Destructive Nature of Liberalism

Destructive Nature of Liberalism

I said on my radio show, The Political Pistachio Radio Revolution, recently, that Barack Obama’s fiscal policies (specifically: trying to spend his way out of economic difficulties) may bring temporary relief for a moment in the near future, but will in the end create a devastating collapse that may knock America out of the position of being the economic leader in the world.

Bloomberg recently reported that the Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen 20 percent since Inauguration Day, the fastest drop under a newly elected president in at least 90 years. For some, this may be evidence that investors are showing what they think of Obama’s economic plan by removing their money from the markets, well knowing that economic stability is not created by spending and borrowing.

Could you imagine if someone ran their business, or household, that way? “Hey, honey, we’re broke, break out the credit cards and the loan applications, and while you are at it, raise the kid’s allowances.”

Problem is, not only is the Democrat’s plan to increase spending, but also to impose a greater tax burden on investors and small businesses in America – in other words, place a greater burden on the entities that are the ones that could, if given the wiggle room, pull us out of this economic downturn.

In the long run, then, it turns out that Obama’s economic policies are destroying the free market, and placing us on a path towards the very socialistic economic policies that caused the Soviet Union to eventually collapse, and China to abandon for a more successful capitalistic financial system.

How is that being for the poor?

The liberal left, in its “intent” to be fair is destroying the opportunities that have made this nation great – which not only does not assist the less fortunate, but leaves them unemployed and in the soup line next to the business owners that used to employ them.

Obama’s policies are going to devastate more poor than Hurricane Katrina.

Ultimately, liberalism is destructive. It is poised to destroy the last remnants of America’s economy, just as it has destroyed morality and liberty. Despite all of their supposed good intentions, it turns out that the Liberals are mean and heartless – because in reality, progressive policies have nothing to do with helping anyone other than the leftist politicians, and their desire to retain their power any way they can.

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Obama’s Failure

Obama’s Failure

For eight years the Democratic Party proclaimed that George W. Bush was a failure, and that they wanted him to fail because they did not agree with any of his policies. I disagreed with a number of George W. Bush’s policies, but I never wanted him to fail. I recognized that in his policies that I agreed with, such as the war against the Islamic Jihad, success was not only preferable, but necessary.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. President Barack Obama does not have a single policy that runs in line with conservative principles, yet expecting failure is somehow not the right thing to do, according to The Left. They proclaim that by indicating one expects Obama to fail, and in turn, wants him to fail because none of his policies are good for the country, it somehow means that one desires America to fail as a nation.

Fear of America failing is the very reason it is hoped that Obama’s policies will not succeed.

Conservatives, for some reason, get nervous when liberals point fingers at them and accuse them of being insensitive or unfair. It is as if folks on the right hear the leftists spew such drivel, and then ask themselves, “Am I?”

It is like when your kids come crying to you because one of the neighbor kids called them stupid. The child comes to you crying because for that split moment, because someone said so, they assume it may be possible they are stupid after all. Of course, as a loving parent, you reassure them that not only are they not stupid, but the person calling them stupid is wrong for even daring to say such a thing. When the child grows older, they reason that people who tend to accuse people of such things are usually more guilty of what they are accusing, themselves.

Likewise, whenever the liberal left proclaims that conservatives are being stupid, others on the right come running up to assure the left that such actions by the conservatives are irrational.


Newt Gingrich, as much as I respect the guy, pulled that one recently, essentially calling Rush Limbaugh irrational for wanting the president to not succeed. Somehow, Newt seems to think that by desiring Obama not to succeed, that means one does not wish the country to succeed.

So, that brings to mind the question, is it right to hope that the Obama Administration fails? Is proclaiming that liberalism is a failure, and will fail every time it is injected into U.S. policy, like hoping that America will fail?

Such thinking is fusing together the hopes for the nation with its occupying force.

Do you think that it was wrong for non-Nazis to wish for Nazism to fail in Germany during the early 20th Century? Should have free people in Russia not desired that communism fail because that was like wanting their country to fail?

What is irrational is giving an ideology known to fail every time it has been used in history the benefit of the doubt. The policies of Barack Obama are failed policies time and time again. History shows that socialism is a failed ideology, no matter how it is applied. Much wiser for their own path to destruction, Russian intellects are now predicting an American collapse should Obama’s policies continue on to fruition.

It is not only appropriate for conservatives to voice that Obama’s policies are destined to fail, and will bring down America as they do – it is our duty to do so.

Political Pistachio, Conservative Commentary


Russian Scholar Predicts U.S. Collapse

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U.N. To Dictate American Parental Rights

United Nations Could Dictate American Parental Rights

The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), which could destroy American sovereignty by imposing international rulings on American Law, could reach the Senate within 60 days.

California Democrat, Senator Barbara Boxer, demands a 60-day timeframe for the State Department to complete its review so the Senate can move toward ratification of the UNCRC treaty.

