Hitler Youth Warns America; Pro-Troop Filmmaker Jack Marino

Hitler Youth Warns U.S. Cultural Trends Similar to Those in Germany During Hitler’s Rise & Jack Marino, Independent Filmmaker of Forgotten Heroes

Tonight on Political Pistachio Radio we have a line-up of guests that you do not want to miss!

Former Hitler Youth, Hilmar von Campe, sees U.S. culture shifting slowly away from morality and personal accountability the same way as in Nazi Germany during the rise of Adolf Hitler. “I had thought that, as a soldier, I was fighting for my country,” von Campe says, referring to his younger days serving under the Third Reich, “but I came to realize that, in reality, I was fighting for the immoral purposes of a bunch of gangsters.”

As the Western World incrementally creeps toward a socialist mindset, and substitutes God’s moral absolutes with relative and pluralistic moral concepts, Hilmar von Campe says that what we are seeing is a social and political movement not unlike that which led to the Hitler demagoguery, dictatorship, and oppression in the 1930’s.

“There are disturbing similarities between the moral weakening of America, which is harmfully leading to an increased dependenced on government, and the rise of Nazi Germany in the early 20th century.”

Hilmar von Campe also says that Islamism is following the footprints of the Third Reich, and that our soft approach to Iran’s nuclear devlopment is sending the wrong message to countries like Turkey, North Korea, and India.

Hilmar von Campe is the author of a number of books, such as Defeating The Totalitarian Lie: A Former Hitler Youth Warns America (Second Edition of his book: How Was It Possible), and Moral Meltdown: The Core of Globalism. Listed in the 1992 “International Who’s Who of Intellectuals,” von Campe is a World War II veteran of the German Army, and former prisoner of war in Communist Yugoslavia who narrowly escaped in 1945 – crossing seven borders to freedom.

Forgotten Heroes is an action war drama that unfolds in the jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia. Countless Vietnam Veterans came home to a nation that refused to recognize them properly for their service. This film reconizes these heroes, and their sacrifice which allows us to live and work in freedom.
In Forgotten Heroes, veteran movie actor William Smith plays a Russian General who has chosen to defect to the United States, and is rescued by an offbeat young group of the U.S. military. Maintaining their high spirits, the brave American soldiers lead their Russian prize out of the southeast Asian jungles while pursued by the viet cong and a squad of Russian paratroopers led by the ambitious zealot Lt. Col. Brazinski.
Tonight, the Independent Filmmaker who Co-Produced and Directed this film is my guest during the second hour of Political Pistachio Radio. Jack Marino’s film is on sale now on DVD, and 25% of the income from “Forgotten Heroes” is being committed to the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial.
Join us tonight on Political Pistachio Radio.
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