. The Crusades if you ask me helped fuel the hatred for “infidels” and Muslims are highly traditional. They do not forgive or forget, the extreme ones anyway. Which brings me to the fact that the terrorists are mostly if not only extremists and most Muslims are not out to get us. BTW Muhammad started out teaching peace, but when he became powerful and gained enough support, he became a raider and nothing more than a power-hungry tyrant. I don’t think it was necessary for whoever wrote this to be called an idiot, he was mainly talking about the Jihadists anyway.

  61. Monkies never do their homework, so I would not be surprise if all the people who voted for Obama only voted for him because his black. You all are idiots because your culture is too stupid to know that POLICIES ARE MORE IMPORTANT.

    To all those racial voters out there (& you know who you are):
    You all should be ashame of yourselves. You have brought the nation in even more boiling water because skin color was more important than policies. Obama is going to screw us (he’s already doing it)!

    God have mercy on us all.

  62. Acai Berry Benefits…

    once again you outdid myself…

  63. I think your main focus is that really hes black and your just to gutless to say it!!!

    • are you really that ignorant? let me guess you didn’t watch the video at the top…

  64. First off, i’ve noticed anyone who doesnt support Obama has become racist? Not true.

    This article at times is anti-muslim, however it is not racist. Nor are those who say many blacks voted for Obama. Because the polls showed it was true, many more blacks registered to vote, and i believe it was upwards of 90% of them who voted for him. To all of those first time voters, they should be ashamed that they are prouder of their color than their country( i am saying they should have voted EVERY election)

    A real fair arguement against Obama
    1.Inexperienced – He is pulling out of Iraq already(sadly) and has not even visited the place. The great George W. Bush made sure he visited and had many reports.
    2.Gullible – No shit the rest of the world likes him. They can finally push America around. Every country is a bully, no one likes the biggest bully with the most balls. America saved everyones ass after WW2, and everyone appreciated us then, they appreciated our stopping the spread of communism, however they felt our actions in Iraq were unacceptable(oh wait that wasn’t britain, canada, or many other intelligent nations who AIDED our invasion because they wanted to be on the side they thought was right.)So now all of those we have defeated can finally feel powerful again, like they are the big man on campus
    3.Wrong Focus – Obama played the race card in the election. Undoubtedly this was a very unproffesional move. The fact that he did this shows he was more concerned about his color than his country. At least George Bush stood for as many people as he could(dont forget he had some of the highest ratings in the country after 9/11 and even After he invaded Iraq).
    4.Shady Past – Drug use, failure to realease birth certificate and there are some others i know im not mentioning. Oh that and we dont know how he would’ve voted on any of the issues the election were about because he wasnt even in the government then.
    5.Friend of Islam – I do not Hate all Muslims. I believe there are very respectable muslims, in fact i have multiple islamic friends. However Islamic people in America forget they are learning and living an islamic culture influenced by American aspects. In the land of Islam there is much violence, even amongst eachother. To those violent extremists, i say that all other religions had violence, but they learned to stop 500 years ago. They can no longer be allowed to carry out their evils upon innocent people and eachother. No religions should treat women as they do, i dont care if thats their religion, they are human beings.
    6. Abortion support- A republican view i know. Yet if it was you, itd be different. Your life was not ended prematurely and you are thankful for that. Let every child be thankful

    Obama has been in office roughly 4 or 5 months and this change i’ve seen is pathetic. hes changed our national debt, hes made it even worse than his predeccesors, and even better, he has no plan to pay it off! He has signed laws that allow unborn infants to be murdered. And quite recently he has made a bold statement saying what north korea is doing is WRONG. Well i am proud that he figured that out. Now if you want to be remembered, do something about it. Go to the UN, go to our allies. The sad part is, i think the days when America protected our world has ended. We started with Hitler by roosevelt and eisenhower, we are ending with saddam huessein by Georger Bush. Obama has passed the torch to another country, the only problem is there isnt another one. No one is going to stop North Korea. Doing what is right isn’t easy, it isn’t for the weak hearted, and it is never popular, but goddammit its right. And Obama has to start some doing some right before our world is in ruins

    • ya know….this is the first reaonable, intelligent, well backed, and openminded comment iv yet seen. thank you for posting it 🙂 you are indeed a well read, very partiotic American and i thank you for it 🙂 this (all you children out there) is how you argue effectively! keep it up man

  65. wow u couldnt have sed better how much obama sux 4 this country. does he seriously think every1 is safe w/ him under control????

