Obama Campaign a Little Worried

Obama Campaign Feeling A Little Angst

For a few weeks now Mr. Messiah, Barack Obama, has been fumbling around with the bleak realization that it may be possible that everyone in this country has not fallen for his lies and rhetoric. Perhaps the public has paid attention each time he has changed his position. Perhaps people do not think he is a great orator after all, ever since they began to notice his inability to speak coherently without a teleprompter, and his strong affection for the filler word: “Uh.” It might be possible, Obama’s Entourage is beginning to realize, that there is a large amount of people out there willing to vote for McCain. And maybe, just maybe, the Hillary Clinton Camp has not completely given up just yet.

Worst of all, for the Obama campaign, it is quickly becoming apparent that the Democrats are realizing that placing their eggs in the basket of an inexperienced rookie with a far left agenda, and a candidate with ultra-leftist and corruption skeletons in the closet, could be the wrong way to go for the party in 2008.

The Barack Obama drive for the White House is running neck and neck with the McCain Campaign in all of the polls, and in some cases, he is running behind his GOP opposition. At this point in the race, Democrats were sincerely hoping Obama would have a clear lead. Unfortunately for the Democrats, his little trip to his global constituents (or at least Obama seems to think they are his constituents, considering the way he was speaking to them on his Fabulous “Chosen One” World Tour) did more damage than good to his campaign, and people are beginning to wonder if Obama wants to be president of the United States, or president of the world.

Americans may be recognizing an elitist streak of arrogance in Obama that has turned them off of so many candidates in the past. And in his inexperience, Obama is now trying to defend against every little thing said about him, rather than finding a position on the issues and hammering his unchanging positions in his speeches.

Not to worry. The mainstream press will iron things out, and remind everyone that Barack Obama is exceptional, a candidate of the people, not some elitist politician that really doesn’t give a care about the average American. He can relate to the average American. He is the candidate that is different. Just an average Joe like the rest of us. And while the press works on convincing the public that Obama is not the typical, elitist politician, Barack Obama shall enjoy a much needed vacation in Hawaii, at a private beach house, surrounded by the secret service and campaign officials that are worried about his exposure to the paparazzi.

Of course, the bulk of the work does not rest in the hands of the Obama-adoring press. Obama has some work to do himself. If his chances to win the presidency are to remain within the realm of possibility, he must put on a good event to announce the selection of his running mate, and his speech at the party convention in Denver must be exceptional.

The Obama Campaign is confident he will be able to pull off both. In fact, they have been confident during this entire campaign, despite the anger of the Hillary supporters, and his dwindling lead in the polls. It shouldn’t be too hard for the great messiah to bring it all together, right?

Barack Obama just needs to ignore the fact that Senator Hillary Clinton told a gathering of supporters last week that she’s looking for a “strategy” for her delegates to have their voices heard and “respected” at the Democratic National Convention. He just needs to not pay attention to how his campaign is weakening by the day against McCain, and how the House Democrats are starting to implode. Hey, no problem. He needs not to worry that what was once a sure-thing now looks, at best, like a dicey proposition. The Great One just needs to look straight ahead, even though doing so may result in him viewing McCain’s backside as the Republican Candidate takes over the lead. Who cares? Obama’s “The One,” and everyone will vote for him in the end, right? Because people want change and hope and hope and change and hope for change as everything changing because of hope, and they love Obama for that, despite the fact that Obama flips and flops more than a piece of bait lying on the deck gasping for air, trying to flip-flop its way back into the cool water he is so accustomed to being in.

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