U.N. Ambassador-designate Susan Rice told Boxer in a Senate Confirmation hearing on January 15 that the UNCRC treaty is designed to “protect the most vulerable people of society.”

The United States Constitution warns that we do not enter into treaties lightly because once a treaty is signed, it becomes law. Under the Supremecy Clause (Article VI) of the U.S. Constitution, ratified treaties preempt state law. Since nearly all laws regarding children in the United States are state laws, this treaty would negate nearly 100% of existing American family law, and grant the federal government and international organizations authority to override parental decisions by applying even to good parents a standard now only used against those parents convicted of abuse or neglect.

Rice has expressed her commitment to the treaty’s objectives, noting the challenges of domestic implementation.

Possible results of this treaty could be parents prohibited from spanking their children, parents prohibited from homeschooling their children, parents forbidden from deciding their family’s religion, a ban of youngsters from facing the death penalty regardless of how heinous the crime is or how close to 18 the child is, the government the ability to override every decision made by every parent if a government worker disagreed with the parent’s decision in the name of their version of “what’s best for the child,” a child’s “right to be heard” would allow him (or her) to seek governmental review of every parental decision with which the child disagreed, according to existing interpretation, it would be illegal for a nation to spend more on national defense than it does on children’s welfare, children would acquire a legally enforceable right to leisure, teaching children about Christianity in schools has been held to be out of compliance with the CRC so it could place into jeopardy the ability of parents to send their children to private schools that are not secular in nature, allowing parents to opt their children out of sex education would be eliminated, and children would have the right to reproductive health information and services, including abortions, without parental knowledge or consent.

This treaty will transfer responsibilities from the parent to the government, and all parental rights will be forfeited. The government would decide what is in the best interest of a child in every case, and the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child would be considered superior to state laws. Parents could be treated like criminals for making every-day decisions about their children’s lives.

Tonight on Political Pistachio Radio my guest is Mike Donnelly, Esq. of the Home School Legal Defense Association. He is coming on the show to discuss this very topic during the first half hour segment of the show. Join us tonight at 7:00 pm Pacific Time for the interview, and afterward for a discussion on the matter. Call in to join that discussion at 646-652-2940. Listen live, or to the archive later, HERE.

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California Gays Ask State Supreme Court to Overturn Proposition 8

Proposition 8 was passed by the voters last November in California. The Proposition amended the California State Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. This is the second time the voters have voted for banning gay marriage. Last year’s voter-approved law banning gay marriage was overturned by the same court listening to arguments regarding Proposition 8 today.

The court heard three hours of arguments from groups representing both sides of the gay marriage issue, and have up to 90 days to issue an opinion.

Should the courts overturn Proposition 8, it will be a devastating decision not just because of the marriage issue, but because it would set a precedence dictating that the least-democratic branch of government be able to override the precious right of the people to determine how they are governed.

This Saturday (5 pm Pacific), on the internet radio show “Founding Truth,” Loki and I are going to tackle this issue, and discuss the Constitutionality of Proposition 8, and the Constitutionality of the argument being presented by those that support Gay Marriage.

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Is Limbaugh GOP Leader?

Rush Limbaugh GOP Leader?

George W. Bush is gone, and the Liberal Left no longer has someone to point their derangement syndrome of hate at. The Republican Party, for the most part has no leader, they say, and they are in a desperate need to find one. That way, the Democrats can make that person their new target.

A “Progressive Agenda” organization, Americans United For Change, along with a large portion of the Liberal Left, have decided that after Rush Limbaugh’s electric speech at CPAC, he must be the new target – which, in their eyes, makes him the Leader of the Republican Party. Their ad linked in the previous sentence makes their proclamation that Rush is the new target, loud and clear. Even the Democratic Party is jumping on the band wagon of attacking Rush Limbaugh with their I’m Sorry Rush letter.

I suppose the Democrats think they need to punish Rush Limbaugh for being such a solid voice for conservatism. After all, that is what the liberal left is all about, isn’t it?

Obama has said that he desires to punish companies who leave America, rather than give them incentive to come back. Obama is out to punish the rich for being successful by hitting them with higher taxes, rather than give them incentive to grow their businesses and spend their money on goods and services. Obama wants to punish any CEO that receives a golden parachute while saving failed companies with government money, and then punishing the CEOs that remain with a limit in wages. How about he just let the market take care of itself?

Oh, that’s right, Capitalism is the enemy. Does that make us Capitalist Pigs in the eyes of The Left? Perhaps the Democrats should change the name of their party to the Soviet Party.

When it comes to Rush Limbaugh, however, it is funny that the leftists have turned on him like they did Bush. It is a typical lefty tactic. They strike out at a figure, demonize him or her, and then the moderate and liberal Republicans turn away from that figure fearful of upsetting the screaming and yelling liberals. Conservatives, however, stick to their guns, and don’t let the Dem’s tactics dictate to them what to do. And of course, then the Dems proclaim the party is divided, and in shambles.