  66. Keep going Obama, your train wreck will be our salvation.

    It’s about time that the uninformed get a dose of reality, hold on to your asses you are about to feel the pain of ignorance sliding up the no fly zone.

    Sarah Palin speaks for me, she is who I am.

    Semper Fi

    • Sarah Palin is a half-wit, are you serious?

      • just because sarah palin is telling the truth about our politics and what should that have against obama

      • Sara you are a half-wit, are you serious?

  67. Obama can never regain another four years as Americas president. Who is really going to want to vote for jeopardy twice?
    From what I hear his approval rating is seriously dropped, and he’s asking cops and professors to come to the white house to have beers.
    Makes you wonder what kind of beer?

  68. I think Obama is good for U people in US.. Because it will open your minds and see the truth. From that point of view I hope U will react. I am from Europe and here we are living on the edge, “THE CLOCK ARE COUNTNG DOWN”, it´s only the maters of time what will pull the trigger and total war against the muslims (with there islam) will be for filed.
    I been living some years in a country with 50%/50% Christians/muslims. And with that I want to tell U ALL “NON MUSLIMS” – That a muslim will NEVER LIKE U and CANT LIKE U! it´s in there blood( Like a Cat and a Dog relation.- we are living under the same roof but I STILL HATE U ). And the same is it with blacks=Africans..
    They are melting in your society ”like a virus” just for the benefits and to make islam bigger and stronger. And here is the problem that the NORMAL European cant se, if U have not lived with the muslims. And I think it’s the same in US and Canada.
    “If I am buying U a drink, THEN IT DOSENT MAKE ME YOUR BEST FREND, or dose it??”
    /And sorry for my bad English..

  69. this is comical, so after 8 years of corruption by our ex alcholic president G.W.B we get a guy that says hey i’ll help fix our debt, our supposed “war” , and the incresed job loss of the american citizens, all he asks us is for our vote and the fact that we are going to have to live through worse times because Bush,Chaney, Rumsfeld, Bankrupt America.He told us were in for a very bumpy ride. Heads up, there is no war in iraq, if you havent noticed we blew it up and who rebuilt it? Us! Cough Cough Haliburtonwere still after the guy who blew up our towers and by the way he’s in AFGANISTAN!!!!!! its been 8 years! not to mention Bush flew his family out of America as soon as 911 happened. Republicans you need to understand that your not always right, (same with the democrats). to sum this up who cares if the man is black white purple orange red or blue. the guy wants to help out our country and so far most of us have just spat in his face. There is still hope for him and i belive its going to take alot longer than 8 years to fix this mess.
    P.s- Sara Palin how would you have time to run our country when you have a handicapped child and a daughter who is 17 and has a kid? tats alota time for america right?

  70. Aaron…

    an interesting take on a fun subject….

  71. This article is a bit biased, really. Most of it was filled with conjecture, and you attacked him for it. It would’ve been alright if there was an intelligent viewpoint. For starters, not every country to America is an enemy, it was president Bushs’ command to send the troops to Iraq, when we did not entirely need to be there for this long. Obama wants to slow the war and combat systems to invest our money elsewhere, like say…for America itself as it really isn’t doing to well economically. You talk as if America must save the world from every disaster. No Obama isn’t expecting a utopia from leaving iraq, but honestly, America cant keep saving other countries when we can’t even save ourselves. Obama has reasons for why hes doing these things, and one of them was to help rebuild the nation, it’s important to understand that he’s not completely blind in his actions. I can’t say what his true intentions are, but at this point i can’t judge anything more than what he says.
    Fact is, America has no money and our purchasing power is declining. If the Chinese lend us even more money, then hooray. But honestly if America keeps investing money poorly, the whole situation is just going to get worse anyway. And investing money in the war isn’t profiteering anything, in anyway. Take a trip to the southern states and see how much of the hurricane wreckage still hasn’t been cleaned up.
    I Agree that Obama isn’t showing a great amount of experience, but you’re attacking him for information you don’t have or have assumed. As of yet, I’m leaving my opinion on his status of good or bad until his first term is over, honestly there’s no way i expect change to happen within 6 months in office.

