Real Men, Real Heroes

Real Heroes, Real Men

Whether it’s freeing slaves in Sudan or racing to the terrorist attack in Beslan, Russia that left over 300 children dead as they began the 2004 school year, John Giduck and Special Forces Sergeant Major John A. Anderson, know all about commitment.

Co-authoring the newly released, “The Green Beret in You” with Anderson, Giduck follows up his first book about the Beslan school slaughter with a very powerful message about what it means to be a Green Beret and how those principles apply to everyday life.

In 2005, Giduck gave readers a look into the barbarism of modern warfare when he wrote about his experiences working with Russian Special Forces and meeting up with them again in Beslan during the 2004 siege. Here in America, both Giduck and Anderson believe we have headed down a dangerous road, where gender roles have been set aside, and American men have become a mere shadow of what men once were.

Giduck and Anderson were my guests tonight on Political Pistachio Radio. If you missed it, listen to the archived episode HERE.

Learn About The Terror Attack by Chechnyans in John Giduck’s Book: Terror at Beslan: A Russian Tragedy With Lessons for American Schools.

The Green Beret In You gives a powerful message about what it means to be a Green Beret-esque committed living into your life. Brad Thor says about the book, “The essential guide to manhood. If John Wayne had left a how-to manual on being a real man, this would be it.”

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