Obama’s Socialist Past

Obama’s Socialist Past

When over the weekend Barack Obama told a Plumber that he plans to “spread the wealth around,” the liberal media hardly took notice. The conservative media, however, picked up on it quick. Spreading the wealth around is the same as Redistribution of Wealth, and that, my friends, is Marxism.

This downplay of Obama’s Socialist Plans by the mainstream media is nothing new. The mainstream media has downplayed Barack Obama’s connection to former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, has chosen not to report on Obama’s past membership in The New Party (A Socialist Organization), Obama’s connection to the radical leftist group ACORN (now being investigated for voter fraud in a number of states), his seedy history in far left Chicago politics, and of course his 96% Leftist voting record.

The mainstream media is so busy trying to examine the GOP ticket, and call anything said about the Obama Campaign “smear tactics,” that they are failing to uncover Obama’s past questionable connections (however, if Obama were a Republican, those connections would be all over the nightly news). In fact, when they are forced to finally come to terms that Obama’s connections are real, they sweep it under the rug, including the connections Obama has with former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, contending that Ayers is a “rehabilitated” terrorist whose bombing of the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol was merely a “youthful indiscretion.” Ayers is hardly reformed, and remains involved in radical circles trying to socialize children into left-wing views as early as kindergarten.

The sooner Obama’s socialist past is unearthed, the sooner the American People will understand what this radical has in store for our country should he be elected. Unfortunately, people are being shielded from the facts, and are instead being exposed to more often than not unreliable and untrue attacks against the McCain/Palin ticket.

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