  72. Islam is not an ideology of rationality?! WHAT?!

    YOU are not an ideology of rationality!

    People like YOU drive Muslims insane!

  73. You MUSLIMS are just a bunch of big CRYBABIES!!!

    Never trust a MUSLIM OR ARAB!!!

    By the way, your religion is screwed up from the inside. The original coran stated that it CAN’T be translated into any other languages or practiced by any other race than an arab. Why the hell do you encourage other races to become muslims when it’s stricly for the ARABS??? Your religion’s flag has 2 swords for God’s sake. What kind of religion encourages killing???

    You muslims hate the Western World because we’ll always oppose you and live FREE! In that case, don’t use westernized technology too. That includes using the internet or a computer. Any further replies to this show us what kind of HYPOCRITES you really are.

    We should one day just pack up a plane and send you back to the middle-east. Let’s see if those dictators will allow you to complain or CRY this much. You’ll be wishing you were back in America.

    Muslims caught a contagious disease. It’s called STUPIDITY!!! I hear it’s an airborne disease. LOL, first symptoms are sympothizing for those LUNATICS!

    • AGREED!!!

      • Your very wise.

  74. In response to the comment that was made about the crusades, the crusades were started because muslims began to slaughter innocent Christian pilgrims who came to pray in the holy land. That means if you havn’t figured it out by now. . . the Muslims strted the crusades with their own violent actions (which is mandated by Islam) against innocent non-combatants simply because they had different religious views.

    • That is complete bullshit. The crusades started because holier then thou christians thought it was their god- given mission to cram their religion down other peoples throats. They went in to countries that had nothing to do with them and tried to “teach” the people that lived there about christianity and that it’s the only true religion. They called them infidels and saracens and wanted to “take back” the holy land from people who didn’t believe in christianity. It’s the same way repugs try to cram their fake religion down everyone’s throats here.

      • So how did the land have nothing to do with them when that land was where their religion was started. Sara you are a freaking retard. Were you in special classes in school? Let me guess. Someone is typing this for you.

  75. Everyone is Obama is black, Obama is black.
    Obama is half white.

    I find it amusing the points that are made, for instance; Obama promising his kids a dog, however failing to deliver. Is this really your point of relevance to his career as a president?

    I was extremely upset with reading this article, Obviously this is the perfect remedy for controversy, however to state all Muslims are “violent”?. I’m from Canada and that’s like saying “Every American is Ignorant” We all are our own person, so to lump one Religion, race or country together is absolutely retarded.

    I am not saying Obama is a saint, but he’s definitely not “Satan” And honestly is he the first president to promise change and do the opposite? I mean to look in the history of American Presidents, I KNOW for a fact he’s not the first, um Bush anyone? just for starters.

    I agree with the fact it is shady that Obama will not produce a birth certificate, and is rumored to have come from Africa,
    well maybe that is what America needs, someone new, someone fresh.

    I believe everyone is scared. Bush fucked up the economic growth and strength of America in his reign, so how much further will USA plummet?
    However to completely gang up on one religion or place is absolutely absurd.

    My brother has been to the Middle-East twice for the army, and has seen the not-so-peaceful sides, but the side that only convinced him “they” are just like “us” People, with families, with feelings, with lives. Just because you were “privileged” to grow up in USA or CANADA does not make you a better person than someone who was born in Iraq.

    The whole stupidity of some of these comments make me ashamed and scared for your generation.

