De-Americanizing America

The De-Americanization of America

The United States of America was founded on the idea that we are all individuals. We became the land of opportunity where any individual in this nation may have the opportunity to succeed. But as much as you have the freedom to succeed, you have the freedom to fail, too.

Failure, however, is not to be rewarded. When someone fails, it is expected that they “pull themselves up by the bootstraps” and try, try again.

With the recent bailouts and promises of redistribution of wealth, the liberal dream of punishing success and rewarding failure seems to be coming into reality.

The “Big 3” American car makers are demanding a piece of the bailout pie for failing. They are hoping for a $25 billion bailout for producing substandard products, and mismanaging their corporations.

This is how the government seems to work. Tax punitively any company making a profit, and demonize them as greedy and evil, while writing big bailout checks to the losers because their failure just can’t be permitted.

Could you imagine if the car makers were making a profit, but the oil companies were failing? Would the automakers be villains, and would the government be cutting checks to the oil companies?

Rewarding failure, and penalizing success, is not the American way – and this socialization of American industries is nothing short of the De-Americanization of America.


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