Obama Socialism Encourages Conservatism

Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay are confident that the socialism movement spearheaded by President Barack Obama will bring success to Conservatism, and lead the Republican Party back towards its conservative roots. The huge expansion of government and massive spending will not take long to further weaken the economy, and open the eyes of the American People. Many Conservative Republicans are becoming excited over the prospect of the 2010 Congressional races.

Last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference served as evidence of how conservatism’s reenergization is currently in progress, and how the retaking of Congress by a GOP backed by conservatism will take place.

The final speech of CPAC was by the longtime voice of conservatism, Rush Limbaugh. In Limbaugh’s first address to the nation, he rallied conservatives, and encouraged those under direct assault by the Obama Socialist Revolution. Limbaugh revealed that Obama’s leftist liberal plans are “. . . not new. . . not change. . . not hope.”

Limbaugh explained in great detail why he knows that Obama’s leftist plans will fail, and spent even more time detailing what conservatism is all about.

Slowly, but surely, Americans are waking up to the infuriating tactics of the progressive movement, and are rejecting the radical Leninistic socialism being applied. In addition to individuals taking action, such as by participating in the nationwide “Tea Parties,” the calls for an Article V Convention and State Sovereignty are gaining strength.

So I guess I should say “Thank you” to Obama. After all, he is such a radical, it is scaring the American Public towards the sanity of Conservatism.

— Political Pistachio, Conservative Commentary

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