Is Limbaugh GOP Leader?

Rush Limbaugh GOP Leader?

George W. Bush is gone, and the Liberal Left no longer has someone to point their derangement syndrome of hate at. The Republican Party, for the most part has no leader, they say, and they are in a desperate need to find one. That way, the Democrats can make that person their new target.

A “Progressive Agenda” organization, Americans United For Change, along with a large portion of the Liberal Left, have decided that after Rush Limbaugh’s electric speech at CPAC, he must be the new target – which, in their eyes, makes him the Leader of the Republican Party. Their ad linked in the previous sentence makes their proclamation that Rush is the new target, loud and clear. Even the Democratic Party is jumping on the band wagon of attacking Rush Limbaugh with their I’m Sorry Rush letter.

I suppose the Democrats think they need to punish Rush Limbaugh for being such a solid voice for conservatism. After all, that is what the liberal left is all about, isn’t it?

Obama has said that he desires to punish companies who leave America, rather than give them incentive to come back. Obama is out to punish the rich for being successful by hitting them with higher taxes, rather than give them incentive to grow their businesses and spend their money on goods and services. Obama wants to punish any CEO that receives a golden parachute while saving failed companies with government money, and then punishing the CEOs that remain with a limit in wages. How about he just let the market take care of itself?

Oh, that’s right, Capitalism is the enemy. Does that make us Capitalist Pigs in the eyes of The Left? Perhaps the Democrats should change the name of their party to the Soviet Party.

When it comes to Rush Limbaugh, however, it is funny that the leftists have turned on him like they did Bush. It is a typical lefty tactic. They strike out at a figure, demonize him or her, and then the moderate and liberal Republicans turn away from that figure fearful of upsetting the screaming and yelling liberals. Conservatives, however, stick to their guns, and don’t let the Dem’s tactics dictate to them what to do. And of course, then the Dems proclaim the party is divided, and in shambles.

They did it to “W,” Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, Tom Delay, Newt Gingrich, and the list goes on and on. In reality, George W. Bush kept this country safe, and though I did not agree with a lot of what he did in office, I do not believe he was the oaf the liberals made him out to be. Sarah Palin was demonized as being stupid, a book burner, and religious zealot, etc. Of course, every last item was a lie – but when it comes to the Democratic Attack Machine, the truth doesn’t matter. If an accusation is made, that is as good as a conviction as far as they are concerned. Just ask Joe the Plumber and Tom Delay on that one.

But there is a couple of problems with their latest anti-Rush tactics. I know they think they have struck gold by pinning Rush Limbaugh down as the GOP leader – but first of all, they have definitely bitten off more than they can chew on this one. Rush Limbaugh is hardly a lightweight, and he is used to this type of treatment anyway, and always comes out on top. Secondly, trying to make Limbaugh the leader of the GOP proves how little they know about conservatism.

Sure, out of fun, and since he’s an entertainer, Rush is going to play along – proclaiming himself the leader just as the Democrat Party and Liberal Left (one and the same?) hopes. And Rush is indeed the leader of the talk radio circuit. That is clear. For decades he has been a major voice for conservatism, and he is the father of modern talk radio, and one of the reasons AM radio remains on the dial. However, Rush Limbaugh is hardly the leader of the GOP.

In fact, I can never recall there ever being a leader of the Republican Party.

Conservatives don’t think that way. We don’t proclaim someone leader and then blindly follow every little thing that so-called leader does. That is a liberal trait. George W. Bush is a fine example. He proclaimed he was a compassionate conservative, but his conservatism was hardly the Reagan conservatism that most Republicans appreciate. Most Conservatives, when they saw the word “compassionate” in front of the word “Conservative,” recognized it for what it was – a proclamation that Bush believed is throwing taxpayer money at problems, on some occassions. Disgruntled Conservatives spoke out against Bush’s amnesty plans, medicare supplement programs, the idiotic “No Child Left Behind Act,” and almost every Republican (especially conservative Republicans) were aghast when Bush’s stimulus plans were unveiled. The Democrat’s said Bush was the leader of the party, but unlike the Democrats, and the way they swoon over everything Obama says and does, conservatives have minds of their own and expect their principles and the basics of the policies put forth to have something in common with conservative ideals.

The Liberal Left, of course, ignored all this. After all, demonizing Bush wouldn’t be very successful unless they made sure that anyone that agreed with anything that Bush did were seen as “Bush-bots,” therefore further encouraged to distance themselves even farther from “W.”

Now, they are trying to do the same thing with Rush. In fact, according to Politico dot com, this began last October. What kind of people schemes to bring someone down, hoping that it will destroy a party as well?

Well, whatever the Left does, it is always underhanded and unethical, and eventually, the American People will recognize the deja vue (Remember Carter’s years?). Many Obama voter are beginning to recognize the nightmare already. Many leftists in the media, for example, are already beginning to recognize that Obama’s economic plans are destined to fail, and drop this nation deeper into recessionary times.

But you see, Obama’s economic package has nothing to do with the economy. It is all about gaining more governmental control while the Democrats are at the helm, and punishing anyone that Obama believes deserves it. And at the rate he’s going, eventually all of us will feel Obama’s wrath. That is what Obama is all about. He uses government to punish, rather than encourage and reward.

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