Leftists Despise Palin’s Choice To Give Birth To Baby Trig

The Liberal Left Despises Palin For Not Practicing Eugenics

Many Liberals have told me that they think the only reason I like Sarah Palin so much is because she is an Evangelical Christian. After all, they can’t seem to see any other appealing characteristic regarding her.

If that is the case, then why do they despise her so much?

To answer the “Christian Question,” of course I am happy that a conservative candidate I like is a Christian, but that isn’t a requirement for me, nor is it the only reason I like Palin. The fact that she is a woman has nothing to do with it either, though her gender is not something that would turn me away as a voter either. Some liberals have even hinted that I may like Sarah because since she’s a woman, it’s like a slap in the face to Obama after he rejected Hillary Clinton as his running mate. I know, you liberals always have devious motives, so you figure conservatives must too, but as usual, you are wrong.

The main reason I like her is because she is a conservative, and she practices those same values. Also, she has not been corrupted by Washington. It is interesting how all those Democrats out there are so hungry for change, yet a candidate who is different, not willing to play the same old Washington Politics game, and will definitely be a change in Washington, is so hated by them for exactly that reason. . .

Anyhow, the Liberal Left Despises Sarah Palin for a number of reasons, and I believe that one of those reasons is also because she was willing to give birth to her son, Trig, despite the diagnosis of Down Syndrome.

In fact, she not only gave birth to this child with special needs, but she even said during her acceptance speech and the Republican Convention that if given the privilege of being in the White House, she’d be a “friend and advocate for families of children with special needs.”

You see, this doesn’t sit well with the “Pro-Abortion” Liberal Left. Understand, in America today, 90 percent of all Down Syndrome children are murdered in the womb before they even have a chance at taking their first breath.

This practice stinks of Eugenics. Eugenics is curiously something few people hear about, and is conveniently left out of the history books. This method of “selective breeding” follows the idea that “When good people bone good people, good babies with good genes result.” Question is, who determines who is good and who is bad?

Plato thought the idea would help keep the ruling class in power. . .

Darwinism supporters have held eugenics in high regard. . .

Hitler and the Third Reich began to use it to create a Master Race. . .

American Eugenics early in the last century arose out of Racism and the attempt to eliminate deformities and less perfect humans – At least 60,000 people were involuntarily sterilized for the greater good of eugenics in the United States. . .

Now, in the hope that humanity is somehow “progressing” toward a more perfect state, this type of thinking has surfaced again.

Is this one of the reasons 90 percent of Down Syndrome children die in the womb?

As a teenager, one of my responsibilities I took on for a couple years was being a teaching assistant at a “School for the Mentally Retarded.” Most of the pupils at this school were Down Syndrome, and some were mentally disabled as a result of head trauma. These kids I worked with, in all honesty, were some of the happiest people I have ever been around. They weren’t sorry they were born. They didn’t feel like they were any less human. And it would have been a shame if any of these folks had been executed by their parents before they were born because their parents desired a more “perfect” child. Some of them later also became independent, and lived on their own, holding down jobs to pay their bills!

This is one of the reasons I think that the Liberal Left despises Sarah Palin. She welcomed her Down Syndrome child into the family, calling him a “Blessing.” I think that the left, the ones desiring the advancement of murdering the unborn, and progression towards a more perfect human species (and ultimately a Socialist Utopia), by watching this woman love and care about this “imperfect child,” were forced to look at themselves, and felt as if Sarah Palin, by her loving actions as a caring mother, was rubbing their noses in their own shame.

Well, my friends, for me, that is another reason to like Sarah Palin. Her moral values, and her motherly instinct to love and care for her child, regardless of the stage in life that child may have been, shines through when you view her actions as an individual.

Below is a link to a video of a kid with special needs singing the National Anthem at Boston’s Fenway Park. It was Disability Awareness day at the baseball park and mentally challenged children got VIP treatment.

The young man singing the National Anthem in front of a full stadium got him pretty nervous, and he began to struggle.

Now, did the people say, “Gosh, see how imperfect that child is?” Or did they say that perhaps he’d have been better off if his mother had killed him in the womb because of his challenges? Of course not. The entire stadium came to his rescue, cheering him on, and singing with him to keep him going.



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