Mumbai Lessons

The Lessons of Mumbai, India Terrorist Attacks

After a 60 hour long assault the terror attacks in Mumbai, India are finally over. Preliminary numbers state that 195 are dead, and over 300 people injured. The Islamic militant attacks were carried out by Pakistani nationals who may be connected to Pakistan’s spy service.

India’s liberal-leaning Congress Party, who recently gained power in the nation of a billion people, decided to take a kindler, gentler attitude toward the War on Terror – – – And what’s the result of that softer, liberal position? Major attacks in Mumbai.

Will India and Pakistan, both nuclear powers, be at war by the end of the week? It may be possible, though nobody wishes to see two nations with nuclear capabilities at war with each other.

The terror in the streets of Mumbai began last Wednesday night, carried out by gunmen at 10 sites across Mumbai. The attackers, it has been said, were trying to search out Israelis, Americans, and British tourists. Indian forces were launching greandes at the Taj Mahal hotel Friday night. Five Jewish hostages were found dead at the Lubavitch Chabad House, a center of Orthodox Jewry. Some compared the siege to the Islamic terrorist attacks at the Israeli Olympic Dorm in Munich in 1972.

The Bush Administration condemned the attacks, as did President-elect Obama.

These attacks may be signs of things to come as left-leaning governments take a more casual approach when dealing with Islamism, and the threat associated with Islamic militants.

India’s security cheif resigned after the Mumbai attacks.

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