PUMA – the Clinton supporters that say NO to obama

P.U.M.A. – Clinton Supporters Share With The Right A Fear of an Obama Presidency

P.U.M.A. stands for “Party Unity My Ass.” It is an organization launched and founded on facebook by Will Bower. The organization is primarily made up of Hillary Clinton supporters, taking shape soon after Mrs. Clinton officially suspended her campaign. P.U.M.A. is now a part of the much larger Just Say No Deal coalition of groups of like minded Democrats that have united as Hillary Clinton supporters, and are united in their opposition to Barack Obama’s Democratic Party candidacy.

The formation of the group, out of frustration that Senator Hillary Clinton was not the Democratic nominee, has also led to $10 million collected to help pay down Hillary Clinton’s political debt.

And, believe it or not, Will Bower and I something in common. Though I am a Christian Conservative, and he is a Clinton Democrat, we both share a strong dislike for Barack Obama’s candidacy. Though he may not be real fond of John McCain because McCain is a Republican, and I am not fond of McCain because he is too moderate for me as a GOP candidate, our shared desire to stop a Barack Obama Presidency has united Will Bower and myself.

Bower, and his group, recognize Obama’s inconsistencies in what he says, and how with Obama it is not about hope, change, and a departure from politics as usual. Barack Obama is the typical politician, saying what he thinks he should say in relation to which way the wind is blowing.

If Obama even has an inkling of an opportunity to gain the support of P.U.M.A. and “Just Say No Deal,” he is going to have to do nearly the impossible to earn their support. Granted, Obama has been making some strides with Clinton’s supporters according to a recent poll, but Will Bower, the founder of PUMA, will not settle for Obama. In fact, Bower has openly said he will support McCain.

Bower formed PUMA to get other frustrated Clinton supporters to make a stance. This stance is to keep Obama from winning the U.S. Presidency. Bower is not just angry at Obama, he is angry at the whole Democratic Party.

And for those that say that Bower is whining and complaining that Clinton did not become the Democratic nominee, feel free to join Political Pistachio Radio tonight as we welcome Will Bower as our guest to discuss his group, and an insightful article “Backlash! 2 Million Angry Democrats Reject Obama?” written by Andrea Shea King on World Net Daily.

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  2. […] admin wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptPUMA is now a part of the much larger Just Say No Deal coalition of groups of like minded Democrats that have united as Hillary Clinton supporters, and are united in their opposition to Barack Obama’s Democratic Party candidacy. … […]

  3. […] PUMA – the Clinton supporters that say NO to obama By douglasvgibbs PUMA is now a part of the much larger Just Say No Deal coalition of groups of like minded Democrats that have united as Hillary Clinton supporters, and are united in their opposition to Barack Obama?s Democratic Party candidacy. … Political Pistachio Too – https://douglasvgibbs.wordpress.com […]

  4. I am so disgusted with the Democatic Party with what they have done to us in Florida, that I’ve changed my party affiliation to unaffiliated!


    1. Contrary to what Obamabots say …
    Obama and Hillary were in a dead heat,
    when the DNC pressured Hillary into not
    only conceding, but campaigning for Obama.
    2. Obama is once again in a dead heat, but now
    with McCain, even though Obamabots act like
    Obama has already won (like they did in the
    primaries against Hillary). So, this means that
    half of the Democrats, and all the Republicans
    (3/4 of America) dIdn’t want Obama. Plus, he
    didn’t even win the popular vote, and refused a
    revote in Michigan and Florida.
    3. Obama has the thinnest resume in politics, and
    he won state legislature and Senator by
    disqualifications of his opponents, not by earned
    experience, or votes.
    4. Obama’s one claim to fame is being a community
    organizer, where he boasts of registering voters.
    Then he took their votes away from them, by
    disqualifying his opponents on technicalities, prior
    to the election.
    5. Obama’s mentor of 20 years, was an anti-American
    racist … not to mention other unsavory associations.
    6. Obama is simply buying the election, since he’s
    good at fund raising … hardly a qualification to be
    President of the United States.
    7. The media never vetted Obama, and they are
    giving him a free ride, plus more than twice the
    print and air time as McCain, as they did against
    8. 90% of blacks are voting for Obama, because he is
    black, while the campaign gained ground by
    accusing most opponents of racism.
    9. Obamabots were, and are extremely nasty and sarcastic
    towards Hillary supporters, as well as McCain supporters.
    10. Pumas should be applauded for putting country before party …
    especially a party that did not represent them, and a party
    which highjacked the nomination for Obama.

