Destructive Nature of Liberalism

Destructive Nature of Liberalism

I said on my radio show, The Political Pistachio Radio Revolution, recently, that Barack Obama’s fiscal policies (specifically: trying to spend his way out of economic difficulties) may bring temporary relief for a moment in the near future, but will in the end create a devastating collapse that may knock America out of the position of being the economic leader in the world.

Bloomberg recently reported that the Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen 20 percent since Inauguration Day, the fastest drop under a newly elected president in at least 90 years. For some, this may be evidence that investors are showing what they think of Obama’s economic plan by removing their money from the markets, well knowing that economic stability is not created by spending and borrowing.

Could you imagine if someone ran their business, or household, that way? “Hey, honey, we’re broke, break out the credit cards and the loan applications, and while you are at it, raise the kid’s allowances.”

Problem is, not only is the Democrat’s plan to increase spending, but also to impose a greater tax burden on investors and small businesses in America – in other words, place a greater burden on the entities that are the ones that could, if given the wiggle room, pull us out of this economic downturn.

In the long run, then, it turns out that Obama’s economic policies are destroying the free market, and placing us on a path towards the very socialistic economic policies that caused the Soviet Union to eventually collapse, and China to abandon for a more successful capitalistic financial system.

How is that being for the poor?

The liberal left, in its “intent” to be fair is destroying the opportunities that have made this nation great – which not only does not assist the less fortunate, but leaves them unemployed and in the soup line next to the business owners that used to employ them.

Obama’s policies are going to devastate more poor than Hurricane Katrina.

Ultimately, liberalism is destructive. It is poised to destroy the last remnants of America’s economy, just as it has destroyed morality and liberty. Despite all of their supposed good intentions, it turns out that the Liberals are mean and heartless – because in reality, progressive policies have nothing to do with helping anyone other than the leftist politicians, and their desire to retain their power any way they can.

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