They did it to “W,” Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, Tom Delay, Newt Gingrich, and the list goes on and on. In reality, George W. Bush kept this country safe, and though I did not agree with a lot of what he did in office, I do not believe he was the oaf the liberals made him out to be. Sarah Palin was demonized as being stupid, a book burner, and religious zealot, etc. Of course, every last item was a lie – but when it comes to the Democratic Attack Machine, the truth doesn’t matter. If an accusation is made, that is as good as a conviction as far as they are concerned. Just ask Joe the Plumber and Tom Delay on that one.

But there is a couple of problems with their latest anti-Rush tactics. I know they think they have struck gold by pinning Rush Limbaugh down as the GOP leader – but first of all, they have definitely bitten off more than they can chew on this one. Rush Limbaugh is hardly a lightweight, and he is used to this type of treatment anyway, and always comes out on top. Secondly, trying to make Limbaugh the leader of the GOP proves how little they know about conservatism.

Sure, out of fun, and since he’s an entertainer, Rush is going to play along – proclaiming himself the leader just as the Democrat Party and Liberal Left (one and the same?) hopes. And Rush is indeed the leader of the talk radio circuit. That is clear. For decades he has been a major voice for conservatism, and he is the father of modern talk radio, and one of the reasons AM radio remains on the dial. However, Rush Limbaugh is hardly the leader of the GOP.

In fact, I can never recall there ever being a leader of the Republican Party.

Conservatives don’t think that way. We don’t proclaim someone leader and then blindly follow every little thing that so-called leader does. That is a liberal trait. George W. Bush is a fine example. He proclaimed he was a compassionate conservative, but his conservatism was hardly the Reagan conservatism that most Republicans appreciate. Most Conservatives, when they saw the word “compassionate” in front of the word “Conservative,” recognized it for what it was – a proclamation that Bush believed is throwing taxpayer money at problems, on some occassions. Disgruntled Conservatives spoke out against Bush’s amnesty plans, medicare supplement programs, the idiotic “No Child Left Behind Act,” and almost every Republican (especially conservative Republicans) were aghast when Bush’s stimulus plans were unveiled. The Democrat’s said Bush was the leader of the party, but unlike the Democrats, and the way they swoon over everything Obama says and does, conservatives have minds of their own and expect their principles and the basics of the policies put forth to have something in common with conservative ideals.

The Liberal Left, of course, ignored all this. After all, demonizing Bush wouldn’t be very successful unless they made sure that anyone that agreed with anything that Bush did were seen as “Bush-bots,” therefore further encouraged to distance themselves even farther from “W.”

Now, they are trying to do the same thing with Rush. In fact, according to Politico dot com, this began last October. What kind of people schemes to bring someone down, hoping that it will destroy a party as well?

Well, whatever the Left does, it is always underhanded and unethical, and eventually, the American People will recognize the deja vue (Remember Carter’s years?). Many Obama voter are beginning to recognize the nightmare already. Many leftists in the media, for example, are already beginning to recognize that Obama’s economic plans are destined to fail, and drop this nation deeper into recessionary times.

But you see, Obama’s economic package has nothing to do with the economy. It is all about gaining more governmental control while the Democrats are at the helm, and punishing anyone that Obama believes deserves it. And at the rate he’s going, eventually all of us will feel Obama’s wrath. That is what Obama is all about. He uses government to punish, rather than encourage and reward.

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Obama Socialism Encourages Conservatism

Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay are confident that the socialism movement spearheaded by President Barack Obama will bring success to Conservatism, and lead the Republican Party back towards its conservative roots. The huge expansion of government and massive spending will not take long to further weaken the economy, and open the eyes of the American People. Many Conservative Republicans are becoming excited over the prospect of the 2010 Congressional races.

Last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference served as evidence of how conservatism’s reenergization is currently in progress, and how the retaking of Congress by a GOP backed by conservatism will take place.

The final speech of CPAC was by the longtime voice of conservatism, Rush Limbaugh. In Limbaugh’s first address to the nation, he rallied conservatives, and encouraged those under direct assault by the Obama Socialist Revolution. Limbaugh revealed that Obama’s leftist liberal plans are “. . . not new. . . not change. . . not hope.”

Limbaugh explained in great detail why he knows that Obama’s leftist plans will fail, and spent even more time detailing what conservatism is all about.

Slowly, but surely, Americans are waking up to the infuriating tactics of the progressive movement, and are rejecting the radical Leninistic socialism being applied. In addition to individuals taking action, such as by participating in the nationwide “Tea Parties,” the calls for an Article V Convention and State Sovereignty are gaining strength.

So I guess I should say “Thank you” to Obama. After all, he is such a radical, it is scaring the American Public towards the sanity of Conservatism.

— Political Pistachio, Conservative Commentary

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