Veteran’s Day 2008 – In All Things There Is Opportunity

Veterans Day Message: In All Things There Is Opportunity

Today is Veteran’s Day. The birth of Veteran’s Day goes back to the end of World War I in 1918. The Allied powers signed a cease-fire agreement with Germany at Rethondes, France on Nov. 11, 1918, bringing World War I to a close.

Between the two world wars, Nov. 11 was commemorated as Armistice Day in the United States, Great Britain, and France. After World War II ended, the holiday was recognized as a day of tribute to the veterans of both world wars.

Beginning in 1954, the United States designated Nov. 11 as Veterans Day to honor veterans of all U.S. wars.

Veterans have a special understanding of sacrifice, challenges, and gaining opportunity out of situations that seem otherwise to be a dire circumstance.

During my term of military service, and after, I have seen my share of hardships, and difficulties. I died, and was given the opportunity to live again, in 1985. I now have hardships that have risen in my current day to day life. I try not to grumble. I try to remember that these are simply the storms of life.

We go through these storms, and through them we learn, we strengthen, and sometimes opportunity arises out of these difficult storms. In all things there is potential for opportunity.

I think about this Obama Presidency and the Democrat-controlled Congress he is going to have at his disposal. A lot of Conservatives are feeling like we are in some real trouble here, as a nation, and as a people. We are in for some real difficult times.

Already there are signs of the lunacy on the horizon. After the election the Stock Market suffered its biggest losses since 1987 (bonds since the 70’s), slowly rising somewhat afterward, but not as much as investors would like. And yes, I know, the media is attributing it to the “economic woes” rather than the Obama win (All Bush’s fault? Please. . . this economic situation is a direct result of Democrat policies that finally came to a head).

In the meantime, violence rose in Iraq after the Obama win – – – and yes, I know, the leftists are claiming it is only a coincidence.

Conservatives are convinced we are entering the third level of doom, or something like that, with this Obama win. I agree that there may be irreparable damage to our nation caused by this presidency and Democrat-led Congress, or some problems caused by the Democrats being in control of the White House and Congress (and possibly the courts too) that may take generations to resolve. I understand the fear. I understand the mistrust of the Liberal Left.

We are getting ready to navigate a rough and perilous road ahead. Even though Obama has not articulated all of his plans clearly. Based on his voting history, and his past verbiage, however, you know exactly what he is going to do as president. Based on the people he has surrounded himself with, you know what is going to be done. The Democratic Leadership is going to have their way with him, tugging on his puppet strings. It is going to be difficult times. This nation is heading down a failed socialist path.

But I am not fearful.

I try not to grumble too much.

I know that out of this, good will come. There is always opportunity, and in this, there will be opportunity.

There is opportunity for us to “remind” the Republican Party of the Conservative Values and Principles the party is supposed to stand for. It is an opportunity to show the people of this great nation what happens when our nation is left to liberalism unchecked. I do, indeed, expect a rough road to be before us.

You know that something is up when the Communists and Liberals begin to sound the same. China is now telling the rich, polluting nations to change their lifestyle for the sake of saving the planet (as they spew pollutants into the air and continue to oppress their citizenry).

The mainstream media, which nobody denies has been in the tank for Obama, has actually come out with an article titled, How Obama Can Win Over The Media. Apparently, Market Watch is concerned for this president’s chances of making the media like him.

Add that to your list of things that make you go “hmmmmm.”

Yes, yes, I know that the article is essentially written from a point of view that Bush was not exactly adored by the media (name one Republican President that ever was? And name one Democratic President that wasn’t?), and that must somehow make it difficult for the new president to receive a fair shake from the press. But please, the love affair that the media has for President-Elect Obama is not only obvious, it is disgustingly overflowing with B.S. that even some of their own can’t believe.

Of course, there is some hope. Some of those media folks are actually wondering who Obama truly is. . . and are a little nervous about the possible answer. (Then. . . and now! – notice the love of the 60’s/and don’t forget to read Limbaugh’s response to that conversation between Rose and Brokaw).

With the passing of Proposition 8, Gay Rights activists are spreading their hate now by protesting and rioting, and marching in protest in front of churches in California, calling the Christians “haters,” of course. Imagine coming out of church after a good Sunday Worship Service only to be verbally attacked by a bunch of people who hate you because you refuse to change your Biblically supported views on a “behavior.”

I have a “Yes On Prop. 8” sign on the back of my big rig. I have had a lot of people flipping me off, cutting in front of me and then slamming on their brakes, yelling at me and calling me profane names from their car windows, and a couple times I have even had people throw things at me (one time the item hit me in the side of the head – I have since stopped my practice of driving with my window down).

The hatred that is being exhibited by the left astounds me. The hatred towards Bush. The hatred toward Christians. The hatred towards Conservatives. And they claim to be the champions of tolerance.

I know the next four years are going to be difficult. I know that our economy, with the tax hikes and mismanagement by the Democrats, is in for some rough years. I know that from a political standpoint we are heading into a deep valley (or should I call it the pit of Hell?). But the glass, my friends, is half full. Through adversity and storms there is opportunity. And these opportunities make us stronger, unite us, and give us the opportunity to do things we may not have done otherwise. Imagine the opportunities that are opening up for you – opportunities to become a voice, a strong voice, united with your fellow conservatives.

A voice for America. A voice for liberty. A voice for freedom.

I will never wish ill-will on my nation, so I hope my fears do not come to pass. But even if they do, we have to remember that in all things there is opportunity.

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