Barack Obama Presidential Victory

“I Voted For Change”

I spoke with a number of people today about the election, how they voted, and why. Interestingly, every single person that voted for Obama did not say such. How they responded was, “I voted for change.” The person, Obama, was not why they voted for him. It’s the change he stands for that attracted their vote. Question is, what change will he enact? The people I spoke to knew no specifics, just like Obama. All they could mindlessly say was that “We need change.”

I asked these Obama supporters questions about Obama’s policies, and in every single response were the words, “We can’t afford four more years of Bush,” or “Bush is the worst president in history.”

Policy specifics were never mentioned, and when the basics of a policy was uttered, the impact on our country was not a concern.

As for the worst president, I felt their assessment is wrong – in my memory, Jimmy Carter was the worst.

No specifics. No understanding. Just “change,” and “Bush hating.”

The media smear machine propogated the “I hate Bush” syndrome so well, that people hate Bush without really understanding why, and without realizing that McCain is not Bush, no matter how much the Left tries to convince you of such.

Nonetheless, as I get ready to go to bed, it seems like the rhetoric worked, and Barack Obama is going to be the next president of the country. The last thing I watched before completing this post was McCain’s concession speech.

Unlike the left, I won’t go around saying that I hate Obama. I disagree with his positions, and I think an Obama presidency with a Democrat Congress is very dangerous for this country, but I don’t hate. In fact, I am suprised that the Left, as tolerant as they claim to be, are willing to hate anyone. I will say this, however: As bad as the Carter presidency was for this country, I see an Obama presidency as being much more dangerous. Obama is a radical that, left unchecked, can cause serious damage to this country – some damage that may not be repairable for generations.

By the end of the Obama term, I suspect we will have the same kind of misery as we did by the end of the Carter presidency. The question is, will the Republican Party realize that moderates do not win the hearts and minds of the people. . . the template was presented to us by Ronald Reagan. He ran as a nation-loving conservative that did not back down to the enemy, and was willing to enact conservative ideas without any fear of upsetting the mainstream. The result was two landslide elections, and many years of prosperity and peace through strength.

Still, despite my disappointment that a liberal like Obama has won the presidency, I congratulate him. Despite the fact that I disagree with him on every position, and question his character and integrity, I recognize that his victory is a historic one, and the result of a hard fought campaign.

I wonder, however, if like Robert Redford in the movie The Candidate, Barack Obama is asking, “What do we do now?”

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  1. As a Canadian I am very dismayed at the might of the left wing news media here in Canada as well as your great country, the media has literally become secondary campaign voices for the left, I turn on google news and 99% of what I read is “Bush is The Worst President Ever”, “Vote For Change, Vote Obama”.
    Here in Canada it’s the same message”Stephen Harper is Bad For Canada”, “Vote For Liberal’s They Care About You”…we are headed for troubled times my friend, the left wing media will not stop tell they totally destroy all meaningful debate in North America. Keep Informing Those That can Still Think!

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