Partial Birth Abortion, Virginia

Partial Birth Ban Being Re-examined in Virginia

The ban in Virginia on partial-birth abortion has been challenged and that challenge is now being heard before the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Twice before the Fourth Circuit has struck down Virginia’s ban on partial-birth abortion. In 2005, and again in May of 2008, Judges M. Blane Michael and Diana Gribbon Motz ruled that Virginia’s 2003 law banning partial-birth abortion is unconstitutional. Each time Judge Paul V. Niemeyer dissented.

Each of those times it was a three judge panel that heard the case, but this time Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell has asked that the full court hear the case — and this week they agreed. Chris Freund, a pro-family activist with the Family Foundation of Virginia says the ban is too important to be tossed out by merely two judges because they do not happen to agree with it.

“Opponents to the ban are using the same arguments they’ve used for any legislation that attempts to limit abortion,” says Freund. “[They argue] that it denies access to abortion for women, that the procedure actually never takes place, that this is an attempt at opening a small door into eventually banning all abortions.”

Though partial-birth abortions in the minority, my God, I cannot believe that banning such a heinous procedure is such a problem to anyone. A partial birth abortion is normally performed upon a child that can survive outside the womb. The baby is turned around and birthed feet first, except for the head. While the head remains in the mother a pair of scissors are inserted into the neck, and then a tube is used to suck out the baby’s brains.

How can any mother allow that to be done? This isn’t about a woman’s right. This is a procedure that is vile and murderous. As a pro-lifer I have a problem with abortion in general, but it surprises me that even pro-abortion folks don’t have a problem with this wicked method of killing the unborn. And if it is never done, as many pro-abortionists proclaim, then what’s the big deal about banning it so that it won’t be done?

As a final note, the Virginia law is similar in large part to the federal ban that has already been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The pictures above are of my grandson, Ezekiel, who is nearly nine months old, and is a miracle – – – Looking at him, this beautiful baby, this miracle of life, I ask: How can any woman kill her own child? It seems so unnatural to me. What has happened to the motherly instinct of the women in today’s society?

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