    All that is important is to keep an open mind, but to strictly state that Obama is only good, or simply terrible is just plain ignorance.
    Has education taught you nothing?

  76. i dont think obama is going to do anything he says because he is talking about all these changes he’s going to make and we havent seen anything yet!he’s going to turn out to be a terrible president!!

  77. Mrs. Debernard, shut up, seriously, you are stupid, if you talk tough then please enlighten me on how your views are better, because the way i see it, Obama is gunna screw us 10 times over, so please keep quiet you stupid, ignorant liberal, you are probably one of the idiots who voted because he was black!

    • “Obama is gunna screw is?” I’m not even sure how to argue with such an obviously under-educated retard but I will make the attempt. How is Obama gunna screw us Lane, please explain to us since you are all-knowing? Voted for Obama b/c he was black? Are you really this stupid??? I voted for the most intelligent peron b/c for the past 8 yrs we had a moron run the country and that didn’t work out so well, time to put someone who knows what they’re doing in that position. And FYI, I am thrilled with Obama, he’s doing everything he said he would, and what the majority of America wants and voted for.

      • Obama is spending millions upon millions of the tax payers dollars for health care that probably wont even help. we’ll turn into canada! have you ever talked to someone trying to get health care in canada THEY ALL SAY IT SUCKS!!! Obama has promised alot of thngs and hasnt delivered.. atleast george was trying to do something about the terrorism.. and who cares if we got a little oil outta it. would you rather we do nothing, let the drug trade through the middle east rage on, have a nother episode like 9/11. or do something and actually show the middle east that they just cant walk on us. OBAMA doesn’t even know where he is! he’s not even doing a good job. EAT IT

      • The fact is most people voted for him because he’s black get over it. Why is Bush stupid, because he stood up for our country when extremist killed innocent civilians?

      • thats what im talking about

  78. the blind lead the blind.

    welcome to the new america.

    look forward, not backwards.

  79. […] […]

  80. I have an answer you people who post crap like this are pissed off that they can’t get laid and think to end terrorism we must basicaly be terrorists and kill people in iraq (so so so clever well done for thinking that geniuses) and we live in a demoracy so if you don’t like him then just vote against him. so yer get a life, and fortunatly for me i have one so i’m just gonna go live that now buh-bi.

  81. In support of your Pistachio position, please look at my blog at http://www.donottreadonus.wordpress.com

  82. Your an idiot.

    • I am not certain whom you are calling an idiot,, but if that is all you’ve got going for you., there is no hope for people like you.

  83. first of all obama is not the only person thats in charge you idiots, he cant just pull at th us troops out of iraq and expect it all to go good, what hes trying to do is become allies with other countries, to fix all of that dumbass cowboy bushes messups. we got dragged into this hole becasue bush was just thinking of his retirement money, so he had to start war so he could benefit of the money from oil earning, meanwhile putting the rest of america in debt, using all our money…, so all you idiots that are geting brainwashed by the republicans that sparked 9-11 and all the shit the ameicas economyis in!!! obama is a great man with all his past accomplishments he will do great for the american economy. and is only tring to do th better for the economy of ameirca and the rest of the world. so get of your asses on the couch and read a book for once all you idiots..

    • we are not all idiots u now that i just wished someone shot him so everything would go back to where it was but it will not 😦

      • youre a waste of time. youre an ignorant hot mess.

    • LOL! Obama has almost NO past accomplishments. As senator he voted for almost nothing. Republicans have done ten times as much good for this country than democrats. Who freed the slaves? Sure wasn’t Democrats.

      • yeah and sure wasnt the republicans idiot!! lincoln only planned to free the slaves in the confederate states. slavery just died out. but was followed by vicious segregation.

  84. ignorance

  85. Dude, Israel lobs rockets at Hamas all day too, don’t just watch Fox News for one side of the story, there is always two sides and you fail to address both which is why this guy Harold is right. Do some research idiot.

    • you sir are an idiot, go look up your facts

      • fox news lies!!

