Worth Fighting For . . .

Worth Fighting For

Last Saturday I gave a speech at the BTR Convention. The meat of that speech is as follows:

What is worth fighting for in America is what is worth defending in America. What is worth defending is the gift of liberty we received from our fathers, and their fathers.

Liberty. The freedom to have the opportunity to be great. A gift paid for in blood. An opportunity, if lost, that may be gone forever in America.

A group of rag-tag Americans nearly two hundred and fifty years ago had a dream of independence. But they did not want America to be just another country. They desired that America should be exceptional. And the only way this new nation could be exceptional was if the people had liberty. Britain had other ideas. They wished to control Americans through tyranny and an overpowering government.

This, for Americans, would not do. So, in a bloody war between untrained colonists and professional British soldiers, these first Americans fought for liberty, and paid dearly for it during the long years of war.

Now, a new revolution is upon us. But this revolution of “hope and change” is poised to undo what our founding fathers set into motion so many generations ago. This idea of social and economic justice is hardly justice at all. It is designed to enslave Americans, to strip us of our precious liberty, and dismantle the very system that has made this nation prosper during its short life.

Liberty is at risk.

And with liberty comes responsibility. With liberty comes the responsibility to work hard to defend it. With liberty comes the responsibility to remember that freedom is a God-given right. Free will, not the government’s will, was God’s gift to mankind.

Liberty is worth fighting for, and liberty will be at risk if leftist politics takes control of the White House and keeps control of the Congress after this election.

Stand with me and fight for liberty. Fight for the gift that was paid for in blood during the Revolutionary War. Fight for the liberty whose payment came due during a number of wars, and the American Military paid it in full gladly with their blood and sacrifice. Fight with me. Fight for liberty. Fight to keep this one nation under God. . . Liberty is worth fighting for.

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