Liberalism and the Superdelegates

Indiana and North Carolina Primaries Say More about Socialism in Democratic Party

Well, it looks like Obama has won in North Carolina, and Indiana is too close to call. In all truth, unlike Rush Limbaugh and his Operation Chaos effort, I really don’t care which one of them win. Either way, if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama wins, the answer is still the same for the Democratic Party. They are both Liberal to the point of Marxist Socialism.

And the process of nominating their candidates is proof positive that the Democrats do not trust the people.

The left is all about trying to be fair. Fair to a fault. They don’t want anyone offended, they want to make sure everyone has a fighting chance, and they don’t think the people have one iota of brain power, or at least not enough to matter in close elections and nomination selections.

Lets go back to 1968. The convention is best remembered for its rioting between protesters and police. McCarthy was the Obama of 1968. McCarthy lost the nomination to the Hillary of 1968: Hubert Humphrey. Delegates were unseated and the protests ensued. It was then that the Democrats decided that fairness outweighed the need for an orderly process that actually produced a viable candidate for President of the United States. So, following the 1968 debacle in Chicago, the party rigged the system so that never again would their bigwigs be denied a voice in the presidential nominating convention.

By 1984, the Democrats had dreamed up the ridiculous nominating process we see in action this year. It included the “super-delegates” which basically are unelected delegations consisting of senators, congressmen, governors and other party officials who are guaranteed a seat at the table regardless of whether they deserve it or not. In other words, experienced politicians that can override the people’s decision if need be.

The sets of rules for the Democrats also include having no winner-take-all elections. This creates a situation where a candidate can win what would, under any other circumstances, be considered a landslide and walk away with very few more delegates than the loser.

This liberal method, or should I say “socialist method,” truly represents what the liberal left is all about. In the ever sought liberal Utopian society no one should really win or lose. No one should have more than anyone else. Everything should be equally distributed. After all, life is not about competition. . . it is about being fair, right? In fact, equality of opportunity means nothing to these people, while equality of result means everything. Anyone who gets ahead must be penalized. As in their primary elections, no matter how hard you work, no matter how much you prosper, no matter how diligently you plan, you will never get beyond a certain point. To allow you to do so would be, well, unfair.

This is why they don’t care about the fact that raising taxes has a poor economic impact, or if over-regulating business hurts the business’s ability to operate. It is all about trying to be fair. Fairness comes first, even if it harms the nation or our economy.

That’s why they push their government funded health care plans so hard. they want to force you to pay for your neighbor’s health care when you can barely afford to pay for your own, even as they try to convince you that it’s free for everyone since the government is paying for it.

Fact is, it is pure “cradle to grave” socialism. People that recognize what it is are afraid to call it such, and most do not recognize it for what it is because of the language manipulation by the liberals to dress it up and make it acceptable. But in the end, as proven with the superdelegates, the Democrats do not trust the people because they are Marxist Elitists who only care about power, and trying to be fair to the point of penalizing success.

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