Rape and Murder of Capitalism

Is Capitalism Dead? The Murder of the Free Market System. . .

In the media, and from the Liberal Left, I continuously hear that Capitalism is dead – a failed economic system that is finally going to be replaced by the nationalization of private industries. They claim that the free market is somehow at fault for the economic slowdown. That it is all the free market’s fault.

Capitalism DID NOT cause the economic slowdown! Government manipulation of the economy did! In other words, the exact opposite of Capitalism caused this slide towards recession. The government stuck its fingers into the housing market demanding that the lenders lend to people that they wouldn’t normally lend to – higher risks – because government was proclaiming that everyone has a “right” to own a home.

And the government stuck their fingers into the American Auto Industry by requiring them to jump through many hoops created by the environmentalist lobby, and to make cars in such a way that were not in a way that the industry desired and knew would be profitable.

This is nothing new. Government regulations and industry requirements way back long ago began to require an insurance system for everybody because everybody had a “right” to insurance paid health care – in the 1940’s and 50’s government policies encouraged the popularity of health insurance as a form of employee compensation. The creation of this modern health insurance system essentially eliminated the fee-for-service system of before, which also, in turn, did away with the competitive nature of the industry which was a natural safeguard against medical services becoming too expensive for the consumer to be able pay. That way, everyone could have healthcare, and the government could regulate it and tax it to death. And of course, after that, the lawyers got in on it, bringing with them malpractice suits. Yet it is the very same types of idiots that are now blaming the insurance system they created on sky-rocketing costs. And to fix it the government wants to get into the health insurance system themself. . . when they can’t even run their existing programs without going into the red!

The Free Market was doing fine. Capitalism is a natural tendency of humanity, and for the hundred or so years of this nation’s existence the Free Market made this “Republican” experiment prosper. A Free Market System has made the United States the richest nation in the world.

But we haven’t seen true capitalism, and a true free market, much at all since the creation of The New Deal. Or should I call it The Raw Deal?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt began the ball rolling, and the liberals have continued it on, moving this nation in the direction of socialism, and now our economy is struggling because of it.

The Free Market did not die by its own hand. The Free Market System was raped, and strangled, by government. That is why the economy is going into the tank. And that is why a massive recession may be on the horizon. With the bail outs, and more government intervention, the noose is tightening tighter around the neck of the free market system and capitalism.

Historically, nations that have embraced capitalism have prospered, and nations that have embraced socialistic government control of their market have not. Nations who were once in trouble, and have begun to move in the direction of capitalism, such as China and India, have begun to prosper. Nations who have moved farther to the left, like the nations of Europe, have found themselves in economic difficulties.

The United States has been the richest nation in the world, but with the move to the left, with the noose around the neck of capitalism, and the free market system, the economy is suffering. And now, the Liberal Democrats are jumping up and down shouting, “See? The Free Market System has failed! See? Capitalism doesn’t work!”

You Morons!

The Free Market System, and Capitalism, does work – it was YOU who killed it! It was YOU that demanded the government take control of our economy! It was YOU, liberal left, that killed . . . murdered, the Free Market. And believe you me, when the American People begin to realize that our move in the direction of more nationalization and government control is strangling them even moreso, fiscal conservatism, the Free Market, and Capitalism will return.

Capitalism is growing in some countries to this day.

Our greatest export is Capitalism. Unfortunately, as it succeeds elsewhere, we fail to see that our very life as a nation depends on continuing to nurture capitalism by removing the government from our lives – by limiting regulation – by removing heavy taxes that impede business growth – because, after all, isn’t it business that creates jobs? Isn’t it business that produces goods? And isn’t it the Free Market that keeps the cogs of our economy turning?

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