Questioning Patriotism

A Question Of Patriotism

The definition of patriotism, it seems, varies from person to person, and from party to party. The official meaning you see in the dictionaries of the world is, “Love and devotion for one’s country.”

I have an American friend who I know from the Oregon Coast named Dan Bessie, who now lives in France. He is so liberal that he doesn’t like Obama much because the Democratic Party Nominee is too conservative for him. This fellow writer, and owner of a small publishing company, is the son of one of the ten blacklisted members of Hollywood in the 50’s. He sent me an e-mail today that read:

Palin’s Popularity – A Wake Up Call: How accurate this poll is, I have no idea, but since, if it’s even close to being reliable, it demonstrates the inability of too many voters to examine the lack of substance behind the glitz, it needs to be taken seriously, and the need for those of us who recognize the dangerous nature of the McCain-Palin candidacy to redouble our efforts to defeat them.

The link to the article he gave me was to an article at Rasmussen Reports titled, Palin Power: Fresh Face Now More Popular Than Obama, McCain.

Another liberal e-mailer friend of mine sent me a picture of Sarah Palin in a Bikini toting a rifle saying, “Is this really the piece of white trash you want to have as Vice President?” The photo, as expected, turned out to be a fake.

Yet another liberal, this one being a blogger that actually commented on Political Pistachio about this, has proclaimed that Sarah Palin is a secessionist and was once a member of the AIP (Alaskan Independence Party). This same individual, Thomas, also then accused me of chasing rumor and conjecture when I posted about Obama’s fake birth certificate even though three forensic investigators deemed it a forgery and it wasn’t until later that a legitimate Certificate of Live Birth surfaced. Of course, Tom was the one falling for rumor and hearsay with his “Palin was a member of the AIP” claim. Todd and Sarah Palin have never been a part of the AIP, and the information circulating around the internet on that is absolutely false. It is simply another liberal blogging community smear.

Troopergate is another one floating around. Thing is, the more you get to know about this one, the more it makes Sarah Palin actually look good. Adam Brickley of Palin for VP discusses it a little bit on my Political Pistachio Radio Show a week ago, as well. By the way, Adam has been on a number of cable shows and channels including Fox News, and his most recent guest spot was on The Colbert Report.

In fact there are a number of lies and smears floating around out there about Sarah Palin, and of course so far they have all been lies and baseless attacks.

This, my friends, is the way of the liberal left. Unable to argue the issues, they resort to these kinds of attacks often. Then, when a non-liberal even sounds like they may be questioning a liberal’s patriotism, they flip out proclaiming the person to be judgmental and a hater.

Okay, let’s give those liberal liars a benefit of the doubt, then. Perhaps if a presidential candidate like Barack Obama would prefer to hold his hands over his genitals than over his heart, while refusing to look at the American flag, maybe, just maybe, that means he is patriotic in his own way. And perhaps his refusal to wear an American Flag lapel pin like the rest of the candidates and political figures while on television was not an avoidance of patriotism – perhaps he didn’t like the little hole the pin left on his jacket.

Heck, Democrats over all are very patriotic, right? In fact, they are so patriotic, they throw the American Flag, after the Democratic Convention ended, in the garbage!

No, of course not, I won’t be judgmental and question the liberal left’s patriotism as they call anything written about Obama that doesn’t paint him as a messianic figure a smear as they spread all kinds of lies and rumors about Sarah Palin. But I will observe, and offer those observations to others to make their own determinations.

In my, opinion, however, refusing to hold your hand over your heart, avoiding displaying the Stars and Stripes on your person when in a political arena and it is expected that you do so, and tossing our nation’s flag in the trash with all of the other rubbage, is hardly a show of love and devotion for the United States of America.

Just an observation.

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