Mindless Automatons

Generation: Mindless Automatons

Visit any mall in America and you will see hordes of teenagers with earphones shoved in their ears listening to their I-Pods and MP3 players.

And as they listen to their devices, becoming more engrossed in the music, they have become less in tune with what is around them. America has been dumbed down, populated by mindless automatons in a world gone mad. They have been desensitized. They have been numbed to the point that they really don’t care anymore about what is going on around them, and are willing to fully accept the madness without as much as a whimper.

Now, before the liberal left gets their collective panties in a bunch, let me explain that I am not being a bitter, Bible thumping, gun-toting nutcase clinging to hundred year old music while calling rock and roll, or whatever else the kids are listening to, Satan’s music. I am not advocating banning today’s technology, nor do I think that the indoctrination of our children through the public schools, MTV, and the music industry only the fault of music executives and Paris Hilton. After all, though the dumbing down of our children through earphones shoved in their ears, and video games attached to their hands, is a serious factor in the demoralization of society, the fault lies in many places, and in the end, the majority of the blame rests on the parents for abdicating their roles, and handing it over willfully to a worldview that is tasked with removing parental influence as a whole.

In other words, IPods are not the sole cause of our societal woes, and our demise is not due to the music industry – but they sure aren’t helping.

The American preoccupation with these devices, the music they listen to through them, whether or not Britney Spears is abusing her kids, or whether or not she is wearing any panties, is a part of a disturbing tendency by Americans to reject being informed, nor to take seriously the threats all around us.

They distract us from what is really important, and the latest generation has concluded that nothing else really seems to matter.

The politically correct worldview seems to think that if the Islamists were just given I-Pods and the American tendency to be mindless zombies who don’t even recognize when their fundamental freedoms are being eroded, they’d want to dance in the multicultural daisies of diversity too.

Fact is, and I wish to be as clear as I can be on this, the followers of Islam, the Jihadists that are following the teachings of the barbaric pedophile Muhammad, want to kill you, or convert you if you are willing. The Gays that complain that Christians are so oppressive against homosexuality because we are willing to call their conduct a sin will be hanging from trees with ropes around their necks should Islam complete its goal of domination over America. The Liberal feminists will be wearing burkas, every last one of them shrouded in head scarves. All freedoms and rights so rightfully earned will be gone, should the Jihad accomplish its Koran blessed agenda.

But go on, keep listening to your I-Pods and MP3 players. Surely, the Jihad will not return to America and affect you. Surely, you are safe from them. Why would Islam wish to mess with you?

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