Proposition 8 – California’s Marriage Initiative

Liberal Left Tactics in regards to Proposition 8, California Marriage Protection Amendment

The Democratic National Committee, true to form, is working to foil the campaign to protect marriage in California. After contributing $25,000 to “Equality for All” for the primary purpose of opposing the proposed California marriage protection amendment, the Secretary of State’s office in Sacramento (headed by staunch Democrat Debra Bowen) has decided to change the description of Proposition 8 in the ballot pamphlets.

The proposed change in the wording is supposed to reflect the May 15 California Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage in California (even though the Courts are not supposed to be legislating from the bench). The old wording said that the initiative is designed to limit marriage to be between a man and a woman. The new wording says that the proposed constitutional change will “eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry,” and adds, “California could lose several tens of millions of dollars in sales tax if same-sex marriage were banned.”

Not only is it no surprise that the Democrats would use such low tactics, but it is further proof that the Democrats are slipping further outside mainstream America. By advocating legalizing gay marriage they are going against the majority of Americans, who support a traditional historic definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Further more, by donating $25,000 to a radical pro-gay organization, they are actually promoting homosexual marriage, and are alienating a group of people that they are trying to court now as voters, specifically “values voters” and Evangelicals.

Despite all of their attempts to stop it, however, the proposition has remained on the ballot. If it passes in November, the May 15 California Supreme Court ruling will be null and void, and marriage will be defined in California as being between one man and one woman.

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  1. Wonderful to read more arguments for the passage of Proposition 8. Since marriage is not a right granted to anyone in the California Constitution, it’s crazy to think the Supreme Court could fabricate an equality clause for it. Besides, there is already equality in marriage in California. Every adult in the state can marry a person of the opposite gender. No one is discriminated against.

    The truth is…homosexuals do not want equality. They want to re-define marriage.

    Those are my political points. Now, I would also like to state that I believe God created all of us, and that He loves us. I don’t know why there are people without heterosexual instincts, just like I do not know why some are born with birth defects or mental illness. And I feel great angst for those who have these trials to deal with in life. But I also believe marriage is ordained of God to be between a man and a woman; I believe that definition of marriage has eternal implications. And so I believe we shouldn’t mess with a good thing. Changing it will dilute its significance in our society.

  2. “The truth is…homosexuals do not want equality. They want to re-define marriage.”

    Tamarasw speaks with the authority of being a member of the very class of citizens for whom he claims to have such explicit knowledge.

    But with all due respect to his political views, he is incorrect. Of course homosexuals want equality, just as heterosexuals do and deserve. They are your neighbors, your co-workers, your children’s teachers, your relatives, and your elected representatives.

    We wrestle with the dual moral and legal implications of marriage and therein exists the great quandary of this debate. I don’t believe God actually defined marriage, and I believe our Creator is just fine with his flock recognizing and “legalizing” a committed, equal and romantic lifetime union between two adults and calling it marriage. States do have the right and duty to ensure equal protection for all, and thankfully, we live in a society that permits its citizens to affirm that–not separate and equal, but equal treatment and rights for all regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

  3. I can absolutely assure you that our Creator is NOT just fine with his flock recognizing and “legalizing” a committed, equal and romantice lifetime union between two same-sex adults and calling it marriage. There is no mincing of words when you read what our Creator has said about the abominations of same-sex relationships. God has a plan for all of His children; it includes and is very much dependent upon the family structure made up of a man and a woman joined together in marriage, and the children that they produce. We are all literally sons and daughters of God, and He created us in His image for the purpose of being tested while living on the earth and then returning to live in His presence after this life. Our unique genders (and their associated qualities)make up the foundation of who each of us are, and it is not for us to alter or mess around with that…just as it is not for us to form unions that are not natural. If it is not enough for you to learn these truths by reading the Bible, perhaps you would like to hear it for yourself from a living prophet today, President Thomas S. Monsen, or one of the Lord’s apostles. Search on for modern-day revelation regarding homosexuality and you will begin to understand just how absolutely crucial this topic is–not just for us in this day, but especially for every generation to come!

  4. I hate the thought of gay marriage and i hope that prop 8 gets passed. i do not want gay couples walking around holding hands and if they married then thats gonna make it ok for them to kiss and i do not want to see that or want my kids to see that. I hate homos!!!

  5. Chris, if you have kids, I feel very sorry for them and hope that they do not grow up to harbor the same misguided beliefs and hatred evident in your absurd comments.

    To tamarasw, while I certainly respect your opinions, you simply cannot speak for the God in whom I believe while being so misinformed and biblically anti-intellectual.

    May I suggest you read a text by the Rev. Bruce W. Lowe compiled a few years ago in the form of a letter written to a friend. “A Letter to Louise–A Biblical Affirmation of Homosexuality” is not only poignant in its humility but also quite insightful and biblically accurate in its well-researched six truths about God’s children who happen to be Gay.

  6. Thanks for the blog. Your comments are very thoughtful!

    I feel sorry for same-sex couples because same-sex mar-riage proponents have been duped…they think they are fighting for equality or love but that is not true and here’s why…

    It seems that prop. 8 isn’t really about love.

    Prop. 8 is about freedom for ALL Americans.
    Some of the biggest pushers on prop. 8 do not care about same-sex relationships, they care about their agenda to hijack our freedoms, including those of same-sex couples.

    If prop. 8 fails it will hurt the freedoms of you, me, AND same-sex couples.

    Yes! Prop. 8 is a vote for freedom. There is a better way we can all live together in peace rather than demand freedoms be surrendered.

    Check it out for yourself instead of opinions we need more facts:,, and

  7. Theres a thing called separation of church and state. If your making arguments about prop 8 based on the Bible…good luck. What if President Bush decided to ignore all debts after seven years because the Bible said so(which it does in Dueteronomy). I dont think that would fly.
    This country was founded on the idea that every person has the freedom to practice the religion they choose. How can you base your argument on Christianity if a homosexual is not? Your forcing your beliefs on someone else and trying to have it written in the California Constitution.
    I myself am a strong Christian and would rather not have homosexuals marry, but I am American enough to want them to have the right to, just as anyone has the right to be Jewish or Atheist.
    However, I wouldn’t mind if it was equal but instead called a civil union. With that, they could still have all of the benefits but not soil the name(in some people’s opinion).

  8. I Am here to defend chris. he is right about Proposition 8 you should not be talkin smack on him. This world was made by god and in the bible it says that every man is for every women so please don’t talk smack on my buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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