  86. I also wanted to say that I don’t think you graduated from middle school with the facts you used. You are a true republican because you are a true idiot.

  87. I am looking forward to the next IMPEACHABLE action on his part. I doubt if it shall be too long in coming

    • Sorry but not going to be another Clinton debacle like last time. The man gets a bj and that’s an impeachable offense. RUBBISH. Obama is even smarter then Clinton so, sorry not this time, loser. He’s here to stay, and guess what? If he delivers on even half the things he’s promised America will vote him in another 4 yrs, and you retards will just be stuck just like the rest of us were stuck with that buffoon Bush.

      • Seriously? You can say that Clinton and Bush are retarded, but not Obama? In Egypt of 2009, he told them we are a muslim country, and im sorry, but im not muslim.

      • Amen Sara.

      • It’s not that he got the bj. It’s that he lied under oath in front of the supreme court bitch.

  88. Important information disseminated on today’s blog 11/18/09 regarding the pending Senate Health Care that might hopefully be and remain stalled in committee.


  89. Truly, who ever wrote this is honestly a very smart person.

  90. Obama is bad for women. By taxing the hell out of us, stay at home mom’s are now being FORCED into the work force at half wage b/c your husband make money, therefore 1/2 of your salary is gone. So where the hell is NOW, now! I have a 5 yr degree and I CHOOSE to stay at home, my husband makrs over 1 million a yr. With 4 kids in private school, 2 morgages, and basic expenses(no more botox!!) we barely spend anything. We don’t hire babysitters, watch rental videos at home, and pop generic pop corn. Like I said, we make over 1 million a yr. i am wearing the same dress to 2 formals this yr. Both charisty ones, but donations are minimal at best. So when Obama thinks that people over 85,000 are rich, OMG we make over 1 mill and we are cutting back and saving, big time. Mr. Obama, what used to be rich isn’t rich anymore!!!!!!

  91. The biggest problem I have with this site is the basis that all Muslims wish for the destruction of Israel and the west. You are greatly mis-informed with many of your allegations.

  92. I’m currently a 14 year old boy, but many say that know a lot more than what most people think. Now that Obama is president, I’ll put in some facts with questions. Why is it that within four years that the disproval rate for George W. Bush was 68% when Obama’s disproval rate is already 38% within one year? Why is it that he wants to tax the HELL of the *evil* rich people and give it to the poor? Why is it that he wants to get rid of guns and worry about the health care system when we’re in WAR? Last question, why is it that in any of his speeches, he never addresses how good our nation is and talks about only himself?

    • i have no idea what speeches you are watching, but thats all he talks about! is our nation and change. obama is a great man

      • exactly, idiot. change thats never coming.

  93. Oh and another thing, the people that say this guy is an idiot are the real idiots because they revert to name calling when they KNOW it’s TRUE. Plus, you don’t defend your position on this part.

    • go home

    • How can there still be people out there supporting this idiot? What condition does this country have to be in before these people wake up and smell the coffee? Obama is ruining our country, and the damage will last for decades, and these people are too stupid to even admit what is happening here.

  94. Oh, and another thing. I’m not racist, hell, I’m mulatto myself. Not to go to the extreme, but liberals should not tell me that I’m racist, that I don’t appreciate a mulatto president or I should be ashamed of disagreeing his points. It is in my heart to actually see a black man (or at least mulatto) run and become president, but one who is pro choice? One who avoids what the Constitution says? One who wants to get rid of the military power? One who doesn’t look at the mistakes made by socialism? Just a side point, isn’t it ironic that there is a black democratic president even though democrats were in cahoots with the KKK, and started the fire hose attacks to African Americans?

    • most black ppl are democrats. the parties change over time….

  95. Hey, I’m a Christian and i think that for 1, abortions are completely out of the question, no matter what. if u don’t want a child then don’t get pregnant, don’t have sex. the case of that girl getting raped, and getting an abortion was found that she wasn’t even raped, she had sex with her bf!!! Obama’s going to hell in a hand basket and he’s taking america with it!!!!!! Soon the rest of the world if we as americans, under God, don’t take down Obama and is empire he’s created for himself!

