Hawaii Hospitals Say, Obama Not Born Here

What the Obama Birth Certificate Controversy says, and doesn’t say. . .

On July 20th, based on data received on Atlas Shrugs and Texas Darlin’, I wrote that I believed Barack Obama may have not been born in the United States and that the Birth Certificate provided for all to view on the Daily KOS looked to be a forgery. Furthermore, comments by Obama’s Paternal Grandmother that she was in the delivery room when Barack was born in Kenya adds more to the controversy that has been brewing around the question of whether or not Barack Obama is a Natural Born Citizen of the United States, and therefore eligible for the Presidency.

I don’t know if Mr. Obama was born in Kenya, or Hawaii, or somewhere else. He may very well be eligible, and all this hullabaloo over his birth certificate is a moot point. But if that is so, then why has he not definitively put the question to rest?

If Barack Obama can prove his eligibility for the presidency of the United States of America, all questions will be let go, and I will say, “Welcome to the White House.”

I would never wish ill-will on my nation, so should he take residence in Washington D.C. as President, I hope the Barack Obama does a fine job . . . but based on his past voting record, experience level, and policies, I think his presidency would be disastrous for the United States.

What would be even more detrimental to America is a president with divided loyalties. This is why the Natural Born Citizen clause in Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution is so important. Only a Natural Born Citizen is going to have undivided loyalties to this nation, and this nation alone.

Now, as the Supreme Court considers taking on the question regarding Obama’s eligibility, new developments have surfaced that include the fact that no Hawaii hospital has any record of Obama, or his mother, ever being in any of them for Barack’s birth.

The media, of course, has refused to touch this issue . . . and many wonder why that is? Is it because it is a foolish pursuit? Or is it because there is more going on than meets the eye?

And people are hungry to learn the truth – – – my most listened to radio show on Blog Talk Radio was all about Obama’s Birth Certificate, and has recieved nearly 7,000 listeners. (Listen to that episode of Political Pistachio Radio HERE). In that episode Dr. Kate of Texas Darlin’, and a gentleman named Jack, call in to discuss this issue with me. . . and the resulting conversation is interesting to say the least.

I have invited Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs to join me on the episode coming up this Saturday Night to discuss this matter further. Be sure to tune in live at Political Pistachio Radio.

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