Pelosi, Oil, At-Risk Democrats

In back-room meetings Pelosi tells “at-risk” democrats to back drilling to get elected

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi refused to bring the “drilling for domestic oil” issue to a vote, and took vacation and went on her book tour instead. Many of the Republicans protested this, believing the country is more important than the vacation, and that unfinished business needs to be completed.

Besides, Pelosi doesn’t want to bring it to a vote. She is not even interested in working on bringing down prices, or do anything to bring relief to Americans. Why should she? She is confident that Democrats will own Washington in November and come the first of the year all of her warped policies will be enacted. She would rather “save the planet” from mythical ailments, than address the fact of rising oil prices, and the need to drill domestically.

But, since power for the party is her number one prerogative, she has decided to encourage some Democrats up for election to back domestic drilling if that is what it’ll take to get them elected. After all, it’s not like we’ll really have to drill – she’ll make sure we don’t.

Why? Well, gosh, because of that horrible man-made global warming!!!!

You know, Gore’s mythical idiocy?

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  1. Peak oil is just as mythical as Gorebels sci-fi horror movie. The whole thing is being done on purpose.

    There is no peak oil (not for a couple hundred years anyway and if we ain’t weaned off it by then we deserve what we get) and it is just as cold here, in the UK, as it was when I was much younger.

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