  96. obomy is a fucking baster he should be voted out of office and fast before we all die cuz of him

    • fall asleep on the train tracks

      • wow…thats one helluva insult….absolutely terrifying

  97. Some of these comments are very disturbing. Who honestly believes that Obama is trying to destroy america? He certainly is taking a round about way of doing it. Why is it that people are so concerned with the money that Obama is spending and there was no talk of the trillions that bush spent on absolutely nothing. Obama is trying to spend money on domestic projects to improve the lives of all Americans – bush wasted our money on a war he didn’t even win. Why don’t you conservatives care about the 12 trillion that Bush spent? How is that not important? The republicans are the reason that we are in this recession and yet somehow you can point the finger at Obama even though he showed up after the damage was done.

    Secondly – The absolute ignorance of the description of the Islamic religion is downright scary. It is clear that you have absolutely no understanding of that religion. I am a christian, and part of MY religion is loving all of my neighbors, understanding that god loves them regardless of their beliefs. Islam is not a religion founded in violence, in fact there is less violence in that religion than in mine. Christianity is responsible for more deaths than any other cause in the history of the planet. In 2000 years it has eclipsed all causes and become the most deadly force on the planet. The islamic community is angry and violent because of people like you and george bush.

    America can not stand alone – you people have the “we can just drop a bomb on anyone” mentality that makes the rest of the world think americans are ignorant. You probably believe that america should never apologize for anything, that we are the greatest and everyone should bow before us and we will show no respect to anyone. We are only a PART of the global community and as such we have the responsibility to participate and compromise with the rest of the world.

    Lastly, we did not beat the russians because we bankrupted them with our star wars defense system. we almost bankrupted ourselves. Russia fell because of terrible leadership and an unwillingness to join the global markets. They mismanaged their country and collapsed as a result. Only a truly arogant person would believe that America was the cause.

    You should seriously consider an education. Before you spout off about topics that you do not understand.
    You are repeating rhetoric from geniuses like glen beck, rush, and hannity like it is fact and not just entertainment. Sadly you probably believe what you have written and will just discount what i have said like a small child who doesn’t want to hear that there is no santa claus.

    We were and are very scared of china – im sure a big tough guy like you isn’t scared of anyone and you are damn sure that america isn’t scared of anyone – we can just drop a bomb on them… but we should be scared, they are bigger, stronger, smarter, and more efficiently governed.

    PS: you patriots have forgotten that a true patriot respects the office of the president of the united states. What gives you the right to disrespect our president and his family? What have you ever done to give you the right? you and your “people” give americans a bad name. You disgust me

    • THANK YOU!!

  98. Great article, spoken like a true AMERICAN. All democrats are either evil or ignorant. It’s as simple as that.

  99. great essay. but you have to look at it in the Muslim standpoint. They don’t necessarily believe that their religion is wrong. We think its bad because we believe that what they do for a living is immoral. Yes, Obama has so far failed to fulfill his promises of change that he presented to the citizens of the united states, but he is doing everything in his power to try to control this crisis. In his defense it IS his first year in office, and he still has a lot to learn, but realize that he is not the only one in charge of government decisions. His decisions have to go through congress, and if congress approves, then his choices are obviously not as poor as you think.

  100. Obama is a fucking socialist

    • wow…thats weird… because youre an idiot

      • From what I’ve been able to gather….those who don’t agree with liberal agendas are inherantly stupid? They don’t agree with you so you call them idiots? They don’t like the president so they are racist? I hate to tell you this shiavon, well actually it’s rather enjoyable, but it is you that is the idiot. You who are so blinded by misguided thoughts and false-hope that you REFUSE to see truth and use logic to seek out said truth. I am terribly sorry for you and all others who agree with your radically liberal ideals… It is people like you that will eventually bring this great nation to her knees.

