Obama’s Lies and Hypocrisy Surface Again

Obama, Lies, and Hypocrisy – Both Ways Barack

Three weeks ago Barack Obama proclaimed that America’s economic ills can only be fixed by government. Government must act. Government is the only answer.

Today, however, suddenly Obama changed his tune. In fact, he sounded Reaganesque. He stood at a podium with two CEOs (Honeywell and IBM) present, and proclaimed: “The answer to our economic troubles rests less in my hands or on the hands of our legislators than it does the workers and the businesses that employ them.”

Wait a second. I thought three weeks ago he said only government can save us. Suddenly, when it looks like his plan may not be adored by all, and in front of a couple CEOs, he suddenly sounds like a conservative? Suddenly government is not the answer?

Believe me, it is a dog and pony show. Obama is a radical, far left socialist, and his big government plans came out of his mouth three weeks ago – but he likes to try to make everyone like him, so he plays word games in his three ring circus of lies. He’s not contradicting himself when he said he thought our economic troubles were out of his and the legislators hands. He was straight out lying.

Hold on to your wallets because not only was he lying, but if you take a close look at his stimulus plan, it is chock full of pork (ooops, wasn’t this the guy that said he would not allow pork?). More lies. More hypocrisy.

Yeah, he’s giving us change, all right. He has changed politics from being mostly lies and hypocrisy to complete lies and hypocrisy.

Hey, liberals, are you still hoping for his kind of change? Don’t worry, the lies will keep coming, and the taxes for all of you will eventually rise – he only proclaimed tax cuts to get elected because he knows conservative ideas win elections (besides, they aren’t really tax cuts – how can they be when most of the tax cuts are checks to people that don’t even pay taxes in the first place?). Big government will crush this economy, and it will take fiscal conservatism to pull us out of this mess that Obama is exacerbating with his idiotic socialistic programs and plans – not to mention the ballooning national debt, and the out of control pork spending we will see over the next four years.

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