Political Correctness

The Poison of Political Correctness

When Americans first noticed political correctness and its insertion into our society, it was the use of gender pronouns and hyphenated nationalities that caught their attention. Political Correctness has grown to become a system of alien beliefs, attitudes and values seeking to kill traditionalism in America, and impose a uniformity of thought and behavior. Political Correctness teaches that you must be careful what you say, and careful what you think and believe.

The self-censorship that results from Political Correctness easily tramples freedom of speech, giving the state complete control of speech. Political Correctness has become entrenched in our educational system, the media, the workplace, and our government. It is changing America from within, as originally intended.

Political Correctness is presented as a well-intentioned code of conduct, but it is becoming an instrument of moralistic terror. In Canada, Human Rights Commissions punish pastors for preaching the gospel in their churches, calling their sermons about the sins of homosexuality a crime of hate-speech. Mark Steyn and Maclean’s magazine are under investigation for claiming Europe has been lost to Islamization. The “Politically Correct” have appointed themselves the sole possessors of truth, and refuse anyone else the right to differ, and use these Human Rights Councils or Commissions to quell any “unacceptable” thought.

Using the deadly method of argument fueled by political correctness, once someone is labeled a racist, fascist, bigot, or sexist, he is degraded to the status of an outcast, left with no further opportunity to present his view.

The direct consequence of political correctness is the ability by certain members of the state to enforce politically correct modes of behavior, suggesting “sensitivity training” for rehabilitation, ultimately creating a sexless, inexpressive, and uniform mode of speech that will eventually create a society of people who have uniformity of thought and behavior.

The self-appointed guardians of morality have succeeded in extending their influence to government and the public school system. Now, using the strong arm of government and the indoctrination of our children in the school system they sweepingly categorize as extremist any political opponents, critical scholars, and every contemporary that seeks to make use of his right of freedom of speech, freedom of information, and freedom of expression. Political Correctness extinguishes a free exchange of views, and makes any of its political opponents contemptible.

Political Correctness creates rigid barriers to thought that blocks an open discussion aimed at solving problems, impeding further intellectual development, just as it has with quelling and suppressing any opponents of the theory of Darwinism in academia.

A threat to a politically free state, the goal of political correctness is to produce a state of like-minded conformity and ideological uniformity. An example of the tactics that are now being employed by those that support political correctness is how on a growing number of university campuses the freedom to articulate and discuss ideas is eroding at an alarming rate, characterized by the increasing trend of conservative student newspapers that are stolen or publicly burned by student radicals, in many cases taking place with the full support of faculty and administrators. The perpetrators are rarely disciplined.

Using Political Correctness, the ACLU is getting crosses removed from public view, nativity scenes banished during the Christmas Season from the public square, teachers have been reprimanded for having the sitting president’s (George W. Bush) picture on the classroom wall, and a principle in the Cupertino School District in California had the Declaration of Independence banished from the classroom because it, and other historical documents that were banned, contained references to “God.” The history and traditions of Islam are being taught in our schools, yet the word “God” is under fire in our Pledge of Allegiance. School textbooks proclaim that our unalienable rights have been endowed to us by nature, rather than by the Creator as the Declaration of Independence states. All of this done under the guise of Political Correctness.

Worse, yet, is the origins of Political Correctness. Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism. Like Communism, at the heart of Political Correctness is the belief that the individual is nothing, and valid ideas are a result of conformity to the social group of the masses. Marxism cannot advance as long as Western Civilization stands in the way, so The West must be transformed, destroyed from within, taught to conform to the New World Order, where the citizens learn what is safe to say, and stay in line with the overpowering governmental state.

Hear my full monologue on this subject on Political Pistachio Radio, and watch a video about The History of Political Correctness on Political Pistachio Videos.

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