  101. this info isnt correct. obama was not an unknown to his people of chicago. he set up church groups and christians, hes not muslim. and thats disrespectful to call islam a violent relgion. obama was the first black to be prez of the harvard law review. he graduated with the highest gpa of his class. obama has promised change, and we are getting it. obama has befiended foreign leaders we once had icy relationships with. obama doesnt want to see ppl die, but he also doesnt want our beautiful country under attack again. and just because his middle name is that of a terroist, doesnt mean he is one. my middle name is hebrew and im not jewish. dont disrespect the man who has taken an oath to protect and defend the constution. obama has made not only accomplishments. but history. we should change it from yes we can to yes we did.

    • ironically enough….he has no respect for our Constitution!!! if he did why has he been trying so hard to undermine it and rob us of our 2nd Ammendment rights!?!?!

    • and by yes we did? do u mean perhaps yes he did fool the country into believing her is a good man? all he cares about is seeing himself rise to the top. sound familiar? while i dont see religion as an outright problem when you go as far as blowing innocent people up to prove that your god is the one you should believe in it becomes a very big problem. sure the christians had the crusades you have to remember they never went as far as killing everyone. their was alliances made during that time as well. its not a matter of race just a matter of peace and prosperity and i dont think obama
      sees that way that you think he does. its all a matter of perspective in a way but when you try to alter the constitution or legalize the blaphemous act of destroying a god given right such as life it makes it hard to see what good if any hes doing…

  102. I somewhat agree with this. Personally, I think we should stay in Iraq and not leave them defenseless. Hello? Is anyone thinking about the freedom terrorists would have?

    I don’t hate Obama, but I don’t think he’s right for president of this country right now, when you look at the many problems we’re having.

  103. so does no one remember when he bent over and took it from el presidente de mexico? thanks barry for stickin up for our countries soveriegnty. o o o what about this one…when he bowed to the king of saudi arabia? does any of this strike anyone else as horribly disrespectfull to America? no? WHELL IT FUCKING SHOULD! HOW DARE HE BETRAY THE COUNTRY HE IS SUPPOSED TO DEFEND AND PROTECT!!!!! HOW DARE HE BOW TO A FORIEGN LEADER!!!!! NO OTHER PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY HAS EVER BOWED TO A FOREIGN LEADER NOT EVEN LEADERS OF OUR ALLIES’ NATIONS!!!!! HAS NO ONE EVEN WATCHED THE POSTED VIDEO ALL THE WAY THROUGH!?!?!?! THE VIDEO IS CORRECT! YOUR UPBRINGING SHAPES AND MOLDS YOU INTO WHO YOU ARE AND HE WAS MENTORED BY A HATEFUL MAN!!!!! Shame on all of you for not seeing truth for what it is! for being so easily manipulated by a biased media! for calling racist those who don’t agree with a man as sadistic and self-absorbed president’s policies! the only change obama has shown is finantial chaos and collapse to an already weak economy! he has shown nothing but blatant disrespect and distain for this country! he claims he is proud to be an American but his actions speak louder than even his silver-tounged words! the leader of a country should have the most patriotism of all the citizens! the most pride in his nation! he has shown nothing but weakness and brought shame to the title of American President! How dare he side with a foreign leader’s oppinions of our immigration laws when their’s are far more stringent, oppressive, and racist!!! i can’t stand Bush either, he was a dumb-ass but at least the man was partiotic! if he had done half of the things obama’s done (and got away with) HIS POLITICAL CAREER WOULD HAVE BEEN OVER IN THE FIRST WEEK!!!!! i cannot force you to open your eyes and see truth, but i sure as hell will not be blinded…GOD Bless America. NOT ALA! GOD! You don’t like it leave. America has ALWAYS been a Christian nation, thats what it was founded on and how it should remain. you don’t like it? GET THE FUCK OUT!!!! I’M TIRED OF ALL THE BULL SHIT AND COMPLAINING!!!

