Obama the Liar

Presidential News Conference: Obama Lies About the Pork

During tonight’s Presidential News Conference President Obama told many lies, used deceptive techniques, and contradicted himself a number of times. One of the many lies was during the question and answer period when he proclaimed that his trillion dollar stimulus bill has no pork in it. He then clarifies himself by indicating there is not a single earmark in it.

This is how the Democrats work. Nearly 90% of this horrendous big government spending spree is pork – but the pork was written into the bill ahead of time, rather than having all of the Democrat’s pet projects added later as earmarks, specifically so that they could proclaim it has no pork in it.

The bill stinks of pork – but as usual, the liberals played games so that they could say, “Well, technically it is not pork, because. . .”

Bullcrap is bullcrap, no matter how you present it, and when it comes to pork, this stimulus bill stinks to high heaven.

Obama, then, stood there and straight out lied to the American people in typical Democrat fashion.

More on the News Conference coming up in future posts.

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