empty promises . . .

Empty Promises

The Obama Presidency proves that experience means nothing (or at least if you are a Democrat). All one must do to become president is stir emotions, and make a bunch of empty promises that can never possibly be fulfilled.

Talking to Obama supporters, it seems like to them Barack is some magical creature that, once in office, will merely speak the word, and all will be solved. I wonder how they will react when that doesn’t happen?

George Herbert Walker Bush lost his re-election bid because he had lied to the American people about “No New Taxes.” The Republicans lost this election partly because many Americans believe (erroneously, of course) that “Bush Lied” when it came to the War in Iraq, the economy, etc. etc. etc.

Will Obama’s feet be held to the fire when it turns out that he lied during his campaign and could not possibly fulfill all of the magical goodies he promised?

Or will Obama’s feet be held to the fire when he “does” implement some of what he promised, and it fails miserably, and increases the National Debt exorbitantly?

Will his feet be held to the fire when the fears of conservatives come true, and Obama raises taxes across the board, and begins to socialize this nation piece by piece?

I wonder. . .

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