  104. I am against Obama. I am not one to make slams toward other people’s religion, and I am not racist. I am more concerned about what Obama is DOING, rather than what he is/is not. Rather than focusing on if he is lying or not, focus on what he says he will do.
    One thing is I am prolife. You can try to bash that all you want, but I stand firm in that belief. However that is not even my main concern. I personally, find it wrong that he is pretty much doing this: ‘If you work your butt off, make alot of money, then let us tax you alot just so that the poor can have money. If you are poor, you barely get taxed at all, then you can get more money’. How is it fair that those who work hard, have to give the poor money? In a true view, by following this idea, then the higher class people will be supporting the pooor, and teh poor wont have to do a thing. Then the middle class just keeps doin what they are doing. That is not fair!!! You would have an easy life if you decided to go bankrupt. You would get food stamps and health care. YOu have everything you need by doing NOTHING. THe high class will continue to suport the poor. Ya thats fair…..NOT!

  105. I hate the DMV, and I thought most Americans did. But then Obama proposes this Healthcare plan, and everyone is like…woah…GENIUS!!!
    I’m like…woah…Douche!!! I swear.

    But honestly, the man really is a genius. He must have had a epiphany when looking in the mirror one day and realizing “…hey wait a second…I’m black(ish)!!! Omg, there’s never been a black(ish) President before! Do you know what this means!?” I’ve never doubted once the only reason he became Mr. Prez is because of his skin color.

    He tried to when the public over with empty promises of change and special fairytale lands, etc. But I think the guy could have gone up there, did a rap into the microphone and STILL would have one.

    Look, Im not a racists and its great that we have fianlly have the first black(ish) prez, but seriously? Are we too eager to have one that sucks now than to wait a few more years until a REAL African American guy who actually has GOOD ideas comes along

  106. You’ve done it once more! Superb read!

  107. The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary …common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.


  109. I just want to ask,How is he president?The answer is because people say it’s rascist if you don’t,it’s not, so people stfu if you say that.
    It’s been two years,two years!And nothing has changed, people are still unemployed,America is still in a resession.I given him two years respect,enough is enough,get him out of office,and if he runs for the next election,don’t vote for him.
    Here is a reason why not to have him,he has run up our national debt to $17 trillion,that’s more than every debt from every other president of America combined.
    Here’s another reason,he and his democratic party just signed a bill that 75% of Americans didn’t want,there excuse is,”It’s better for America.” I(and all of you shouldn’t)don’t care if it’s better,that is not what our founding fathers wanted,that’s a dictatorship,not a democracy.
    So get him the fuck out of office.Or atleast,don’t vote for him.

  110. Maybe instead of everyone looking @ one man for all the answers, people should quit wasting there time talking bad about some one that just wants to help people out & not just Americans but everyone, people are so quick to judge & talk bad about some one. You should use that energy to accomplish something useful but instead it all just bullsh*t. This is a team effort people, we can make things better but we all need to get on the same wave, were all on this big rock together. God bless America!

  111. what do you mean hes upholding constitution? honestly do you even read? hes trying to take away the second amendment and limit the first. and hes even going as far as saying things like income tax shouldnt have to be paid. cmon income tax is an amendment as well…or have you forgotten that? this man is obviously not the right choice. race isnt a problem. the problem is is that hes bowing down to the muslim faith. as the author has stated extremists as you say will see this as obvious weakness. cutting down on anti missile defences? are you trying to open our lives up to death from above. we should be able to live in a country knowing we are safe and protected not living in fear knowing this idiot is leaving us open to anihilation. OPEN YOUR EYES it doesnt matter if hes black or white or whatever its the fact that he is going to be the end of us if we continue to be blind to the fact that hes leaving us wide open for a direct attack. 9/11 was just the beginning thats a fact. this war will not be stopped because you have a sitdown with a one track minded murderer who wants nothing more than the destruction of all other religions that dont believe in their god. if children can see this WHY THE HELL CANT YOU ADULTS. Late term abortion is an abomination! Life is a God Given right…if you take that away you are a blasphemous idiot. This country was founded under Gods name as stated we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD…now hes making us One Nation under fire….OPEN YOUR EYES!

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