  6. What a joke! Grow up and get on with life you bitter little people!

  7. I find myself compelled to post my opinion regarding “PUMA”. As I watched Hardball last Friday and had the opportunity to listen to one of your representative’s give her opinion on McCain’s choice for VP, I could hardly believe what I was hearing.

    Furthermore, I believe that your organization is no supporter of Hillary Clinton or her policies and vision for women’s rights. If in deed your group were in support of Hillary and our rights as women, there is no way you would be turning away from Senator Obama and embracing the catastrophe that a McCain administration would represent to our nation, women’s rights and freedom of choice.

    Additionally, any woman that believes in the same values as Hillary Clinton or the values of the Democratic Party, Liberals or Progressive women believes would not be contemplating voting for a man that wants to appoint “CONSERVATIVE” Judges to the Supreme Court.

    It is my fervent opinion that your organization is hurting the very cause you think you are fighting for, or your organization is as phony as a three-dollar bill or you are nothing more than a GOP group trying your hardest to hurt the Democratic Party. If this is the case, you are a pathetic group and real women will see right thru your pathetic attempts to create a divisive atmosphere with Democrats.

    OBAMA 2008 for Women!! NOT MCCain, NO WAY, NO HOW, NOT NOW, NOT EVER!!

  8. This is not a PUMA site. I did interview Will Bower on my radio show, and we have supporting the McCain/Palin Ticket in common. Interesting how you determine that Obama is pro-women, yet the ticket with a woman on it isn’t pro-woman to you.

  9. One doesn’t need to be a political scholar to examine the positions of Obama vs. McCain to discern whose views fall more in line with the feminist movement.

    At the beginning of the whole election season, I was very happy with the field of choices — both Republican and Democrat. I saw John McCain as a decent fellow who seemed to bring many good things to the table, and I often commented to my wife that while I would be voting Democrat, I would be ok if McCain was elected. No more. I don’t know why his campaign has taken such a negative, manipulative tack that has focused on polarizing people rather than on the issues that we need to address as a people.

    The selection of Palin, to me, is offensive. This is NOT an assessment of her qualifications, character, family, person, or views. I’m sure that she’s a fine person and a fine leader. It’s offensive because it wreaks of political machinations at their worst. It looks like the selection of a woman simply because she is a woman without any assessment of her quals, character, etc. It comes across as everything that dissenters perceived as the negatives of affirmative action: a decision based on a checkbox rather than merit.

    When I saw the picture of the selection, it was an absolute pander to women who may have been upset that Obama didn’t select Clinton as a VP. And it sickened me. And was sickens me worse is that it’s people like some of the PUMA and Nobama folks who are going to fall for it.

    If McCain is elected, I see Palin’s selection as VP as the single greatest setback to the women’s rights movement in our time: a person who takes office because of her gender as opposed to her ability. Women have worked far too long to be GIVEN this; I can’t think of any woman I know who wouldn’t rather have EARNED it, like Clinton so nearly did.

    Now — whereas before I was more ambivalent — I would be extremely upset if McCain won the election. His campaign succeeded in one regard: I started feeling polarized. And I hate it. And I don’t see why he had to go that route when it started out seeming like we had great options on either side of the aisle that could make up for the disgrace of the Bush years.

    The Palin selection was a cheap trick, and I hope people see it for what it is.

  10. I see it that opposite as you. Hillary was given her position by being married to Bill Clinton. If she was not married to him she would never have pulled off what she has. He accomplishments are minimal, and as a part of the Senate which is nothing more than following the group. Sarah Palin worked her way up, on her own, as a strong woman. It began as a woman in the PTA for her children, but it led to her becoming a council member, then a mayor, and finally the governor of Alaska. She has the highest approval rating of all governors in the country. Her accomplishments in office are amazing. And she still managed to be a mom and wife at the same time. If given a choice of a woman like Hillary that was handed the opportunity because of her marriage, or Palin who worked her way up as an independent woman, I would take Palin over Hillary any day. Also, to say picking Palin was a cheap ploy, if you set aside the fact that she is a woman as conservatives have, you will see that she appeals to all parts of the Republican Base – – – she is an evangelical, a conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, supports the military mission, and has executive experience that McCain and his two opponents lack. This was hardly a cheap trick pick. Palin was the best choice McCain could have made for VP.

  11. I am voting for McCain. No way will I support Obama regardless of Hillary’s stance at this time! No Way No Obama!!!

  12. Re:
    On July 24, 2008 at 11:13 pm Roberta Puhalski Said:

    I am so disgusted with the Democatic Party with what they have done to us in Florida, that I’ve changed my party affiliation to unaffiliated!



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