Behavior and American Society

Behavior Patterns and American Society

Human nature is rebellious. We have selfish impulses within us that often we are blind to, and more often than not we spend a great deal of time trying to justify. People don’t like to be told they are “wrong” or “sinful.” We naturally defend our own actions, and conflict arises as a result.

Conflict arises when we have different systems of convictions or values. There are numerous occasions when we simply conflict because we are operating at a different level of reason. A lot of that understanding of what is right and wrong comes from one’s environment as a child. But just because we were taught something is right or wrong in our youth, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is.

A logical, reasoning human being, however, regardless of environmental exposures, realizes that sometimes, no matter how much you try to reason differently, there are some things that are absolutely right and wrong.

Worldwide, in any culture (with the exception of a few blood-thirsty cultures), cold-blooded murder is an absolute wrong. Stealing is a behavior not accepted as well. Lying is universally accepted as a bad behavior as well, although in recent decades it is being incrementally accepted in its smallest form (little white lies).

Humanity is a flawed species. No matter how much society tries to convince us that mankind is progressing towards some kind of utopian perfection, we remain a flawed and sinful species. Because of this natural tendency to do the wrong thing we have created boundaries for ourselves. Limits. Laws. That does not mean we need to be treated as if we are a military unit. In a free society, despite our sinful nature, the laws have been set up to protect the innocent, but more often than not bad behavior is not necessarily illegal behavior.

Dishonesty, on the simplest level, is not illegal, and shouldn’t be. It is obviously a bad behavior, and if one lies under oath in court, it can become an illegal activity. There are even people that proclaim they are born liars, and they can’t help themselves. That argument does not make lying an acceptable behavior, and even though in its simplest form there is no penalty of law against lying, lying can bring on consequences that may not be welcomed by the liar. No argument attempting to justify being a liar convinces me that it should be an accepted behavior, that liars should receive civil rights for being liars, or that people who lie cannot choose not to be liars.

By now the more astute reader has realized that I am also alluding to other behaviors – specifically homosexuality.

Though I do not believe that gays wake up one morning and say to themselves, “Hey, I think I will be homosexual,” I do believe it is a chosen behavior.

Some people are born with the tendency to be kleptomaniacs, but they can choose not to steal. Part of the incentive to choose not to steal is that it is an immoral behavior. Same goes for liars, and homosexuals, and any other immoral behavior.

I am sure the people who have become consumed by these behaviors are nice people. I am sure I am friends with people that have become slaves to immoral behavior. We all are capable of immoral behavior. We have, as a species, a sinful nature. But that does not justify the behaviors, however.

What can be especially dangerous in when a behavior begins to justify itself to a point that it begins to trample on the belief systems of others.

In Massachusetts, since the legalization of Gay Marriage in that state, parental consent has been removed in the schools regarding homosexuality. Despite parent’s requests otherwise, teaching the gay lifestyle to be a natural lifestyle in schools has become prevalent.

Recently, in San Francisco, first graders were taken to the San Francisco City Hall for a Gay Wedding.

Could you imagine the outcry if the children had been taken to any other event that promoted an immoral behavior? Were the parents notified of this field trip? Would the school ever have considered taking the kids on a field trip to a traditional wedding?

All past great civilizations like Rome, Greece, Babylon, and so forth, crumbled under the crushing blow of corruption. When one studies these past civilizations, the beginning of the end was when lawlessness and immorality plagued the society. The final blow, the final immorality that appeared before the fall, was homosexuality in each case.

As we turn out backs on the truth of our human nature, and fail to continue to recognize that we are naturally as a species rebellious, and have selfish impulses within us, we are watching our own society crumble. Crime rates have risen, we have begun to murder our unborn and call it a “choice” to somehow justify it, and a culture of sex has permeated our society to the point that there is nowhere to turn to escape it. As a society we have become blind to what is right and wrong, and we are justifying our immoral tendencies with legislation and court decisions. We are defending our immoral actions. And as a result, our society, and civilization, is incrementally being dismantled, and is moving into the direction of chaos.

The basics of conservatism can stop this downward spiral, however. That is one of the reasons this election is so important. It has become a choice. A choice of continuing our drop into becoming an immoral society (and a socialistic one as well), or turning our nation back in the direction of what has enabled us to prosper for over 200 years, and turning our nation back in the direction of what was desired by the founding fathers, and the authors of the U.S. Constitution.

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