Obama’s Desperation

Attacking Palin – Obama is at the top of the ticket and Palin is the VP nominee

Answer me this: If Sarah Palin is inexperienced as the Democrats are claiming, and as the vice presidential candidate she has no power to help the Republicans as the Democrats are claiming, then why is the top of the ticket (Obama) spending so much time discussing her, and why is the liberal bloggers and newscasters spending so much time attacking her?

Could it be that she is a bigger problem for the Obama Campaign than they are willing to admit? Shouldn’t they be spending their time dealing with McCain since he is the person at the top of the GOP ticket instead of spending all of their time trying to discredit Palin who is at the bottom of the Republican ticket?

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  1. Very astute. They are terrified of her. She marginalizes their ability to promote themselves as the ticket of ‘change,’ and so they have to attack her without remorse. Which is ironic, because sooner or later the topic of experience comes up…and they just can’t win if the only serious discussion is about our VP vs. their President.

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