Russian Communists Offended by Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones Offends Communists – Offensive? To Commies? Jeeeeez!

Are you offended by the truth? Well, if you are Russia, and if your distorted revision of history is challenged by Indiana Jones and the latest movie “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” all you have to do is ban the movie.

That’s right, now that we live in a society that is offended by everything under the sun, it is no surprise that Russian communists are all up in arms about a movie that dares base its story around the fact that the Soviet Union “made trouble” for the United States and her allies.

After all, it’s not like the Russian communists had missiles pointed at the U.S., or were engaging in a propaganda war that distorted history and demonized American interests. In fact, by responding in this way aren’t the Russians admitting to submission to Western Ideals? After all, apparently they have adopted the idiotic Western tendency to be offended by everything, and proclaim political correctness, rather than suck it up and admit that their history is one of violence, totalitarianism, and a desire for world domination.

There is a reason that the ranks of the once powerful Communist Party has dwindled since Soviet times. However, the remaining members feel they are now tasked with defending the achievements of the old Soviet Union, no matter how sparse those achievements seem to be.

But isn’t that what suppressive governments do? Isn’t it a normal reaction for an oppressive government to ban anything that brings their style of government into question?

Russia, thanks for proving our point.

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